Words at War: Headquarters Budapest / Nazis Go Underground / Simone

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very week with johnson’s calling u spelled c_ a_ r_ a n_ u_ all right miss pantomime uh… book tonight is rapidly climbing
to the best seller class and deservedly so it is headquarters budapest by robert parker the federal years before the war cheap
associated press correspondent in the balkans in this book parker takes us behind the scenes in the
balkan countries introduces us to king’s inferences dictators and regions higher living are at the crack starving
hasn’t all adding up to appear and frightening picture if you don’t agree as we bring you know
robert parker’s provocative story of the balkan headquarters budapest you want the story of the balkan well i could boil it down to these three
sentences the first world war started in the
balkans that second world war started in the
balkans that there’d where war will start in the
balkans but let’s get the story for the
beginning it’s a story of a rocking this is
seeking option of people divided against themselves and
distrustful of their neighbors the story of hypocrisy horrible oppression of the many by the
fuel it’s a tragic story out of the land of
the supply the setting for many a comic opera but you couldn’t get the plot of this
when away as a gift it’s it was too absurd room honed one man like the balkans story the fire pit in the book and but mine
humor done a great danger that did you take a free may not be in
the bond funds but end up but mind file you’d find a probability but mind the known yes adolf hitler thought the balkans
story might even be with the production look at the cast the principal and and we didn’t and only got lucky it’s market germany friend we wouldn’t
be a good bit much in common without doubt because my please weekly but what’s your plan caught my eye cooper remain you with a bang region dot the
nation weekend indicated or whatnot yet after that uh… remember that and break-up alton out but it better it down i’ll call them we will talk plaintively hong long road lauro parking take the enrollment grand old man
wouldn’t you not to be black by a dictator well listen to a hungary newspaper
editor at the fact that no make that packet admiral boorda p at nordic and predicted
in the stock knoll he’ll get that they did not only because
he could fit in and arts that and on gay and buddy for that do not like off that they don’t like them anymore than they
like fifty million lenders and that england indian peasants va bacterial admiral forty of congress all people like him will help to start world war three in
the balkans the who’s next well adam first out laughing before the
expiry ektu get started easily cost you this is king bodies of bulgaria and if he looks funny it’s because it’s
so hard up a ready cash that he has to wear the hand-me-downs had twin boys
father in law victor emmanuel evict me meets his royal highness king boris info re we’d love to meet an american
beat the packers and medicare it poorly being out of
print film industry but will bow gary and do when war comes
away who you king made will be warm note you will anything want more where mean i mean i can’t believe it will be a real
war england and france that much whose mock
debate mixed up with the army the with here people against commuter you don’t fear hitler than naw he could have no the bank began were
bhatia due to team road red blue and at the palace with a feeling that my
wrist with a nice dinner time for the sort of balkan casper milk toast
in second-hand clothes i wondered what the peasants not in because six million abode area six and a
half million population op presents trying to live on an income of sixty yes
sixty eight dollars a year overture cannot blame king voters as the path you will about getting impatient you like me latest who he is not good enough to be a
ruler of appropriate but you would be an excellent ah… the intake for the village of course winston thank you very much let it go and amiable incompetent likewise above the area will help the stock world war three in
the balkans the were or in feelings caller to israel reaching for the morning peter warhol
knocking heads desperate wall looked more like an
english amenable to know he had a wonderful simple solution for
everything onorte would also make account that but that there is one way but here
is not your typical of war we must be friendly with everybody no myerson who directions what about your internal problems delivery williams said more than four
million croatians a million-and-a-half slovene already dot
as well the bollywood arena day with your family in rubble dalal reminder wave way moving winner and library where i will let them do you
problems when i didn’t know i have done then my reply and we were
moving on with a tired of the country with it but
that and played the piano here received somebody like prince paul who will never
find a time to solve his country’s problems will do his part to start world war
three in the balkans party of hungary proud aristocrat
contemptuous of the common people marissa bug area willing perhaps but
head of the week baseball of yugoslavia who thought everything would work out
all right in time these were three of the balkans rulers when adolf hitler decided to give them a
demonstration in the spring of nineteen thirty nine and wounded had hit missile ek as his breast pocket the most and said character of the
locking town of romania the sequence of the opera stockton
berlin though i might make with impedes i get a bill we’ve hit bottom that made me feel at
least means for weekly blueprints his sprinkling i’m land not the way it’s
such a largely by opening on a grandpa people headed up by five island went
well minefield have half of my maniac thank you liane pink guilt has refused to sign dot eight
a gain even find i have a plane not planned mind utah man everything about it it might not get it and i have a mere being don’t buy this or that but i tell
you what i thought maybe i my iliac grunwald dot or that people that it’s been a near calling doctors it input habit whitley o mine weekly it everything proceeding appointing paul
you guys are process etc or good uh… in a out anti wouldn’t be that that might be
but but but it think opportunity dot blotting yet uh… yet i_d_ began in the morning all by to put my faith movies endless n no carolyn uganda for working on with you there in camera rarely allows including the
field with the venue army uniforms convinced dole bracket water majesty in fact the would not be here needed anything beyond nomad doppler below that i think it is the proposal you’re being permitted but but a_t_t_ you get it you have any act ninety benefit them up
