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Magicians have amazed people with their seemingly
impossible but real magic tricks Be it the flying card between the hands or
the man itself Birth of pigeon from fire or water turning
into ice in a second Hello and welcome to FactoFusion
Today we’re gonna unlock the Top 10 Greatest Secrets of magic ever time We all must have seen Dynamo, known as one
of the greatest street magician of the current time walking on the water of Thames River But how did he do it? Well, the answer surely lies into the plexi glass
Plexi glass when submerged into water is almost hard to find
because the density of plexi glass is almost similar to that of water Plexi glass are clearly supported by plexi tubes
and many magicians have tried the same variant in swimming pools or water lakes But no matter where its performed the answer
surely lies in plexi glass Darcy Oake the contestant magician in Britain’s got talent showed the magic in which he got pigeons from burning feathers But how did he really do it? Let’s have a closer look at this trick.
The wings that he showed us before lighting it up, is actually a special type of paper known as flash paper Flash paper is very commonly used by magicians
in their magic tricks to create quick large flashes of fire to hide out the quick moments
that create illusion from the audience So did Darcy Oake used the flash paper for Using the chance of quick flash of fire, Darcy Oake quickly got the pigeons from his left hand’s secret sleeve pocket
that we can see here So there is actually no magic just the quick
momentum of time I think you just missed that, isn’t it? It’s almost impossible to know what the other person is thinking or watching but not too hard for a magician In this trick, the magician tells to choose
any card at random from the deck, and then place it back into the deck. He places the deck of card in a glass and
does some magical gestures and the card is popped out The secret lies here The card chosen at random is placed back into
the deck where the magician wanted it to be He places the remaining cards back over the
deck which is supported by a special card at the end The special card is supported by a counter
weight that moves a small pad upwards when the card is turned upside down The pad has a small dot of wax that sticks
to the card and moves the card upwards, making it to pop out of the deck We all must have seen a beautiful girl that
is floated in the air on a plank of wood and a ring is also passed around her to ensure
the audience that it is not supported by strings or rods Now that’s really a magic! No, not at all. The plank of the wood is supported by a strong
hydraulic piston mechanism to hold the plank up in the air This mechanism is hidden when the magician
steps on the platform and takes his position Under the foot of the magician there’s a
button to control the motion of the plank But how did he then move that ring around? Well that’s a good question
but the answer lies in the ‘S’ shaped design of the support rod It can easily move the ring to the end and repeat
back the movement to get the exit So there no magic at all,
its just an illusion Making a bottle or can stand on a card is
an incredible magic But not when you know the secret behind it We all have seen the great balancing acts
shown by magicians on TV shows but this is a special one Let’s see how it’s done The magician takes a card and places a can
on top of it then does some magical acts of insanity and
there you have it the can is standing on top of the card But when you take a look at the back of the card, its actually two cards stuck together and
folded from the centre that forms a T shape that is easy to make the can or a bottle stand over a card Can you turn water into ice in a second even
with a deep freezer? No? but a magician can, watch this carefully The magician pours water in a cup and instantly
turns it into a piece of ice How did he do it? Does he have a freezer in his hands? The cup already contained a piece of ice in
it and a sponge of same colour at the bottom
of cup The water is absorbed by the sponge
and what is left when turned the cup upside down is the ice The magic!! David Copperfield the much-known classic time
magician performed the act of death saw magic
in which he split apart himself into two pieces using a giant saw blade That was really a great piece of illusion
created by him But here’s the actual secret behind it It’s not just Copperfield in this act alone
but supported by one of his assistants for the later part of the body The actual positioning is done in such a way
that together they seem to be just a single person All the secret lies in the table beneath
and the slight gap between the tables that can easily pass the saw blade from that The body of Copperfield is bend into the table
while the assistants upper body is hidden in the table below But at the end,
Hats off to the great piece of illusion and synchronisation created by Copperfield Have you ever tried to twist your iPhone from
its centre? Obviously not! but Dynamo has done it in front
of people on streets He took an iPhone and magically twisted it from its center to half screen and half back position That’s insane! How did he do it? Well here’s the actual trick behind it Dynamo took an exact half back cover of iPhone
and placed it carefully holding over the screen Now showing the audience the back of iPhone
at first, he covered the iPhone with both of his hands and instead of twisting it, actually he just rotated the iPhone entirely to screen side with half back cover placed over it Go try out this trick with your friends and make them scream like CRAZY! Jamie Raven the magician famous for his acts in Britain’s Got Talent In his final magic he got a signed note
by Alisha out from the lemon that was kept intact in front of her
since the start of the show If we take a closer look while he was folding
the note he had a palmed piece of paper in his hands
that he instantly switches to and shows to the people Now with signed note still in his hand,
he takes the bag from Alesha and dropped the note into the bag very quickly
and with an indication to the audience that nothing in his hands
he reaches into the bag, stuffs the lemon with the note
and takes it out in a very different way He only shows one side of the lemon to the
audience and cuts it very much differently Have you ever tried to cut a lemon like that? Now when Alisha took the note out of the lemon, he very quickly closes it and puts it away but let’s take a closer look at it before
that there’s actually a hole in the lemon below
and that’s clearly visible It is this hole through which he stuffed the
note Inside the lemon and the magic was created That’s really great trick, Jamie! The greatest and most sensational of all Houdini’s
escapes was without a doubt his ‘Chinese Water Torture Cell’ In this trick, Houdini was to escape an extraordinary
contraption resembling a fish tank The tank is filled with water
while Houdini is placed head down in full view of the audience But how did he escape in front of the audience
with all the contraptions on his body? The assistants locked Houdini upside down
with genuine locks but what we missed was they slide the pins
out from the hinges holding the locks Also the hand cuffs are specially designed
to get open with just a little force And finally making the magician escape So guys, hope you got secrets behind the greatest magic tricks And if you get a chance, which one would
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