Winter Shakedown 2 Nighter

I made it now it’s time to stamp down my
little place where I’m gonna hang my hammock Whooooo Buddy))) I don’t know how cold it’s gonna get
maybe zero it was calling for about like 12 below but unless it really drops
tonight I don’t know but I’m just out here shaking out my winter gear I’m just
kind of feeling it out reminding myself out a winter camp I didn’t come in too
far cuz the snow was pretty deep up here they had a big snowstorm
maybe a week ago maybe a little longer but snow is about up to my knee out here
when I walk around him a mukluks a little bit of snow falling right now we
are supposed to have a 1 to 3 inches of snow so I’m excited about that
Whoo Buddy))) I’m looking forward to a long slumber tonight crawling in there it’s
gonna be dark by about 4:30 so it gets dark early…. EARLY!!! the Lord of Lollygag
will be doing his thing here but beautiful up here man it’s just light
breeze coming through and I’ll hunker down tonight pitch that corner down get
myself all good and snuggled up in there you’re really quiet
wind is kind of going up the hill where Um Yessir….that’s a purdy boil… Ummmm…yedder…. Gotta get the bits out of there get the shagnasties out that’s it and got a bear box got a food vault
right here to kind of work on and tonight’s dinner gonna be the camp
chow single and a chili mac right they’re pretty excited about a chili mac
right here from Minnesota Camp Chow maybe right there in Trail Center on the
gunflint trail I love that it’s getting dark now it’s
4:30 man I’m gonna get this dinner ready mess around a little bit and I’m gonna
crawl in lay there I don’t know why why not
I got a hammock and I’m just excited to be in it and uh you know sometimes when
you just counted out here by yourself I might as well just go to sleep early….
EARLY… Having myself a lovely cup of tea…have myself a cup of P&G Tip.. Right…Too Right.
all right mm-hmm…that there thats a Purdy Boil..mmmm I also had myself a tiny packet of HP
sauce that will go into me chili mac it’s sort of your British a1 sauce and
I’m having a McVitie’s trio bar very tiny there’s my hand there’s the trio so
I have to enjoy every little bite of that for winter I kind of prefer the
night that whoops the big full nine hour candle lantern she’s got a better bigger
flamed then in a bit I’ll be crawling in there man I got my new war bonnet severe
weather down hood dark winter a war bonnet Eldorado Jack’s are better High
Sierras sniffler rating down to about minus 5 in local liberal a mucho a
Boneta which is rated to about minus 10 so I’m
gonna be well warm and my Superfly tarp rigged for winter with the pole mod ula
catalyst backpack that I walked in a little auxilary top pack from an oak
LT that I carry my camera and some stuff in in front beautiful now one thing I’ve
started doing in winter when I’m getting a meal ready is I’ve got a double cosy
on here now I made another one you can see there’s two layers there normally
through the year I just used a single but for winter I added that double layer
and I can get my meal ready and let it sit a little longer got my lid in there
and then a regular cosy top which comes over the sides a little bit and that
will keep my meal really nice while I sit over here and just stare a while I
like it when it gets to be night out here and just sort of sitting by the
light of the candle lantern and sipping a cup of tea but winter Campins about
confidence and just the best part right now is you know it’s just barely any
light in the sky I mean an indigo blue seeing just all the silhouettes of the
trees up here in northern Minnesota and just sitting out here in the quiet in
the cold in the snow all by myself you know just to sort of get myself into
winter other than just you know shoveling the driveway and snow blowing
and making paths and you know cleaning the gutter ice off and doing all the
stuff that you got to do and throwing down the sand and the rock salt melt the
stuff because I got a steep driveway and blah blah blah what I think I’ll do is
just sit here and stare around at all the tiddly bits and enjoyment night I
just enjoy me night and I hope you enjoy yours I’ll check in with you before
we’re Nordhoff is this me and the candle lantern my little friend never says
anything doesn’t even yes there’s my lovely little trio bar little wafer
Kaddish but a whole different flavor easy to eat in the winter YUM yeah the
chili mac from Camp Chow was especially good and it was wonderful with the HP
sauce in it loved it it was a wonderful meal for the woods
tonight well it’s about 6:15 and I wish I could go to sleep
I’m ready all my friends we got a lot of snow in the night I was having to reach
up and bang snow off the tarp several times during the night but it shed it
pretty well all night I was hearing Shh boys gonna be nice out here today it’s
so pretty might just be hunkering down in the tarp
it’s about four degrees right now I’m gonna get my stuff there’s my frostbit had that slipped up