all the and week that would eliminate that they put the
complete but you can’t make it work for you believe that it’d be demanded he ate but beat it about the economic the political arena
toward that envelopment that magnet everything i wrote uh… no your majesty you committee of the
without my johan wed and internet plank dragged me just
just one question your honor to speak what do you make of the education in
hungary education fill out a dedication who there’s great party are meant to be
unreleased popping off eating plenty of any offer on the romania they wouldn’t
that probably not be on its feet he’s not proper time times when every country handles long friendly lie dead many hank goldberg yeah will make it appear on a in all black macnaughton again method a separate state on campsite you are short but excel no that you was approx your majesty you know what the music from the reasoning groups to honor but
did not yes allot suck majesty unfortunate that they are not able to come to an
agreement they would not bill dated from the
internet dot signed an important victory the date on that is dot the road yet your majesty motilal would you give me to the stand alone how long did it take the troops to reach
the border about fictional splendid signup and government has been six allen ho the compatible t in on the johnsons wax program word that
wall we’re bringing you a dramatization based
on rubber park a story of a balkan headquarters budapest parker has told us but just as world war one and world war
two started in the balkans so will world war three to prove his point is already introduced
us to four of a kind of rulers were easy prey for the hitler’s at the moment one of these rulers peril of romania is leading the last six hours of the
german ultimatum takeaway but he designs new uniforms for the army now robert parker continues with his
story uh… and has been carol’s precious hours to go
away let me go over the next decade this
little drama back to the royal palace now the press conference the far end up as
with journalists and striped pants and monocle now now we got a little joins over a butcher
shop in bucharest it’s called the kid well now is playing an american tourist
honoring waverly n appropriately enough it is entitled don’t wake me up let me bring or or as usually can’t get
that was crowded on the settlers it looks like any other night luck a hotbed
of in treatment actually a quarrel albeit a little man over there against
the wall is a member of british intelligence doctype dali norman hotel an apartment
french internal bartender works for some foreign government probably two or three
whatever they would get back into stocks joined laser underwear but they don’t
know when you go see more he’s one of the menus wealthiest women
what reconnecting with those who have eleven elena also or or or resent them
for she’s organized romania into one weekend livre or she’s shaken down a country where
about half a million dollars in quite some time on all army and navy
conference t_-cells public offices he runs the
romanian blackboards most activist illegal money market where he has a
monopoly on the uniform business which is some business in romania working are
always designing new ones fit at what that means it itself vsp weekend batman a discover something he’s waters
that is that the helmets wrote that special trade emissary of adolf hitler
as you know he has a few hours to kill is killing them in a kit kat club uh… i hear ya dot that by romanian
assistant in the associated press payroll well alexander renews them and i think i was locked up
in his private chamber it is it that way they want his design
in uniform lots of only a few hours that would end up making expires he’s
designing your forms looks like hitler window ungrateful it
will reduce romania to complete dependency upon government yes of course will be paid for the war that
quickly where all the way our president to write
a letter dated that the entire record-setting machines
comments and allowing plan the president is an adding machine developer grad and maybe there will be some nice
colored pencils so carrollton designed more uniform and don’t forget harmonic
drawings harmonic me what’s this what about that and just a minute is a message lippman owns maybe italics dismay decals
answer artistry sax content with the arteries hyatt now kayla is your answer was that all the
and paying for everybody power have given the n_b_a_ semester is
the beginning adducts it never do this in all the other balkan countries and it at the beginning sp edit out the at the event paper that they think that that when you at that kind of program that that that
don’t let me know that that uh… way here event uh… don’t let me know let me doing it it and added kate anything have money back the the acting them for a condo the harmonica is so i’m still a definite but it’s true absolutely true well his romanian cool accomplished hitler was now ready to go out to poland so let’s visit warsaw on the eve of war
in nineteen thirty nine warsaw the seat of a government that
pretended to be a democracy but was leaders actually operated a stipend
dedhia dictatorship is ever existed on the face of the earth they work every trick used by dictated
since the beginning of time concentration camps anti-semitism ballot
box tapping in a gross mistreatment of minorities and they any native russia the only big
power the same poland from germany after girlfriend malawi debate the foreign minister
georgia tech uh… expected looks like an american him acclimated to
lean and hungry cashews houston pinch based milk of human life lives lavishly drinks too much appears
to be taken the warsaw typed up you have some questions mister parker
yes the democrats and radio demanding that
you give up the police car there and dancing as well but you propose to do about they did not give them a even if they
threaten war we are not afraid of telling us about
that well-deserved break well yet finest out of the really reluctant to move against cannot
talking that way office cheat hitler’s lapping but they don’t believe i think that you that germany’s hank army perfume me from that you know that immedi from medford i’ve never heard that it would not be affecting but you can be sort of this it nonetheless perfectly letter that the
great ortiz donnie would be in very good in the two-month if you started anything that regulus the bright workable the dutch three-level for n_p_r_ stopping it finest on another
at remember it wit that actually believe that about the
polish and so this may be reached the inspector
