Your Google Assistant: coming soon to smart displays

Good morning, Rachel. [BIRDS TWEETING] [MUSIC PLAYING] RACHEL: Hey, Google. Where is the first appointment? [MUSIC PLAYING] How do I get there? GOOGLE ASSISTANT: You can
see the full directions on your phone. [MUSIC PLAYING] RACHEL: Hey, Google. What should I make for dinner? Show me the noodles recipe. Start cooking. GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Great. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] RACHEL: Hey, Google. Show my photos of China. GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Here’s what
I found in your Google Photos. [MUSIC PLAYING] RACHEL: Show me YouTube
video videos of pandas. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Google. Play my evening playlist. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Google. Call dad. Hey, Dad. DAD: Hey, Rachel. How’s it going? [MUSIC PLAYING] RACHEL: Hey, Google. Show me the baby’s room. [MUSIC PLAYING] Good night, Google. [MUSIC PLAYING]

24 thoughts on “Your Google Assistant: coming soon to smart displays

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  2. I think the google home hub is great google app I hope to find help with google hangouts app,it looks great and I hope to learn from google.thankyou again google and all of your helpful helpers.

  3. I wish to thank google for observing an indiscrepancy which occurred on my account of which google protected interest thank you google

  4. I love using Google Assistant of my visually impaired it helps my visually impaired I love using it a lot.

  5. I like Google it could help me do a lot of things that I need to do a remind me of a lot of things I want to do I thank you Google put all the things you help me with you're very help and you understand and Michael have a wonderful conversation with you cuz you look like you know I thank you so much

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