ZSL – Google Impact Challenge | UK 2013

A rhino is lost to poachers in Africa every
eleven hours. Wildlife commerce is a huge global problem. It’s the fourth largest illegal trade in the world
with over seven billion pounds. Twenty five thousand elephants
were lost in Africa last year alone. This rapid increase in wildlife crime
is having a major impact on local communities. Tourism is providing jobs, it’s paying for
the education.. They’re desperate to stop people from coming to take their animals.
The Zoological Society of London have developed Instant Wild, a tiny camera. People are sending photographs live
from the wildlife satellite to law enforcers and park rangers,
so they can spot criminal activity. They can see what the poachers are up to,
they can prevent crimes from happening. We’re going to have sound,
so we can triangulate gunshots, so we’ll know when the gunshot has gone off,
so we can respond immediately. With the Global Impact Award, the Zoological
Society of London aims to reduce poaching by fifty percent in a section
of East Africa over the next two years. We want to protect thousands of
rhinos and elephants in Africa. Ultimately, we want to protect species across the
globe. Tigers, even penguins. We need to wipe out wildlife crime. Forever.

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