Working Holiday Visa – The Film

Hello here is Steffen ! I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday ! Right now I am on the Avalanche Peak at approximately 1800 meters and do not worry, if you can see this,
than I returned safely. Now I want to show you
the view real quick ! All I’m saying is that those guys
are a fucking pain in the ass and that Mozart is one of them ! Because this kid has started
writing music with six we should feel bad about us. Just because we’re not
a genius or what ! Yeah! Fuck that ! Just because we haven’t written
our biography with 16 we’re supposed to feel
guilty about that ! Ahh! You have to be
this quiet middle class guy. I don’t agree with that! Fuck ! Are we alive, yes or no ? – Yeah ! We have only one life, yes or no ? – Hell yeah !!
– Yeah ! Fuck! I want to take a shit ! Damn it! No matter how hard you try,
they make you feel you’re a shit ! Speaking about shit,
what is that ? Do you think there’s
something inside ? I don’t know about you guys
but… I’m bored ! Waw! So, what do we find in here ? Hi, how is it going ? I was able to find the box
of old clothes at the back. Sure there is something
in here that will fit. Let see what we got. That’s probably not
the weather for that. Now did you…Euuh,
did you see the robber ? Looks pretty good. That will fit. And that’s probably, definitely not you. Noor that. So, did you have insurance on the van ? That will probably fit. Oh, that’s too bad. Oh, I guess it could happen to anyone. Sorry, what was that mate ? I guess it could happen to anyone. Yeah! Well, that is true. Alright. I think we probably got just about
everything we need then and a pair of shoes. Looks pretty good ! I leave you in here to get change,
and I’ll be back later. Hey guy, are you still there ?! Hey, you’re a lucky bast…
Oups ! Sorry ! Good news ! We’ve actually just
found your van ! Oh, really ? Yeah. Would you…
Euh, would you like me to go out ? No, I’m almost finished. Are you… are you sure ? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Ok.
– You can turn. Cool. Hey, there’s the address.
It’s reasonably close to here ! So, you’re happy now ? – Yes, I’m happy.
– Yeah, it’s a good news. Isn’t it ? Hey, the shoes looks pretty good. Yeah, there’re great. Yeah ? That’s awesome ! Hello ? Someone here ? Hello ?! Anyone ? Hey ! What are you doing here ? I’ve got this address
to pick-up my van euh… but it’s probably a mistake. No that’s the right address my man. Not a white van is-it ? Yeah, a white van, yeah. Oh, that shitty white van ? It’s not exactly a shitty van. Not very good now.
Pretty shitty now. Really ? Would you have a look at it ? Yeah, sure. Follow me. Hello, Rex Russel. Yeah, it was making too much noise
during the night, so we had to get rid of it. What the hell ?! Oh, I haven’t started
the head yet but… Maybe, maybe on Saturday ? Ok, see you then. By-bye. So, how are you gonna get
this piece of crap out of here ? I… I don’t know. You’re car wrecker right ?
Maybe you want to buy it ? It’s not worth a lot of
money to me. No ? I need a mattress for my dog. If you leave the mattress on a back
I can give you 170 bucks for it. Alright. So, we have to pay
for the towing as well. Really ? I towed this van in this morning. You know it’s gonna cost you
90 dollars NZD for the tow. So, the 170 dollars NZD. minus the towing, plus the GST, you only gonna end up
with 66.50 dollars NZD. Yeah, well. – Ok.
– It’s ok. Sign here and here. – And I’ll do the paper work.
– Yep. Don’t spend it all in one shop ! – Yeah.
– Thank you. – Bye.
– By-bye. – Have a great day !
– Yeah, you too. Hey, are you ok ? Do you need a ride ? I’m fine. Thanks. What are you doing out here anyway ? Nothing. Hey don’t worry ?! We really don’t mind. Where are you going ? I… I don’t know, but I’m fine really. Come on ! You think you gonna stay
out here in the bush ? My name is Maringui
and this is my son Clark. What’s yours ? Euh…I’m, I’m Steffen,
nice too meet you. So what where you doing here ? Oh, I came here
with a working holiday visa to spend some time in this country. I mean, what where you doing out here
in the middle of nowhere ? What if I tell you that I have put
all my money in a camper van and last night that van
has been destroyed. That’s not good. Hey ! Hello ! Hey we’ve picked up a new friend,
this is Steffen. Steffen this is my husband. – Good night Steffen.