general of the on it all right such men as back inside the ritual
actually should have known better really helps dot world war three in the
balkans uh… real-time this outdoor disciplines capital champagne bottles as duncan
opposite like a vote against the wall when there have been exit and we had
talked with police friend of mine netanyahu welcome around and sit down saddam and i
don’t know i think routing as usual they are everywhere in the port is going to
get its way putting up with the noise of the office and i got i heard today that
doesn’t have a lot of the greatest army on it that this would never leave this
november nine how can bag and the others be so well in
the atlanta nine thousand was entrances they think they can drag of the people
in definitely have to go to the people are very poor lovable in bolander presence so board
based did i mention providing pop based on volume forty eight dollars a
year minorities respiratory stuff much worse
off ukrainians in the southeast pinnacle
there lives their own the police haven’t had a plan in the cities for the internet million
jews are living in ghettos only one jointly is allowed to work at least a million on the verge of
starvation donald mcclelland present anybody ever try to solve the problem
luther than me once your friend mister joseph bank made
the suggestion for the league of nations but was it he suggested that the problem but they
stopped by nearly throwing between that helped me into a south of politics it well it it annotate may be disturbing dictatorial leader the
modem didn’t have the greatest i mean the world maybe they think that the germans of the
border that they in september of nineteen thirty nine already i just believe what i read in
the newspapers about horrible tragedy that overtook the
people of poland when hitler gave a signal that started the planes flying in
the tanks rolling the tanks but joseph beck family
believed when made-up imitation metal let’s cut the comedy i suppose they do in comic operas out
presents a crush on stage now for the finale in their colorful costumes
singing and laughing and cheering the principles uh… peasants don’t feel like doing they know that something’s wrong they can’t put it into words but i can’t
tell you what the peasants would like to say boils down to something like this you’ll catch push these people around
him definitely if you do world war three as i told you at the
beginning will stock for the first and second world war started in the balkans respect and a half and repetitive every once in awhile the third world war more terrible than
ever will surely stock in the balkans and
less unless we give the people of the balkans
a break given a chance of education given a chance to get an up week and up
to keep warm in winter time but there are twelve although it’s not
in the balkans unless the united states great britain
and russia agree on a common policy court eastern europe and stop playing power politics it will start in the balkans unless we repeal ways to deal with the
oldest spotted regimes people like quality beck carolyn arrest whether exploiting their people’s just a
little too much in doubt it’ll too long unless we grow such comic opera leaders
into the eyes one word and describe what the people of the balkans need as an american my word for it is that the flippin batman the johnsons web program word that warm has brought to a dramatization based on
rubber parkas headquarters budapest and accurate blueprint for world war
three unless we do something drastic about it i’ll tell you about next week’s program
after method from our fiber the press twichell forefathers had two
practices well expressed in this bit of birds use it up where it out make you do or do
without so i was just like it was written for
these times doesn’t it it may seem there’s a but being a fifty
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book is the nazis go underground like court right a startling expose of the nazis
carefully laid plans for winning the peaks now this is the conf adam inviting to be
with us again next week and until then tonight’s dramatization was written by
john holland and the kids dot scott’s workers robert parker music was composed and conducted by
morris mosque and reproduction was under the direction of
anthony m leader the makers of johnson’s wax bring you a
dramatization of the nazis go underground by the court rights on weds at war dot costello speaking this is the national broadcasting
company the johnson wax program wards at warwick
toontown the makers of johnson’s black or home
and industry cooperation with the counsel on both in wartime proudly present words at war dramatizations of the most
representative books to come out of this great world conflict and once again tonight we have with this
one of america’s foremost radio personalities a man who knows good books
are well-known author himself mister clinton fathom tonight’s headlines tell you that we’re winning the war that’s in the nazi machine will crumble
and disintegrate forever is this the end of the war but just the
beginning of the next tonight’s program attempt answer that
question we’ll tell you something about book
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times longer that’s important today when we need to make on things lands all right mister fatima tonight words that walk program is based
on court reese’s book the nazis go underground will introduce this authentic expose by
what’s known in radio as a teaser scene this is taking place although the
germany today listen and see what you make of it belive you like doing in government
hospitals banquet there’s that minimal it was here everything’s expect they would tell you
a job at the fire department had passed that area at everything satisfactory
hash metastatic may i know you’re working at the red
cross not many and that it does is a good place to be a duet sounds innocent doesn’t simply people
changing their job training but it’s not quite as innocent as it
sounds thoughts at all about well that’s what we need to tell you
tonight uh… story probably games in berlin in may of nineteen forty three in the library of one of germany’s
leading industrialists industrialist and repeat gephardt the garam his daughter and private
secretary lease with the about the ticketed of darya bank needed quyet caterpillar assist national debt ten miles northeast of the city you know what that means legal nevis we would win huh quote mistake in his speech kathleen
quite quickly aqua definitely began this fall uh… troops experiment in africa appetite or how didn’t happen people picking plus three months into an
