You and the UIA. Why?

Today, it is necessary to participate in an international organization to be able to work It is not possible anymore to be a lawyer solely in one’s own country. The UIA is the only lawyers’ organization that allows each member to speak his or her own language. This is what’s unique about the UIA, and one of its most important characteristics. Well, it is an occasion for lawyers from around the world to gather, and I think this is really important to establish strong international relationships. Being a member gives me the opportunity to meet specialised lawyers in different fields and from all over Europe also foreign countries such as China and American countries. They are specialised because the UIA is based on commissions, so I can get in these commissions very specialised lawyers to help clients. It’s absolutely necessary that lawyers meet each other, lawyers of various countries interact with each other understand the laws of each other so that we help people back home in their business relationships with other countries and also above all else to understand the human perceptions and values which have been adopted and respected in other countries. An association that allows me to annually meet partners that became friends, and with whom I take a lot of pleasure working with. Every person who I met in the UIA is for me a member of my family, and really, the UIA family is a great family and nothing but a good legal family. I wish you all the best. Bye

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