– Hi ! – Warren. – Nice to meet you.
– You wanna sit? – Yeah.
– Come on in. Yeah, so this is my room. Yeah, it’s nice. Yeah, oh… That’s your bed over there. I’ll be sleeping here,
make yourself comfortable, it’s all good. Do you got anything ? Any PJ’s ? Hum, not really, no. A top-py. These will most likely
not fit you but… Yeah, it’s perfect. If you want to use a new
plastic bag… – Yeah, make yourself comfortable.
– Yep, thanks. It’s all good. Hey, how are you? Good afternoon! What time is it? It’s about twelve o’clock. Have you ever tried playing rugby? This is fun! The Maori culture and rugby with the connection
doing the hakas to the opposing team, there’s nothing, nothing else like it. – You have to be a Maori to truly…
– Alright understand what it is to know that the enemy do not expect you to win – but you accept that and
– Ok. you still go hard! I think this was pretty violent ! You can take some hits
and get back up! – I wasn’t expecting it !
– Yeah ? Yeah, well I was like up just a little guy, you can get back up. – I like it, it’s cool !
– Thanks. Guys ! Come on ! What’s up ?!
Are you finished already ? Come on ! I’m feeling hot ! – If you want.
– Yeah, sure. Ooooh! Four push ups! One! Two, three ! You have been on the old couch ? Have you slept on the old couch before ? No but he has a nice bed. Yeah. – Two beds !
– Yeah. – Two?
– Yep. So what did you do in Germany ? I was a chemist
for a blood analyse company but, yeah
I quit my job to come here. Was Germany hard to live in ? No. No, actually not, no. Everything was,
was ok. I mean… I had a good job, a nice appartement, but… I guess I just got bored. I don’t… I don’t know if you
ever had that feeling that there is a time when you feel you’re you’re the actor of your life and suddenly there’s a time
when you realize you’re just
the spectator. And yeah, it really, really
frightened me Can I tell you something ? Yeah, of course. For us Maories, we have different ways to explain the evolution
of the universe. Trough poems, songs and legends. Every main event of our life is connected to nature. Matariki, the Pleiades cluster, rises in the sky once a year, usually around about June. It’s for us, it’s the time that a new year
has begun, we get together to remember the death
of the year and also celebrate the new life. Steffen, your aurora is probably not far. – Hello.
– Hi, I saw your ad regarding
jobs for travelers are there still any positions
available ? No, there is no … available. – Hello.
– Hi. Is there position still available ? Yes, it is. How many of you are there ? I’m alone. Good, I need a worker for three months. See, you willing to stay
for three months ? Yes. Ok then, I, I’ll text you the address. Ok. Yo. Hi, I just called for the job, I don’t understand
what this bond is for. Oh it’s mandatory, It helps for people
really wanting to work. But why should I pay to work ? And what’s… I mean, what happens if I’m
not fit for the job ? Look, the only reason you’ll be fired is if you’re lazy and don’t listen. We only want people
who are really motivated. So unless you are willing
to pay the bond… Good bye. Is there still a position available ? Yes ! Yep ? Great !
When can I start ? The sooner is the better. Cool ! Just to know,
are you asking for a bond ? A bond ?!
What is that ? Nothing, never mind. What’s the job ? Yep, well, the job is
fruit picking and accommodation is provided. I’m really starting to feel bad. Listen, don’t worry about it. – We’ve got plenty of this here. What’s that ? It’s a map of stars, it belonged to my granddad. Do you remember the story I told you about the sevens stars yesterday,
Matariki ? Yeah. This is it here, it’s here ! Yeah, this is the south cross. What, you know about stars ? A bit, my granddad used to teach me when I was little. Great ! Hey ! I got you a present. Oh, man, it’s too much.
It’s your good shoes ! Seriously, take them,
you need them more than I do. Thanks. They don’t suit me,
so every time you will wear them hopefully you will remember us. – Yeah, I definetely will !
– So it is. Thank you so much ! Come here. See you later. – Yeah, bye.