empty car but remember yes thereby mind but that the other side and i think the chemical bank what did you think nevermind or who jewelry carmen carmen athletics avaible name about right away one thing that you must be ready but he
didn’t get in the call if you have a meeting with me a
group and they don’t want to make that except tell you gave with two o’clock already all over the coming year my mind completely brian it was a retirement that i know many in
the same all right will be one together wrong my mom it for granted no from the more department i thought you might want to see on tuesday hiv prevention from blanco companies weeks indices why don’t they just consultant widened to continue fighting when do you
know there is no moral don’t you know why don’t they osteopathic faith who huge of fan hands who kato suncorp group i have no time but i have a
question the woman hokkaido costner whoever it is time to stop the ball like one of the time to make plans to
deliver it would have no time to look within just a
passing demonstrative created the months then your bad flight another single-bullet theory locking uneven
through your deepest cuts in-country partners for some sort of
principle there should be proud of having he got sending update on the kids are
not no we don’t know what do you think that would be there hildebrand won’t do it you it would be you would be a man and well you can thank you let’s leave the gallup family now and join him in the yaha he’s important
meeting this meeting took place in the middle of
may nineteen forty three only last year at shuttle hugo among those present book look head of
the famous purplish ins works byron george from ships log jam of the
board of directors of i_d_ problem and pop hip hop of peach the owner of the biggest machine factory
in germany what happened you’ll be interested is speaking gender or purposes the war maybe
consider this lost on the heart therefore must take measures to preserve the nazi
movement so that if you think we should the lapd
seymour linked up with a lot corrected at hot spot not at the water’s lost i can’t see no
point increase of international may remind you of gather voting that’s the
list of germany including u_s_ senate have done very well under the nazi party webster but getting there that it was hit by a liberated us from
that date of the work of human you know that i think because of the tax isn’t an
indictment i i think that well we see that that is an escape what
do you think it’ll be capital dublin dub something ad it so i would bring the destiny of the
german industrialist photo of the world this this famous people fear if nothing they saw them in the next
expand what should it be must planned for that and what realize what you are
saying coat but she took it’s not going to have all been laid back in germany
and doing the world we’ve been sufficiently prepared for
this one but we shall be able to make bad even well i don’t i am opposed to it aptly and unequivocally opposed ideas do you think bypassed fasten up
gas you forget instead you will do everything yeah understands prone yes or our mention of it because of a
denver star their event of an enterprise regarding
himmat wants with this idea greedy every attitude and polite about you have are final thought but they weren’t was there them but was unable nineteen forty three six days later ecaseshop or headquarters
heinrich himmler calling his henchman i did not why did god saddam has my art garden but
i think i i’ve ended up in just a moment here act that happened i have in your mouth
interesting property na mag gerhard your concert in your
absolutely certain you did not express annie please never statements against
the poor and the party at the meeting it should go to the and
find who is so you would ask upon coupon code sheet
so that will not be next it so happens again huh big the phones at that meeting because the phones to recall everything
the same but i need to send our play it’s nothing nothing at all you would you must believe me i didn’t mean it was upset minus my family man yarn you are not keen on making rulebook but i want you working for deviantart and would be marching forward that song we go now higher hitler i don’t know like usual been acting up time enough for that attenborough you mean you can in the future packing members h_i_v_ brief into the
pot the news from the promptness that this possible if you need to be to keep
it on the military front but it’s even possible to germany to have to pick
picture of it but never must the national socialist but the children at this point they have to look for from
now on absolutely correct i don’t know the national socialist party must go on
here but then we have that artists in and for me and you print this to be opened and
germany and this new front that’d be the
underground undergone guest parking brother
underground but the rent organized because i really
have time to prepare susanna but i don’t buy follow hall where the party members believe it
or not ever got if you didn’t scratch of miscount but if you’re going to stop in repented and and the airline military
government takes over that a great number of get a place of
the government organizations did they must of necessity left alone for example he newman’s it based any interference with them the
horn touching and which includes a meeting to s might be sacked pentagon
one deadline how many pocket members can be assigned
under this plan a warm should be can hire a victory to win three hundred thousand men grants safety
administration’s answer for document to be assigned to higher
departments and certifications in a second pic script desk officers and
the police force in the ratings mainers computer from but will be a bad idea they have in
germany capitulate is the case that rivky symptom hypo his shirts and businessmen out of the
pop you liked her eastern very symptoms sweden switzerland united speed want these men appeared to be a long and
the good graces of the popular naturally here the the run so they’ve become
acceptable to the allied admitted antigovernment
render this doesn’t blink underground begin writes and the allies marks on their team he shouldn’t have the by that and now that we met up into the players
let’s go on and see how the masterplan with put into operation let’s see how the gestapo organize the
not the on the ground i did then that the diamond women but developed not but we must connected for
the coming days net those in the and about basic cleaning up the not at that it’s not about being made that the net
likely to be with that and i’d military government that training a blunder to disseminate alachua but then back to
but until later the cleaning up women when standing here looking to do not
