World tour exhibition marking 46th anniversary of Queen’s debut held in Seoul

Bohemian Rhapsody, the film about British
rock band Queen, was a huge global hit last year and was especially popular here in South
Korea. To follow up on that success, an official
Queen exhibition is set to open in the country. Lee Min-sun has more. The iconic outfit of Freddie Mercury, the
lead singer of the British rock band Queen is on display at the end of a corridor decorated
with 400 neon signs of Queen’s lyrics. Seoul is hosting the first stop of the official
Queen exhibition world tour starting on July 7th. The city was chosen because the film Bohemian
Rhapsody was hugely popular in Korea last year. The exhibition tries to shed light on conflict,
confrontation and the difficulties people face in society through Queen and Freddie
Mercury’s life and the messages in their music. “Lyrics from Queen’s songs deliver messages
about the general difficulties we go through like issues in society and gender issues. So we tried to focus our work on that and
visually portray those messages.” A group of six artists from Korea and one
from the U.K. worked on the exhibition, which is composed of 10 sections themed based on
the titles of Queen’s hit songs. Some sections recreate scenes from the film
Bohemian Rhapsody like the room where Freddie composed music and made a phone call to his
lover or a part of the Live Aid stage performance with video clips and photos in the background. Some details like cups of cola on the piano
make visitors feel as if they are part of the scenes from the movie
“Our expectations of the exhibition would be that everything that brings back the Queen
music and imagery and back catalog to a new audience. I know the Bohemian Rhapsody movie has already
done that to some extent. And Korean people have greatly enjoyed the
movie which is wonderful. And we hope that will continue and that this
exhibition will help in bringing Queen to a whole new audience.” Visitors can also take a close look at the
actual outfits Freddie Mercury wore for performances as well as some archived pieces like handwritten
lyrics and various album designs from different countries. The official Queen exhibition will run until
October 6th at Seoul’s Ara Art Center in Insadong. Lee Min-sun Arirang News.

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