– Bye. Please, please. Oh, thanks ! – Hey,
– Hey. Where are you going ? Up in the north. Ok, it’s ok for me. Thanks for picking me up. I’m Steffen, and you ? I’m Charlene. Nice to meet you. Is it ok for you if we have a break ? Yeah, sure. What do they have here ? Mussels… we will see. Oh, I will join you inside. Alright. I’m sorry, I was just calling my sister. It’s her birthday and… – Yeah.
– Yeah. – It’s no problem. Anyway, so… Yeah, I order you something, – to thank you for the ride.
– Oh, nice. Thank you ! But don’t worry for the ride,
it’s ok. What’s wrong,
why aren’t you eating ? Actually, I don’t really eat mussels. Come on ! Yeah, I know, but if you want
you can have mine, it’s ok. – No, thanks.
– What ? I’m vegetarian. Ok. But you can have my chips
if you want. We can share. – Yep
– Great, thank you. So what do we do now with them ? I think I’ve got an idea. – Really ?
– If it’s ok with you ? Yeah. Yeah! – Come on.
– Ok. I think we are close to Kaikoura now. I heard about special things
to see here. – Do you know what ?
– No. No, ok. Perfect, I think it’s
just right there. No ! Come on ! Try ! Come on ! Do you know what you will do
after this travel ? I don’t know. Probably I will go in another country. I would like to go trekking in Asia. – Nice.
– Yeah. And what about you ? You really want to know ? Yeah, come on. I want to build a zoo
for tiny animals. That’s soo cool ! I’m just kidding ! I don’t know what I will do
after this travel. Ah ok. But you know your idea
is really great ! – Here we are !
– Yeah. – Oups ! It’s ok ?
– Yep, got it. Thank’s for the ride. – You’re welcome.
– For dropping me off, yeah. So, take care – Yeah, you too !
– yeah. Oh, it was really nice ! – Yeah, really nice
– and have fun ! – You too.
– Bye ! Enjoy your travel ! – Hey.
– Hey ! You miss me already ? Yes, I am… and also I have a problem in fact I need to pay an advance
to put up my tent. Ok… So I’m really sorry
to ask you that and feel free to say no but… You think it’s possible that you can
lend me like one hundred dollars ? Yeah, ok, I will help you. – Are you still at the station ?
– Yes, yes, I am. Ok, I come back. Yeah, really ?! Oh thanks ! Thank you so much ! – See you.
– See you. Hi dad, it’s me. Who ? Who is there ? Steffen. Do you hear me ? Yes. Yeah, I hear you.
What is it ? I just wanted to tell you some news… How are you doing ? Yes, we are fine, you know, your mother worries about you… Yes, I’m feeling … I’m feeling fine… It’s just that… – I …
– I meet your cousin Fabian yesterday ! This boy is just fabulous. I am telling you he can work ! And did you know that he also bought a new car ? How is it going ? How are you ?
Are you working ? You know, I just don’t understand it… you have quit your job here… if life would not be hard
enough already. – Hey.
– Hey. Sorry, it took me some time
to find a cash machine. Oh yeah, don’t worry, no problem. – Thank you so much.
– Oh, you’re welcome. I hope it’s going to be alright now ! Yeah, me too ! So you have like a bank account number ? I will text you that later. – Alright.
– Yeah, ok. – So good luck for your job…
– Yeah and have fun ! – You too.
– Thanks. – Bye.
– Bye. – So this is the form, – Ok.
– for checking in for your room. Yep. So we just need your name, your passport number. – Do you have your passport ?
– Ok. You also have the contract with you ? No, that’s not something that we sort. Ray arranges the work for you but your employer will sort that for you. Ok, because I thought
on the phone you said that you are the employer. – No.
– I understand it like that. No, no, no, no. I.. I’ll get Ray in cause
she is the one that spoke to you but that’s not normally how it work. Ok. – Ray ?
– Yo. What was the situation with work – for Steffen ?
– Yep. He is saying that you sort
the contract ? No, I don’t sort the contract out. Your employer will do that.
– Ah, ok. We provide the work for you,
trough the contractors. They ring us, we find the people. The idea is that you stay with me,
with us while you work. And everything else,
you sort out with them. That’s just stops… – It’s only your checking form.