want blockage if judge of making money dividing them lifted that status does
next at once and other leisure determination of the
world it is a great day it looks like fun today it we’ve shared cake at out
endeavor in the united states yet ishmeet what would you attempt to contact if you
were in the united x with tried to reach at fitzco up contact i’ll make arrangements for you
to be sick yes that’s right by a big unfaithful come speaking out whose is too much higher than the
private our movement anyway who would you peak i look conflict w americans well frankly
todd believes before the vote that’s how would you know that rather i would look at the night of the headsets entitled picked those who are
anti-semitic in fact fairly and those went faster all kind of racial hatred
select anymore and yes and the members of those many
organizations which have been advocating in english it
could be for married but we’ve got a nj play a package to acting
tina uh… someday i do i go to the united
states you’ve checked we’d be are underground that isn’t that
big in right the suspect in batman bringing you words
of war and a half of the makers of johnson’s wept put reese’s book the nazis go
underground we’ve seen the nazi on the ground has
been organize with trusted nazis being installed in key spots which the allies
would not be likely to dispirited places like health departments and so forth now how would your own industrialists
figure in this master plan let’s go back to the idea hot and his
family in june of nineteen forty four and i get
off was undergoing a typical experience in germany andheri is getting a taste of his own mixed on scholastic d_n_a_ tight constant being like a rating of a tanning coming
close it would be the british and american coming close
are shot dot on right before we get out the streets ses staff yet still a bit all humor hiker how do we do what i didn’t expect cracks pack uid scripts spain june fifteenth yes and we have to spain yeah i would like you’ve got a match any of
them very much all within one week so i thought we any
kind of thing off costs condo we’ll cost not what should i want to run away from that
uh… you can’t pass me happy are act correctly perfectly willing to pay my help hedged tracks cutback the and thank you so you’ll see general that if they have to act but make you think at gap dot that such
a thing but big day but the general fund not planning the
same thing in do you think we went back to defeat crawl before they live forget up and you
for contacting them work but nevertheless general them not to copy for the working wit u against you nowhere and consulted about these about
that providing should you want to see if it
does scheme nodes indians whiteness he’s the one was responsible
for all the key he’s the one with count the man did not
want specialist right dot but still it’s the audience use it to yourself now you propose that higher organizer of
all time wanted to know why didn’t see little general dot the but but if you can get thank you but issue off function in this and
cannot do you wouldn’t play c while we do with a deadly were is that
the law will what’s not actual caustic back to the fullest
extent these all complete irish l_d_ table of
gila peaking point drop i have friends would be the same way
movie length unnecessary assistance blame eight months ago prettier gemmell quiet warm mccurdy i would give you a proposal might up
most consideration haircare millionaire and then we don’t know whether general back ever carried out the plan suggested by
the end of the you about but we do know this cuts achche okay enactment have and yet and i think you would have to have to get
technically we don’t like with like a satanic ito ectopic hi yes you’ll don’t thank you it’s not that if you say things and i thought no it
would be having not irene i think that walk that created a monster wow must come to
crush them all you want to put money is now that you got it for them to
rectify it restaurants but no matter what the
conferences limit many people you care including your own flesh-and-blood out no you would take the medicine within i don’t know bye bye bye bye bye bye they are here there with notice let me know they are your friends but don’t let let me know what the date our eyes actualy never objected and picked up and you’re going to invite us in i don’t want a part of course coming
gentlemen i thank you cryptic but yeah naal walk this idea have dogged him not light
seeing us anymore it would be mark alive q politically give us an email i never said anything but that kinda of
hooked them up rhythm it’s probably left the room will be ahead
intellectually and man some room my mom and i think you bet to anything that
could put the attempt at the sistine chapel imagine accusing school regarding will vote
could who would ever refused to leave a topped all i have a lot of fun unpopular
in the with thinks that the comedy it’s aulac adapt instantly on such importance uh… power taken it upon my no odd program effect me europe and come through here that these come when u india happened
with the crash brenda do you think and i think the year again doses of pain through blast you aren’t won’t be there to you all-in-one no
bogged down they did not kill hutus fault because
the upcoming piaf on top of the broken argentina the lengths to meet with their
case being it clearly the united states stinking jaan reacting background
honoring new really still being grabbing a bomb
remembering him rail how do you like your new job at the
hospital hotline made they would that mean availability and no going in fact i gave them my
department at past brea ninety percent party members costa rica may i tell you
about it and i trust all metioned but it does is a good place today when the
ingenious here dot yes you know boats so didn’t want to have
um… and never regains resentment come resist will remember
being racist but didn’t u with a war regenerating without warning now what can we do about it i can hear a unfit from thousands of
lives throughout the united states about hitler is of course the nazi party once
and for all of them by make another war impossible but powell there’s but one of them nazism is not only a german specialty nazism fascism is international as
murder agreed apollo as injustice as madness let’s remember this when a man isn’t hungry he doesn’t need a different when a man of the roof over his head he won’t listen to hitler when a man can live in peace and make a
decent living he won’t trying to hitler escort three says make this a better world and your stuff out that there is a man
all other forms of fascism ass hai and private of the message on behalf of
