WISP Traveler: aeromax – Costa Blanca, Spain

welcome to scenic southern Spain we are
in the mountainous area of Alicante on the Costa Blanca to visit AeroMax a
Wireless ISP with big plans to deliver fixed 5g wireless fibre over-the-air
dealing with the common topographical deployment and tower space restrictions
aeramax overcomes them in a very unique way to deliver over 200 Meg to their
customers hello I’m Stefan Bergman I’m CEO of aeramax one of the largest
independent wireless internet service providers in Spain we are located in
Alicante for a VNT and we’re running a more than 10,000 square kilometres
wireless internet service network and our fully redundant network we are
actually running at this moment 120 towers with nearly 1,000 access points
in this way we’re reaching up to more than 10,000 customers to residential and
business customers we offer a broadband internet services but in a free 6
megabits and with our new fiber-optic services over-the-air we can reach up to
25 50 100 150 and up to 250 megabits real speed up to the customer’s house
for services we are using the bigquery staff of course and also WiMAX gear from
al dente’ systems which is a Spanish wine a manufacturer and a few months ago
we can contract with my Mauser the leading 5g fixed wireless manufacturer
to deploy with their equipment our services or air fiber to the houses of
our customers in combination with these three manufacturers we use earth
elements emerging horns which give us the Freedom and the Liberty to deploy
all the services we want to bring to our customers the first time we heard about horn 13 by
email we see file and until our local provider for antenna stuff and I thought
new design prescribed and the very first thing I wasn’t very convinced about it
because you’ll see the text that the technical description see certainty bi6
and DVI that’s even less than I have with my ubiquity panels but you give it
a try and you’ll go to certain areas make comparison between what you have
already set up with the with the tables and what your letter will or could get
with the horns and you see there’s no much difference also you see of course
that the signal is less when you receive news to horn but when you later compare
with the signal and the quality of service the quality of services is
racing and giving you more stability and then the signal needs to be so at the
end the horns is a very good solution to setup with less space the same or even
more that you could personal we have a lot of crowded towers where we don’t
have even much more space left to set up mean one more single sector so or we
change to horn and we will win because most of these towers on top of mountains
we also have to get a better downfield angle what we cannot achieve a friend of
course or we do not have the possibility to upgrade the tower and get more
customers on it the main difference between panels and horns is that in
flood area you can use a camel perfectly because you don’t need so much opening
angle in vertical fertilization but of course if you are mounting on top of a
mountain and you need to see mid or long rate and also even the very short range
of the houses which are at a slope of course then you take a horn horn it and
therefore the best solution you can ever find
think about the panel to tilt it down 15 or 20 degrees first of all you cannot do
so because the supports doesn’t allow it and let you would make a huge
with all your poles and whatever and fixings to diesel so take a horn just
till the down on the maximum and your when you think about replacing existing
panels on the tower by the horns of elements of course you think what should
i do so or why do I need so first of all place based on tower is so expensive and
sometimes the toes are pulled up to the top or even the owner doesn’t like you
set up anymore if you don’t make space by yourself so get down panels set up
horns so in the same place where formerly had one panel now you have more
horn oriented into a different area no sight loop straightforward directional
emission but you also have better possibilities to illuminate all the
mountains when you’re on top of the mountains and the slope we’re also the
first houses are what you cannot get with the panel’s so you’re winning in at
least three steps first you win space to you in QA and three giving more
versatility and eliminating what you have to live in it you
so at the end of the day would be trying to do it AeroMax of course is to upgrade
our existing network to expand terrors where we are not in yet but the main
thing is to stabilize all the network although it’s very stable because of our
broadband backbone we already have expanded bringing more redundancy more
towers in errors we already are to give more service to more customers as in day
by day we’re getting bigger and bigger within our expansion plans of course my
mother is one of the biggest manufacturers of real hat broadband
gives us a gear which is unbelievable and I’m not saying it because they’re
paying for me for that no we tried it and I cannot I couldn’t believe that it
will give me at a five kilometers distance a real hundred Mac over the air
and this is something you never saw and you I think you never will see on
another gear it’s very important to also optimize our 15 towers so also a big
worker will have to do in the next few months and years is to change what we
have to change to bring down old gear old stuff all panels and bring up new
things era max will go on growing we will do great things with great
manufacturers and one of these great manufacturers of course it’s RF elements
thank you lets you see horn as it is with the red ass it’s absolutely perfect
and you sit on a tower and you see that’s mine I already said that it’s raining yes
it’s raining in Spain forget about all you know about Spain Spanish different
it’s raining in Spain release the horn correct or once upon a
time I baked the pony and spot house now cap

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