– OK. The rest of it you will do
with Julie tomorrow. So you are staying in a room ? I don’t know if it’s possible,
you have like a tent site ? Sorry, I’m a bit late,
some of them were late ! That’s alright. Half past six ! You guys
were meant to be… Half past six !
Were you meant to be at KFC ! No, you said six forty five
on the text. Yeah, no, that one, they are alright. Six thirty, these one
were meant to be there ! Not a good start ! Come and have a look over here guys,
what we gonna do. So, basically what we want you to do is just cut out a few green branches
that are behind the others. I don’t want to come along and
find that you’ve cut everything off ! – So, we start working ?
– Put those away ! Yep, put those away. We don’t sign it ? Or ? Not now. – Ok, it’s just…
– Well, if you do want to, you can sit in the van,
sit in your car. Ok. and read it, but you won’t be
working until you start working out there with me. – So what’s your name ?
– Steffen. Steffen. So you gonna read
the paperwork, do the paperwork first ? – You gonna read your contract ?
– No, I’ll read it later then, yeah. Unfortunately Alec has been…
I don’t have any more work for him. – What’s your name ?
– Antoine. I don’t have anymore work for you and I won’t have any more work
for you. – So what was your name ?
– Franziska. I paid expensive price to stay in
the backpacker to have that job and now, you fired me with no reason I payed money, I will not get back
so that’s really not good. You’ll get another job somewhere. Well, no they didn’t, they told me
they had only that and… Now, what I will do and you didn’t
give me any reason why you fired me. So, I don’t want any headphones or cellphones while you working guys and I don’t want you
to be pissing around otherwise I will put you out contract. What’s the matter ? – I just…
– He wants to quit ! Oh, you want to quit. Yeah, I just want to know how
I can get my money for today’s work ? Oh, we’ll, you have…
yeah, read your contract. You’ll get paid next week. You’ll get paid into your bank
next Thursday. Ok, I fill it out and because I don’t know
how many hours I made. You don’t need to know,
we’ll know, it’s on the sheet. She’ll have it on the sheet. When you get your payslip it will
work how many hours you worked… It will be written on the payslip – Like when you worked
– Yep. You have some kind of proof
that you worked. Yep and I just told you
the proof is your name. You wrote your own name on that sheet
that is proof that you worked. Yeah, it’s your proof.
It’s like your proof. We don’t rip that up,
that’s against the law. What ? Do you think we gonna
squash your name off ? No of course, I… Well we won’t do that,
’cause we are not like that. We work by the law. Yeah, I’m not accusing you. Well you are,’cause you are
still here talking and at the end of the day,
fill out your contract we’ll get it, the pay go in
your week next Thursday – in your bank, yeah.
– Hum. That’s it, ok ? – Hi.
– Hi. Sorry, you happened to have a pot… so, I can cook my noodles ? – Yes, come in !
– Yeah. – I’m Steffen and you ?
– I’m George. – Oh hi.
– Nice…very good, how are you ? So, you also work in a vineyard ? Yes, we work in a vineyard. Working in a vineyard some… it’s really good, but sometimes not good. I think the government of the Salomon Islands and
government of New Zealand have to real look the agreement
that they made because the company change all the rules say exemple I have a passport I have a passport but when we come here, the company holds our passeport, until that we go back home, they give us. Most of our money that we…
they paid us that we collect from the week they only pay for rental, transport
and everything, so we have we have received only less money. Alright, what do you have to pay ? We pay the rental, we pay the fuel and other gouvernement services and what we have left they give us but less money,
not really good money. Do you mind telling me
how much you have left ? Sometimes we left with 200 dollars,
new zealand dollars. – A week ?
– Yeah. That’s not much. Sometimes we want to rest
on week days… weekends But whole… we work whole week,
whole day. So, that why is not really good for me. – No free time ?
– No free time. The company put us here. – Alright. So you have to stay in this
hostel and pay that much. – Yeah. That’s much for…for a… When we come here we sign an agreement. – Oh ? – Yeah, that always
have to pay 135 dollars NZD a week. What do you think, will happen
when you just check out in this hostel and go
somewhere else where you have to pay 90 dollars NZD a week ? – I’m not really sure.
– Don’t know ? – Yeah, I don’t know.
