Yuujou Traveler JOEY

I’m Joey. I’m a chemical engineer who
loves to travel the world and meet new people and experience new cultures and
just sharing every part of this world that I can. I love to be outdoors. So, I rock climb a lot, I run, I swim, pretty much anything I can do to be outside be engaging with people and just living life to the fullest. I would say my superpower is
just being very genuine with people and getting to know them in
a deeper sense than the just in passing. I love to inform and make lasting
connections with people. I would think a cucumber. I just think they’re very
versatile. You can make them into pickles, you could make them and they spice up
that like not spice but make everything like sweet. So, I think that it brings a little bit of flavor to life. I make new friends
through sharing experiences with them. I think a lot of friendship is not just what you are doing together but also sharing who you
are in yourself and getting to know that person for who they are. So just giving
current experiences but also sharing what you’ve done in the past with them. My part would be the motivator to keep
everybody going, if we have a rough day or if we run into a struggle just
keeping everybody light and positive. I’m gonna miss just my life here in
Tampa but that’s part of it. I have a really strong support group here and I’m
loving what I’m doing but ready to take on another challenge going out and
making new friends and support groups all across the world.

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