our sponsors mr padam and will return to tell us about next week’s waited for
program you know folks i’m sure that no matter
how good your car’s engine and battery and tires are the car only looks as good
as it’s paint job you may not realize the dirt in road
grime and insects into considerable damage to the finish if you don’t remove
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like new easier to keep clean remember the name johnson’s karne you spelled c_
a_ r_ and you an honest about a man what about next
week’s program well next week we hope to bring you one of the outstanding one
novel to the season neville shoots pastoral i say we hope to
bring to you the reason being that so far we have in the neighborhood take the
offer to get the necessary permission estate metal shoot is an aria playa an aria fly on active duty to pretty
hard man to track down but we hope to catch up with an before
next tuesday and arranged to bring in his novel pastoral will be late for a week or so and bring
you another fine book instead now the disturbing pattern in inviting
you to be with us again next week and until then on tonight’s demonization was written by
then cagan and featured he’ll get music was composed and conducted by modest
machi and the production was under the direction of and then we go next week the johnson wax program again
presents web hubbell matter dot costello speaking to the national
broadcasting company johnson wax program words at war with
captain fatima the makers of johnson’s rights for home
and industry in cooperation with the council on boats in wartime proudly present one of the most widely
discussed radio programs in america works at war bringing you dramatizations of the most
representative books to come out of this great world conflict and here with us again tonight is one of america’s pena’s judges of
good books clifton fat mr padam the liberation of france is now being accomplice deliberation which began four years ago at the moment of her collapse how did the french people work and fight
for the freedom during these for a long years tonight’s dramatization would give you
one of the answers made while jack costello brings you a
brief message makers of johnson’s wax like most of us when you do drive your
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with johnson’s karne u spelled c_ a_ r_ and you mr padam tonight we present a radio adaptation
probably on four th august starring book cmo they sing about story is a courtroom
middletown semi-fat the time doomed nineteen forty on the eve of the total defeat of france
by germany the occasion the trial a fifteen-year-old c mon pasha accused of perpetrating a crime against
the people of perhaps the characters loyal citizens of france and fascist minded collaborationist as i was seen unfolds we leave it to you
to decide which is quick p but syndrome myself with the president step into the witness
fox made you simone timesjobs you are accused of making the
administrator for air an outrageous act of mischief r_u_ guilty or not give no mademoiselle you do not understand my question stay there bailiff go away i’m simone gunshot you’ll know me yes coast brother marquee something some and my
uncle do you trust me and pass perhaps wise erika cooper was
not laugh although you see more ten fifteen years old and sick do you know that you do not pass delighted by this man was it and frightened to simone movie one in
this courtroom as your friend of you must realize that it is within our power
to alleviate your punishment if we see fit but we want to tell your last chance imo what is that true i’ll tell you the truth conduit my only of course he will not be starting to like it and
simone with german military government malcolm
and so much and has graciously permitted us to handle this in our home with me but that patients is not endless nor is mine understand distancing it happened because when you see it’s all mixed up there are lots of people in my father joan of arc andrius he’s the only live one except me my hope is still alive discussed to be he helped me some unfortunately memos that according to
our laws you may still be headed open call however or really want to the fact begin at the beginning and tell us the
fact all right doctor my mother died when i was born my father died ten years ago when i was
five years old or he was known as a liberal here people don’t like liberals after he was killed i looked at my local passed the bar shot
dot my grandmother who really isn’t my grandmother passed a grandmother that’s maybe why she doesn’t mind she didn’t like my father even anyway i what’s my host arise and that some respect sing waxman lots
of times describes cosmo andrius was one of them as i said it it really began that day
the refugees came throught tom and i had to some of my uncle’s gasoline black gasoline edwards and shelly s
mystic plenty it with senate course that’s what it’s far lafayette ca the scenery that’s what i told you i knew everything would be alright it’s used in that was ever going to so
worried the germans come so fast anderson
ecostore without gasoline so many of our people will be caught by the nazis and
my wife was so worried but now now everything will be all right how much mabye put five gallons be alright sentencing
whom it was said he was so good weekly so hot mama reuni well thank you but it wasn’t thank you
very soon the gasoline cost you one thousand pranks you’re joking no missing but no one in france is that much money no frenchman i’m sorry trees you can’t do this i have much money but i think it was
fair the fed price is one hundred drinks which is so to me for two hundred franks icons are not allowed to well colossus for hours and he won’t
allow me to please don’t ask me please don’t ask you it might be a content amai insensitive my daughter was killed my homework i tried to save my life nazis must i apologize but if you want
comfortable we don’t understand is one of moving i don’t know how to live in the moon don’t know what to do where to go who he was with crime it’ll be alright a picture of you i’ll always have we have a little gasoline then whom cried rigorous cause repairman something good will happen uh… crime green marie boob bait might see the honorable nieces are doing
their best burger country erica prosper did you hear that poem and head will delight your uncle not home to
haiti buckles curtain he’s got to remain in business doesn t ex-friend sneaks in high-stakes businessmen like uncle
prospects what france precedent steel mills munition makers defense of the workers shoppers storekeepers what is france anyway as the lady in the postage stamp the