– Because, would be better for you. If you have to pay less on the hostel,
you know. Yeah. We feel, we’re not really
happy after that but We just accept it because No way to go. No way to do. – You have to do it.
– Yeah, we have to accept. Normally, in New Zealand,
there is the rent bond fee. That if you want to stay longer yeah, that is rent bond fee. What’s this…? Two hundred seventy dollars NZD. Why do I have to pay so much ? in advance, you know what I mean ? Yeah, we can..
We can finding your working. – Yeah.
– Yeah, we can help you, yeah. So we finding your working and we you you can work there. Ok. Yeah, so you pay for bond fee. But you can’t guaranty me
work you said… Pardon ? – You can’t guaranty me… – to get some work ?
– No, no, no, no. Hi, is there anyone here ? Yep, how can I help you mate ? I’m looking for a job, anything is good for me.
I’m a hard worker. I’m available right now. We’re all finished,
we’re not really have any work here now. So you got no work at all ?
Nothing? No, we’ve got nothing here
at the moment mate, sorry. Is it ok if I give you my number ? Oh, if you want to, I suppose, yeah. Can I have your pen ? I didn’t know I had a pen,
yep, sure. Thanks. So when you got some work,
maybe … – Well, I can’t see anything
coming up but yeah. – I’ll give you a ring if anything
comes up. – Yeah, alright. – That would be perfect.
– Ok. – Thanks, see you.
– See you later. It’s about it, nothing left. – Alright.
– Nothing in the cherries Vineyards, possible – Alright, thanks, see you.
– Cool. Cheers. Hi, Really, ok, that’s super, yeah. When can I start ? Steffen is it? Yeah. You’re just a bit early,
that’s all. Oh really ? What time is it ? I think it’s about eleven,
isn’t it ? Really ? Yeah. You must be keen. Please to meet you, anyway. Yeah, hi. Yeah, so I’m just getting the saw ready to so we can do some see if you’ve got the necessary skills
to do the job. Yeah. I think so, yeah. Ok, alright, come on through. So, basically we just have to chain saw some of the wood
out of the tree. – Hum.
– Ok. Not cut the trees down ! Alright. Sometimes I’d like to do that
but no. and then we can put the nets down
after that. Alright. So what sort of chainsaw work
have you done ? Just like cutting some fire wood. Right. And yeah, stuff like this. So you sort of work at heights Yeah, mostly on the ground. On the ground, yeah. Ok. Oh, that will probably do it
for today, Steffen. Yep, alright. And we gonna have a cup of tea ?
What do you reckon ? Yeah, would be great ! – Sounds good, alright.
– Alright. Oh, well, we’d better get
some paperwork done then. Yep. And… what we need really is just if you can put your full name. IRD number. – Alright.
– Yeah. It’s only one day then. Alright. And what did we do ?
Was it four hours or so ? Really ? Oh, was it more ? I think less. – Oh was it ?
– Yeah. Ok, we’ll just make it four. Cool, thanks. Good as gold,
alright, it’s good. So, you said you are staying at the – freedom camp.
– Yeah, at a free camp site. You probably, you gonna have to run
all the way back again if you stay there…
You wanna just stop here ? That’s fine. Ok, what you gonna run back there ? Yeah. Right, look, you’re welcome,
we got a… toilet, shower, gas cooking, and, you know if you wanna pitch your tent
out there. No problem so… Would be nice, yeah,
if you insist. Ok, done. – Thanks, cool.
– Ok. Just a matter of taking this
to the courrier and you can use the van and Ok. That would be great ! Yeah, no problem Much appreciated, thanks. – Yeah.
– Ok. – See you.
– I’ll see you when you get back. Yeah. I’m just calling you, to thank you
for the money you send me, and congrats, for your new job. That’s great ! Have fun and see you ! Bye. Old messages will be deleted
after seventy two… This message was received… You wanna have a shot ? Yeah, sure. You ever had a shot before,
haven’t you ? No, not really. Not really ? No. You pull this down ? Yeah, you just cock,
that’s it you cock it. You pull that down. Alright. And then you put one of those little bullets in. That’s the one. – Not quite.
– Yeah. Try again, try another one. We’re not hitting much. So where’re you from, Steffen ? What part of Germany ? I’m from a town near Frankfurt. A town near Frankfurt, yeah. It’s called Wiesbaden – Wiesbaden ?
