you can go inside the pyramids!? | Exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza – Egypt

100 thoughts on “you can go inside the pyramids!? | Exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza – Egypt

  1. Hello ! Lovely video …Egypt is amazing 🙂 Were you there in July (?) It seems it wasn't really that hot (?) windy though…. Thank you ! 🙂

  2. It is unfortunate that Egyptology still try to promote the idea that the pyramids were tombs. There have been no body's founds in the pyramids and no evidence to suggest this narrative. Further more your facts of the sphinx are not correct, the sphinx was a lion that faced the constellation Leo (Not today) but around 12,000 Approximate years ago the head is not original but a re-carving by the dynastic Egyptians and not the right size to the body it sits on. These facts that Egyptology tries to promote are archaic and really need to be updated with current theories on ancient civilizations and Egyptology in general. Like the water erosion at the base of the sphinx when water/rain in the amounts suggested by the amount of erosion at the base of the sphinx has not been seen in those parts of Egypt in 11,00 to 12,000 years. The rebuilding of the base of the sphinx is covering up a lot of this evidence, weather by ignorance or out of fear to keep the current narrative of Egyptology alive. food for thought not a fight.

  3. Hello, what month was your trip to Egypt? What was the temperature? My husband and I are trying to decide what month to travel there. Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi Guys, looking to take the family to Egypt this December, where would you recommend to stay with 4 kids, youngest being 1 years old? And seeing the pyramids with a baby?? Probably not…right?

  5. Just to let u know man the pyramid is not " one of the natural wonders of the world " since it was built by people lol

  6. Just to let y'all know, incase you didn't, the pyramids were never tombs, they were structures built to give off renewable free energy. Thats why there no hieroglyphs on the walls. At the bottom, water use to flow because there was a natural aquaifer underneath. The Nile, also know as "Happi" river, was much closer, which is why it flowed, which produces "current" to generate electricity. Quartz limestone and Granite are conductive of electricity. 'm sure there much more hidden truths to learn on the pyramid subject.

  7. I love you guys I really enjoyed this trip to Egypt oh by the way I am Egyptian living outside of my country I really missing my country so much

  8. 20 years ago I met a young man who lived in Cairo. The first question I asked was his thoughts on the pyramids. He seemed a little surprised in my interest. He said he grew up seeing them everyday and was not very impressed or interested. But he did realize that others not from the area greatly appreciated the pyramids. After living in Las Vegas for 15 years I too now understand his perspective. After a while the great big casinos lose your interest. I too am surprised by the lack of tourists. Love the video. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Not a tomb- but a powerstation – thats why there are no engravings – I sure as hell wouldnt go inside

  11. I used to see the pyramids of Giza from my house in Cairo. It's so lovely to see the city again through your eyes

  12. I Know this is an older vlog,…. but I just want to correct what you thought about the outer casing stones. They did not disappear through erosion. After an earthquake loosened some them in 1303 AD, they were pillaged, basically stolen and carted off Bahri Sultan An-Nasir Nasir-ad Din al-Hasan, in 1356, to use as material for building mosques and fortress in nearby Cairo. Many more casing stones were removed from the great pyramids by Muhammad Ali Pasha in the early 19th century to build the upper portion of his Alabaster Mosque in Cairo not far from Giza. Or so the story goes,……….

  13. So u are wondering why their aren’t any art or gold is because Roberts would go and steal all the gold and artifacts and the reason i know this is because I am from Egypt

  14. Love the 'docos' .Just one thing, the Pyramids are not "natural wonders" made.. keep them coming.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing adventures. Do you have to tip the guy who owns the camel to take the picture? And does the bus wait for you guys while you take pics at the pyramid? I'm planning to take my 73 year old mom with me. She's pretty healthy and loves your videos.

  16. Natural wonder…lol… I know what you meant mate…😉
    (Not a tomb and Much older than 4500 yrs old…THE BROKEN STEP PYRAMIDS ARE THE NEWER ONES..(lost/forgotten tech) lolx9…. those Egyptologists are getting away with Historical Murder…sad indeed…)

  17. Hey guys I just loved each of your travelling videos. It feels like I am traveling along. You guys describe everything in an interesting way.
    Keep it up. Love you.

  18. .-. Those papyrus things usually go for about 8 usd to pounds in egypt. I guess you guys didn't know about the haggling in this episode

  19. These videos are great! I've have a trip to Egypt booked, and you've quelled my concerns. Thanks for documenting your journey – fantastic job! 🙂

  20. شوفيلى حد يتجوزنى و يسفرنى معاة بلدك و اديلة خمس الالاف جنية بليز

  21. والله المعلومات اللي اتقالت في الفيديو احسن من المعلومات اللي بناخدها في المدارس والجامعات ههههههههه

  22. Ok I hope you reply back….my mom and sister and I are planning to go in a years time so I'm seeing at the end of your video you are going on a sleeper train headed into another side of th country….how'd you coordinate hotels? Did you just find one as you went? I want to go everywhere and I'm wondering how to do the hotel thing

  23. I remember that I visit the pyramids when i was 9 years old with my friends in our school trip but we didn’t get inside the pyramids because we were so small

  24. Omg I’m from egypt! I’m here now on holiday! Oh and btw – ofc u can go in the pyramids – my mum did when she was young

  25. مين يتخيل روعة بنا الاهرامات ناس من اخر دنيا تجى تزوره وناس عمرها شافته وبعض اغبيه يقولك شوية حجاره تخيل البناء الهندسى العملاق دا معجز حتى بالعصر الحديث والالات زى اعمدة الاقصر

  26. قالت له الجمل لطيف هل له اسم.
    فأجابها نعم اسمه أليكس ههههه. و الله عيب.

  27. Thank you for sharing , it must have been such an amazing experience! I can’t wait to go and see it myself someday ☀️

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  29. You two are so entertaining and likable! Refreshing. Like many, I feel it is important to say that the first pyramid you went in is likely much more than 4500 years — perhaps 12K or even older. And was not a tomb. Perhaps later, in the deepest chambers it was used as a tomb. Nonetheless, your video here is great fun. Thanks for being as you are and sharing a bit of yourselves.

  30. Alex was the highlight of this video so cute lol did you book a travel guide? And if so what’s his name contact where did u guys come from. Me and my fiancé are staying in Cairo but want to do a day trip tour guide with camel ride and he says he must go inside pyramid.

  31. Interesting footage inside the pyramid. Were you allowed to film inside or did you just do it? (I read that you're not allowed even to take a camera inside the main pyramid.)

  32. Could you indicate what the ticket prices were with / without the entry into the pyramid and sphinx? There is so much of confusing information online about this.. 🙁

  33. Yesss the pyramids are so huge !! My husband took me to see the pyramids and alot of other places in #egypt, I loved it sooo much!! My husband is from Alexandria egypt btw. He was the greatest tour guide MashaAllah. Maybe one day we will live in Egypt. I love the energy there 🌴🍁🇪🇬🇪🇬

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