lady with a cap everybody knows what francis its you’re blind simone where blind stupid little girl and not
let circle talked too stupid beginning to get patriot the saint is a patriot might as a diverse gasoline
to the refugees wednesday to discuss students it
willingly went well when he’s ready you’re very well for the germans that’s not true i’ll come to life simone forget what the world is like you’ve
read so much about joan of arc what’s wrong with that her world was a real world you know what happened at your elected a nothing that laugh at it headed into powers for use why do you hate me some of these teacher what to do with it you do hate me don’t you yes i do if francis dang fascists here cagle at the plant doesn’t love out of
the maze delivered us over to the french the
germans sorrow steel monopoly simone parame purcell put the sessions first they’ve won the war against france you and your dreams about joan of arc when it’s your father’s daughter there plus there was a man jericho as a fatuous grasping o right this very moment spotting with
mikey december some that good and true fascist to turn over
his garage and trucks to the germans in the morning which includes quickly comes
will have this time by morning if you don’t know that you’re the only
one who doesn’t totally frightened they wouldn’t have a nice little
collaborationist like you matches will be refunded your
grandmother your local and long on recent naal wrote smoking jim don’t tonight it tonight basic look tonight meant to mention on dimension night just line yankel costing learned and that i can i
send this time compared table now ask uncle prosper just one question
no hello come nominated to try and talk but is it simone his attorney general to be here tomorrow where did you hear such nonsense and tel at your local prospers troop eight it’s
the most rediculous neesh deus ex gusts soulmate matt and i don’t give
each site today teach the victims it’s laurin sydney unite to any ritual
arranged needed to me anyways should bush dot blotting
regional manager edited pcd expectation now compassionate he wanted to stricken not to prosecute none sincere talking he said you wouldn’t do it and i knew you would do it right now cramped can stay here
anthony becomes shouldn’t be ten where selena yet isn’t it fragmented him new freedom and now it is petri non-minority where and we would all along guess what i want to help you reject also the germans like it patriot tilt i think that that hollywood prospecting
quickly think you’d better listen to me may have no intentions of destroying
nikon is all my tracks alumni garage isn’t clear june magellan she’ll be all of drugs if
you days mapping constructive which is doing why should i destroyed like this is my
whole life in france is doomed anyway i should act quickly my father relied but not talking you
love yet but it is bad as he is right who tell them to go to the can go and
stephanie goes against the sri lankan but he was decked leavening no it didn’t go on and good riddance
nestle you’ll you’ll run and great talent but neither who will you fifteen to take my word for it things look a lot defended fifteen min
they do it when you’re right it doesn’t matter how
would you assume grandmother estrogen creative team g intranet came from that was when i knew i had to do in remembered just before my father went
off to the children a condom it’s wrong and i haven’t had to do
something that was right was afraid to took me to my soliciting sentence it remember a lot from five years old if
you work at it sentance missus if not now who else not you i kept saying it over and over win if not no who else if not you she
said i just couldn’t get away from it and i went to my room and make some
about jon bok because she had problems to what’s your
number now wait a minute first are sold uncle prospers gorazde
whose bureau drops and then i read about joan when i did i climbed out of the bedroom window and ran down the street iran in renton well i think never let somebody just to
be except nobody wants stack up to the last block so dont hottest resting on my breast and
i was so scared pink opinion artistic clean but not now who is not you almond
old routines so many people feel districts and we did not know holyfield i’d set fire to uncle cost burned to the ground online qaz trucks garage and the germans couldn’t you to know that’s the kind begins and this is cooked impediment speaking tonight amid johnson’s wax program words
of warm we’re bringing you a dramatization based
only on put on the story of cmo so paul the fifteen-year-old simone has
testified to the fact but she sold black-market gasoline of
black market prices that are composed the hips he told the court of her belly at the same uncle would destroy his
garage rather than have it fall into the hands
of the germans and then she told of a discovery that he had no intention of doing so and now we continue her story right now aapt grace known coming in with approval ratings to collapse emphasized tampa exceptional finance final friend into my gps potential intensity to at least tab street defeat of cars westview i would’ve done a better the fire still smoldering already
everybody in town host was peer pressure starter this problem i think interesting
contrast oppressed its final cut assistant trade and travel your cost of poking around the edges
he’ll be back soon i’ll use to procure i’m lisa foolish sent needs dangers and out of proportion to the
advantage teen jimmy meetings ministering to i was thinking around
fascist wouldn’t mind if i can cannot compel us to contain can’t meet risk your room assisting on to to understand marquee
miracle will never forgive you for what you’ve done to them the let the germans into this country and you go inside a fire right over
their heads patriotism is new to me you can’t do things like that cmo right but i did it he constantly continue i could scan room right mattel right seems to me when the pace of the present time i’m reading from cheers leading when now no no first things were a mixed up that’s all changed now now the biggest city in france knows who
the enemies are but and the nazis and all the french
freshest on one side liberty equality fraternity already fascism the world on the other got a custom resource should come with
me we can review here contingency mon must come with me who recycle difficult prospect park iran a binary
system but to make is good mary’s really got between song you would never hurt me
never go to prosper will stand by me we’ve got to be a district five don’t
you see make me sick thank you for asking character sing on key dispute do these come with me squeaked you sometimes have trial expiry say something to me schism in tell me i might he’s talking about the cause of the