– Yeah. What about you ? I’m a fifth generation Kiwi – Oh really ?
– So yeah, my ancestors came out way, way back and and they actually settled in down, right down, past Invercargill,
in a place called Bluff. Lot of Scottish people down there. Alright, so you’re Scottish or… – I’m very much so, yeah.
– Yeah. With a name like Campbell. Alright yeah. My mother was a Mc Leod and her mother was a Mc Pherson. I’m pretty much Scottish. Well I guess at the end
we are all immigrants. – All immigrants ?
– Yeah. Yeah, I guess we are. Well I guess you right. In the end we are, all immigrants. There you go. Oh here you are. – Oh, hey.
– Hey Steffen. – I’ve been looking all over for you.
Really. Yeah, well I just look down there and
I see you in here. You’re already working. Yeah, I thought I’d put
some branches on the trailer. Great, yeah. I like to see a good keen men.
Do you want a coffee ? Oh yeah, thanks ! Don’t work to hard,or the job
will be finished too quickly. Yeah ? That’s ok. – It’s a good morning for it,
isn’t it ? – Yeah. Yeah, nice sunny day. Probably a bit different to
what you’d be getting in Germany. Yeah. It’s sometimes pretty hard
the winter. Well I guess, for me yeah, it would probably be living in the now. I think. Yeah, rather than worrying about the past or what’s gonna happened
in the future. Yeah, I think you got to
enjoy the moment. Yeah, living in the moment Yeah, absolutely and enjoying
the company like yourself and – we’ve had quite a good week and
– Yeah. – It was a good week.
– Yeah, we have. That would be my answer
to that question. Yeah, it’s a good one. What about yourself ? Well I think everyone has to find his own recipe to be happy. but it’s good with
living in the moment. Not thinking of the past all the time
and yeah worrying about the future, yeah. Basically, we sort of done more,
what I wanted to get done but you know, there’s probably
a bit more work coming up but it just depends on how long
you wanna hang around. Yeah, that’s fine. I got some business waiting
for me in the south. – Oh have you ?
– Yeah. Oh that’s good.
That works out alright then. I don’t feel so bad. I guess you’ll be looking
forward to your travels down south,
I suppose. Yeah. Look at those great stars in the sky and the southern stars. I hope it all goes well for you. I hope so too, yeah. I’m sure it will. Where do you stay mate ? Actually I don’t know, I have
to find a place yet where I can stay. You are more than welcome
to stay at mine. Cool, thanks ! No worries mate. Put this one and let’s go. And this is my room. It’s a bit small at the moment. – It was good for me.
– No. It’s really messy at the moment,
sorry for that. And here’s some sheets. If you want to use. Actually, I work for the newspaper, and they start around nine thirty, it’s already nine so I have to be there on time. Otherwise, I will be told up by my boss. – Yeah, I don’t want to be late. – And just call me whenever you want.
– Yep. – Alright, have fun and good night.
– Yeah. – Have fun at work.
– Yep. – Hey, good morning.
– Good morning mate. How are you ? Good and you ? I’m fine thanks. Oh, it looks nice men. Thanks, I hope you like
vegetarian food. Yeah, I grow up in a
vegetarian family. Cool. So this is like your house or ? Mine ? No. It’s my flatmate’s house. His name is Kev,
he’s a really nice men. Alright. Do you have any plan
for today mate ? No, not really, why ? You will see mate. – Oh. Hey, Sanjay. Hey man.
– How are you ? Good, good,
here’s my new friend Steffen. – Hi, Steffen. I’m Kamal.
– Hi. – Hello, Kev.
– Hi boys, hi Sanjay. Not too bad men.
Here’s my new friend Steffen. – Hi Steffen, I’m Kev.
– Nice to meet you. So are you boys ready ? Yeah, I never tried it, so So as me mate,
I don’t know how to swim. So just, let’s try. Yeah. – Yeah, good.
– It will be good fun. Yeah, try ! Now is your turn Kamal. That’s alright,
I think it’s too cold for me. – It’s all up to you mate.
