WISP Traveler: OMEGA tech – Lanskroun, Ceska republika

WISP Traveler: OMEGA tech, Lanskroun, Czech Republic My name is Pavel Tenenko and I represent OMEGA tech s.r.o. Right now we are in the beautiful town of Lanskroun in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. We provide services to about 5,500 customers including business customers. Besides wireless networks we have a lot of fiber infrastructure in the Lanskroun area. We operate in a town with a lot of technically skilled people, so there has always been a lot of competition on the market. So we have never had the luxury of inferior competitors providing us an advantage. Its exactly the opposite: there has always been a lot of highly skilled competitors, so we have always needed to be one step ahead. When we were starting our WISP we had to decided about our strategy and to distinguish ourselves from our competitors we made the decision to focus on the quality of services because nobody was doing that here. There were at least 10 ISPs that were offering a wireless connectivity but nobody was able to provide a high quality service. So we have started from there and I think that it was the right decision. We stick with it until today! Our company started to offer internet connectivity in 2001 In the same year we built one of our first APs that is located at the church tower behind me. We have started in 2.4GHz and we have upgraded our technologies a few times. Gradually we have come up to the decision to build a homogenous network. That means to have one single interface. I do not remember exactly the year when we have decided to go with RouterOS and MikroTik. We keep working in 5GHz. we have been working with 5GHz for around 10 years now. Recently, 5GHz is getting to be really crowded in our territory by both providers and end users. Our network engineers face problems that we have to solve for customers in the center of the town and in areas with high penetration. The main task to search for new technologies was our team mate who really was actively dealing with finding anything that will solve the interference issues in town. And he found RF elements, the Symmetrical Horns. On the user forum he learned about training. So our guys took the training, they collected some knowledge about the antennas and took a few units to try them out. Your marketing sounded very promising so we were really eager to verify it on our own. And it really worked. I have read marketing materials so I was really interested to see the performance in real life. And I was fairly surprised that Horns performed exactly as advertised πŸ™‚ We are using 30° Horns, mostly because we have huge problems with interference so 30° beam width looks like the best to deal with interference and also the most efficient because we have so many customers that 30° is about the maximum cluster width. 90% of the antennas we are using right now are 30° Horns. Of course we are using also other beam widths but in lower quantities. We are using Horns exclusively in noisy environment and on new built APs. But for example in villages with low density of customers we are still OK with the old traditional Sectors. Basically we try to utilize those antennas that we have because they are not bad and functional but Horns are better, especially in noisy environment. They are working really well and sometimes it’s vertical beam width is an advantage Of course, there is always a way to improve things but we think this Horn is 95% of the perfect antenna πŸ™‚ We count on Horns in our future plans because most of the places are getting really noisy and the interference is high even in the villages. So we are gradually migrating to Horns even in the villages. In regards to the growth of our network we are planning to continue with improvements of our network in the Lanskroun area and its surroundings. We want to use fiber where possible and in places where fiber is not an option we are planning to improve our wireless network as much as we can. We will use RF elements Horns to achieve the improvements because we have the proof right here in the town that despite the fact that interference is really high in Lanskroun and traditional sector antennas can not be used here but we still are able to use RF elements Horns. So we hope that they will work for a few years in the villages and other places with lower interference and we hope that our co-operation with RF elements will be as good as it was so far! πŸ™‚ Thanks for collaboration to all folks from OMEGA tech s.r.o. πŸ™‚

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