Your world in 3D

Hi, I’m Alex. I work at Google in Boulder, Colorado. I’d like to tell you about making building that will appear in Google Earth. Let’s start by taking a look at the 3D building layer in Google Earth. Make sure it’s turned on in the Layers panel, and watch as building pop up in the location you are viewing. You might be wondering how these 3D buildings got into Google Earth. You might also be wondering how you can create building for Google Earth. The answer is you! People like you can create 3D models of anything in the world, submit them to Google and have them appear in the 3D buildings layer of Google Earth. You’ll get the credit for what you create, and the satisfaction of introducing people all over the world to places that are important to you. To start, all you need is a camera and some free software, Google Earth and Google SketchUp. Use your camera to take photos of the building. Open Google Earth and find the correct geographic location. Model the building in 3D using SketchUp. Add your photos as textures to the 3D model. When the model is complete, upload it to the Google 3D Warehouse. We’ll review your model for accuracy. If approved the model will be added to the Google Earth 3D buildings layer for everyone in the world to see. It’s fun and easier than you might think. Download Google Earth, Google SketchUp and view our training videos to get started. Put yourself on the 3D map!

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