– Yeah. So, what about you Steffen, Are you, are you
looking for work here ? Yeah, I wanted to work. I will start looking when I’m back at Sanjay’s place. Ah ok, Sanjay, I think there’s one place
in our press as well for work. You can try for that. Yeah, would be great ! This is your room,
you get all the furniture, and the rent will be one hundred
and fifty dollars a week. Yeah, it looks nice. – I will, I will take it, yeah.
– Take it ? – Let’s do the paperwork.
– Yeah, ok. – So…
– Not bad ? How did you manage
to come here in New Zealand ? I came here as a student. Because it’s,
it’s not easy for Indian to go abroad. So you always like
have a student visa first then you can apply for
your work visa. So was it expensive to…
the studies ? Expensive ? I don’t know
what expensive means to you but for me, yeah, that was
expensive because my dad paid like for my college fees, around twenty thousands dollars for one year. Yeah, that’s a lot of pressure. It is a pressure, but if you get a good job, if you’re on a work visa, it’s easier. The life is easier. Ok. – Not good ?
– Yeah. Feeling a bit cold this morning. So you have like a dream, or ? Like a small house a good wife, two kids, simple. Just like… nothing to be like, you know ” dream ” just like simple simple living. Yeah, but still it’s nice. – Yeah it’s nice, but it’s no nice
to talk about that. – It’s your dream. – Why?
– Oh… I think it’s, it’s funny because if I tell the people. It’s funny. – I don’t know mate.
– No. I think it’s cool. I don’t know like how people
think about their dreams. What about you ? What about me ? What about your dreams mate ? Come on ! Don’t go away ! Don’t be shy. Shy for what ? Shy to tell me your dreams mate ! What is your dream ? You’re not gonna laugh ? It depends but, generally
I don’t laugh. I don’t… you can trust. Yeah, there is actually something I want to do but it’s not my dream, it’s the dream of another person, my granddad. – Yeah, he loved to observe the stars
– Ok. since, he was a little kid. Yeah, he told me
a lot of stories about it. Anyway, the problem was that he could only observe the northern hemisphere That’s why he wanted to come
to New Zealand. To see the other side
of the universe. Yeah, but he never made the trip. What happened ? Well I guess, too far, too expensive, too old. That I can understand mate. Sometime it’s not easy to achieve your dreams, you know. There’s always like the fear
of failure, behind it like but, I dont know. I think we always like to try
but at the same time it’s not easy. You’re always, you know… you There’s life and there is the dream. And there’s family as well. It’s not easy to achieve
in your one life. – Yeah.
– Yeah, I know what you mean. Is he still alive? No, no, he’s dead. So sorry mate. Yeah, that’s why I’m here. I want to fix it. That’s good mate. I think we should try again. – Hey, what’s up.
– Hey. Good mate, you ? Good yeah, I tried to call you what’s… wrong ? Yeah, I will tell you mate,
jump in. You want a coffee ? No, thanks I’m good. It’s alright. So what happened ? Actually my visa is going away
in a month time. And I went to see
some lawyers yesterday, and they all said :
” No you can’t get a visa “. But why can’t you get a new visa ? I mean you have a permanent
job and Yeah but, lawyer said that :
” You have done a business course so you should get a job
in business field, like a management,
so you should manage something “. and I think, I explain
to him that I’m doing a dispach work
at the press, and dispach is also
like a management job. But lawyer said that “No
because immigration are like really hard nowadays, and they will not gonna
give you visa “. So what will you do now,
will you go back to India or ? Nowadays India is not an
option because if I go back to India so
I will not gonna get a job first, and if I get a job then
I will be earning only two or three dollars a day. It’s not enough. Really nervous at the moment. Feeling cold. And all night I was doing to contact
some lawyers for Auckland as well. Don’t know what’s gonna happen next. You want me to cheer you up and we go out for some beers. Yeah, I don’t mind,
it’s good to be a change. Yep, cool, come on. Let’s go. You know when,
I first came to New Zealand. Life was so expensive. I had only a thousand dollars NZD
in my pocket. And I struggled to find a job
for the first six months. I was like really struggled mate. That is not easy when you are allowed only a twenty hours to do a job in the week and you have to study as well. And if you can’t find a job, it’s just horrible. I had like a cash job as well to be honest, I started on
one dollar five, for an hour – and I used to work only
four hours a day. – Really ? And I got a job because of
my friends reference. See, like if you want to do a cash job so still you need a reference. And I finished my college I thought that I should change my place so that’s
why I came to Christchurch. And you couldn’t ask for help ? Because I don’t wanted. The reason is like my dad already spends his like
savings on my studies, and I don’t want ask for more. Because he got his own
life as well. It’s a bit cold isn’t it ? Yeah it is. Do you think
we should go to home now ? Yeah, here we go. I think we should go. That’s fun ! Sanjay ! Wake up man ! – What ?
