Working hard (or hardly working?) in the Maldives | Jan’s World Tour

Jan. From Danfoss. Again, on tour. I’m happy to see you again, as you follow me on my world trip. Today I arrive the Maldives Great, great place. Love the sun, water, and islands Crossroad Maldives is my resort I will go to. It’s the most comprehensive and investment tourist project undertaken in the Maldives. It’s a multi-island resort with integrated leisure and entertainment. Out there we have our APP 22 and iSave 40 mounted on four trains which are producing 2,000 cubic meters a day of fresh water. The resort needs a lot of water. They’re using about 1.5 million liters a day during high season. So, therefore, it’s very important that they have reliable products and also very highly efficient products as the energy cost is 80 cents per kilowatt. Out there I will ensure that the end user are happy with our products. They are running as they should and just ensuring that the systems are as they should be and everything is as they expect. So You will later hear, or you will see here on my video how the systems are built and how everything runs smoothly.

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