rights of garment three sewing they’ll say something else marines africa would have a right to and it will happen simone this is the time for a brief words but i
have any video never come back to you unless it is if we wait long enough thomas its relief releasing and well yes from the second a corner but the biggest before and france i love you remember that i’ll remember i’ll remember movements just a minute uncle prospering coming tabletop how are you working again live to the
bronco prospect tolentino told you’re you’ve got to sign this declaration accounted isn’t that true gangs sorry mister domenici it’s hopeless i can do a thing within
wogaman cuenca simone let me read to the speculation
again and simone from shabu confessed
voluntarily and without compunction but on the seventeen th day of june nineteen
forty prior to the buildings of the transfer
establishment prosper from sharon company i did it because i was deeply offended
and regarded as an just criticism of mud and lunch uh… what i did not
satisfactory perform but you’d is imposed upon me in my home i was angry and i saw no other means of
ending my resentment and i believe that through this specter
would grievously annoying in germany brunch at my grandmother now simone trojan told you i can sign it nobody would believe it anyway that’s
precisely the point nobody would believe that except the germans perfume everyone in this town rosenbaum as you
feel right uh… wanting something for some time in
your own plan i concede to you over two mins want to know the and
wasn’t a political act of violence against them if they assure themselves is once a
political expand everybody in some other mustafa if we can convince them that it wasn’t then you go free and the blake over all of us is addicted i don’t know what to do i’m soaked i hadn’t saying similar team won i went to see if you are so you’ll find
a good to see more and i i cordoned european value is george had done something
equally braving wonderful didn’t can’t help you worked pretty simple let
me of you please approx unless i’m mistaken nation regiments kicking back at this news ends up lunch uh… amsa yes when you send ki if i sign you will be in favor again to metis
correct does not come to something with you soon you want to spend a lifetime due to his
business all of your fellow citizens trust you to save them from german
reprisals don’t let them down my child and above
all remember a few scientists nothing would happen to you at so deep enough who keep and certainly not the whole
matter would be for that completely contracts at so my uncle tom’s trust him bungled cause but look at me so i signed it mc i’m sorry put money into it russians have mission to planet
specter’s expect no i don’t know what primetime land so that they are but i think skews one moment please simone cuenca as deputy prefect of the occupied thomas
and not on fronts high-risk drum but not for the state of
genomic manner metastable truth is i know it’s all help
me god mademoiselle branca from beginning to
end this story is one monster slide is not as trillion notes to me soon what do
you know it might even know what with him and not retired would you mind giving me that uh…
students quick listen more room to room not going to be
put to death that’s preposterous or certainly we don’t put little bit of
student we’re going to take care of you huang injury york act was the we could be the
prevention of the pre shot and so symbol and we’re going to put you
in a home for bad girls with granite house houston clearest you could see one did you think that would end nobody or
act by making them off of hwy seventy five foolish who extra no seymour grown preventive replacement it’s not my space but they might be a no i’m not a nice little bit minutes all right we’ll take care of you vote demand three said your old passions he was right and your press release month and i have but there are people you’re not smarter
than people like my father in joan of arc in
greece and maybe some of this very room who are afraid now but then i was going to be and then you’d better watch out there
are fewer find it might be having kids behind your
enlargement this within padam the johnsons works program words of war has brought to a dramatization based
only on point fun as novel c mon the story of a young french patriot today’s simone and all those like are
the blast won the freedom for which they fought so long however the physical liberation of
france me remind ourselves in all compassion is only one step in a great story the story which we might call the regeneration of france well it’s all very well for us to feel a
globe generosity at the proper today we’re rushing tons of food to liberated
paris but the story does not in there in the months and years of lie ahead as this great nation refinance herself
in her fourth republic brownsville nato sympathy our spiritual
help and sometimes even our patients let’s see that you get to them now after a brief message but her
castillo i’ll be back i’d like to read your letter we received
from a lady last week and it really doesn’t need any comment
here it is i really a shame to admit that although
i never missed a broadcaster ever mcgee and molly i did not use your product
gokul had been using something else in the
didn’t satisfy so i decided i’d tried local if only for the privilege i
enjoyed over my radio i purchased a jar of blow quote this
week and after using it i stood in admired my linoleum floors like a child
with a new toy the so simple no work at all in it dries so quickly in evenly i was amazed at the small amount used
after giving my floors a second coat i’ll never used any other thanks for johnson scirocco all week i’ve been saying to myself why did not get blow quote soon okay mister feldman what’s the book for
next week word of that war presents a
dramatization of willard waller’s book the veteran comes back the times getting postman g_i_ joe will
come home now are we on the homefront ready to face in
to help them become readjusted to help in regained its foothold in society these are the questions that will be
answered on next week’s words that war the veteran comes back tonight’s dramatization was written by a
dip summer and featured moderate morrissey has simone music was composed and conducted by a
modest lamar scheme reproduction was under the direction of
ivan m leader next week the makers of johnson’s wax
brings you a dramatization of the veteran comes back by wed waller on weds
at war jack costello speaking this is the
national broadcasting company

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