– Tonight is Maori new year. It’s the best night
to see the stars. I want to go to mount John It’s two hundreds and fifty
kilometers away. I’ll ask to my friend for a car. That would be great ! Let see. You have reach the mail box of… Two, seven, nine, sev…
– Oh shit. I think he’s at work man. He’s doing day shift. Great. You know someone else with a car ? No because Dan broke his car as well. and he’s a mechanic. Damn it, yeah. Let’s say it’s dead then. The day doesn’t matter anyway. I mean I can see the stars
whenever I want, so it’s ok. Let’s go, follow me, we don’t have enough time! Where are you going ? Let’s go, follow me ! Looks good yeah. And how much time we got ? Well in about six hours, will be
the best time to observe the sky but we would have to fill up
on gaz maybe often. That’s alright mate. What are you thinking ? – We have to try,
come on ! – Yeah. What are you waiting for,
come on ! Yeah ! – You’re alright ?
– Yeah, yeah. – You’re tired ?
– No. Fill it up, fill it up, fill it up. Tank is full. – Come on let’s go !
– Alright ! I don’t know why,
it’s not going fast enough ! We’re like at twenty. What are you saying ? It’s not going fast enough mate ! Having a good day ? Yeah, you ? Where are you heading ? We’re going to mount John
observatory. You won’t make it on a scooter. We will make it. Too far. – Come on.
– We’ll see, we’ll make it. It’s enough, let’s go mate. Yeah, see you ! – Bye.
– See you tomorrow ! How many kilometers to go ? I think about six kilometers. Do you need push ? No. Yeah ! Shit. Shit. How much time we have ? We have about fifteen minutes left. Fifteen minutes ?! Yeah. Fuck, we can’t make it,
we’re too late. Why do you say that.
Maybe there will be a slope. There’s no slope man,
we are going to a mountain. There’s no slope over there. Shut ! Listen. Listen what ? You hear it ? What ? – Nothing you’re too optimistic mate.
– Be quiet ! There’s a car coming. Yeah ! Come on Sanjay. – Hey !
– Problem guys ? Our scooter broke down,
can you give us a lift ? Well, actually,
I’m running a bit late. Where do you want to go ? To the observatory. Please man, please, We are already late. Lucky you, it’s where
I want to go, pop in. – Great ! Thanks.
– Cheers mate, thank you very much. – We just gonna get our stuff.
– Yeah, sure. It’s not going to work anyway
mate, it’s too heavy ! And too high. Come on, help me ! I’m helping you but I told you. Fuck. Oh guys, that is not gonna fit. – Just a last try mate.
– Yeah. See. Shit. And what are you doing here ? I’m travelling,
taking some pictures. Yeah, you definitely have
a big van. Yeah, it’s a vehicle relocation. Shit ! The doors are closed. Wait, why does an observatory
is closed at night time ? You supposed to see the stars
over there. I’m sorry Steffen but What, what are you gonna
do next now ? Let’s go to the next hill. That’s a good idea. You’re with us ? Yeah, that sounds good, let’s go. Cool. Unbelievable ! Can’t believe my luck. It’s really dark ! It’s so cloudy, we can’t
see anything. Shit. Are you ok Steffen ? Doesn’t matter. I mean it, really. I’m just realizing it now. What do you mean,
don’t you want to see the stars ? When I first came here,
I wanted to realize the dream of my grand father. But instead I realized my own. The only thing is I didn’t know it yet but I do now. I can lose everything, and restart. I don’t have those fears
any longer. I can dare again. I know I can start feeling alive again ! Happy new year Sanjay ! Thanks ! – Happy new year brother !
– Happy new life ! Oh my brother !

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