over my head and breathing out onto that last night and it’s got a caught a good
deal of frost which keeps it off my top quilt here I really like this top quilt
I like it a lot it’s super warm and as the temperatures drop then because now
it’s like four degrees they’re supposed to get colder throughout the day I was
thinking about it because you can wear this top quilt there’s like a subtle
oppy you can put it over it it’s got a house a piece of velcro omni tape right
here I don’t think I’ve shown it before but like right in the middle of the top
quilt let’s can’t mul fluff stuff it’s right
here all right there and I can open that up and slip that over my head
untie the foot box and wear the whole thing which is quite handy as a last
bastion of warmth the High Sierras sniffler in case you haven’t seen before
I always say why does have you jacket in your pack and you can see right there I
just slid it over sometimes have been known to slide it over the hammock but I
can’t do that with a netted hammock like this El Dorado so I just slip it over my
top quilt foot box and my feet down inside there and you just have that
extra down on your feet I it’s it’s great it works I certainly didn’t invent
that technique I read about it years ago and I always find people just forget
about it and ma’am somebody put a lot of love into this I decided to go cream a wheat pick some of
this up the other day had a bowl on a cold wintry day and it was so good
Cinnabon flavored my second cup of coffee I’m alive I’m a week and it’s
beautiful out here a good reminder about winter camping is just stay Zen man
breathe stay cool you got a lot of clothes on so when your change and you
know you got to really kind of be flexible and just everything you do
takes a little more energy so you just gotta slow it down which is not easy for
me but that’s reminding me out here so here’s what happens in the night when
you’re knocking the snow off your tarp this is my backside and I kind of built
that wall up let’s show you here without dropping this camera I kind of had a
wall built up right there and I like my wall back a little bit because what’ll
happen is what sort of happened here was the snow kept sliding off all night and
kind of it catches up and what I wanted to do what I’d rather have is this kind
of situation like you got in the front where it has somewhere to drop though I
did clean that up a little bit this morning so I got this I’m plenty good
but I’m gonna clean it up just a little bit just in case this snow keeps falling all
day and it slowed down a little bit now here at about 4 degrees and that’ll be
my little project it was kind of funny last night you know you’re hearing that
snow just go and then once in a while a snow bomb drops from the trees well
would hit that tarp and wearing that hood it sounded like a shotgun going off
or a gun and then I realized it was just uh it snow falling so I got me a real
nice little snow wall built up there back from the tarp tonight because the
wind is kind of coming up from the lake which is down that away just to keep any
spindrift out of there kind of built that wall up and add it a little bit on
the end here where my two doors are closed up and that all helped a little
bit I’m probably add add to it through the night and now I have this little
snow wall dug back a little bit you can see so any snow that comes down the tarp
will fall in and not capture my tarp and pin it and I dug this one back now on
the back side of the tarp and so now the snow can kind of come down and fall off
and then I’ll just tweak it tonight but that’s the leeward side looking out into
this open forest so there’s what I’m looking at right now with the wind come
in from that way door open to get in and out real quick it is sitting steady at 5
degrees now one thing I’m really glad I brought and this is my last bastion of
gloves or we call here in Minnesota Chapas and that’s my stormy Cromer it’s
leather on the inside and it’s a really nice
wool on the outside and I can slip these on over my gloves and if my hands start
to get cold at all these are what really warm up my hands and I kiss constantly
try to keep the snow off of them if you’re gonna camp here in Minnesota and
it’s deep snow and I used to have one of those little hand shovels you grab with
your hand and it would always keep my gloves wet you know there’s just no way
to do it but having this collapsible one-pound shovel that I bought this
years ago that’s by some company called BCA but Black Diamond and people sell
them it collapses down to carry on your packs and having that and being able to
keep my hands out of the snow and build the snow wall dig the fireplace out I
just use it ton out here I would recommend one of your group carrying a
shovel you know to dig with your snowshoes and all that you can do it to
a certain point but if you’re getting snow and you really want to build a snow
wall and you really want to clear some stuff the shovel gets a big thumbs up
from me I’ve used it a ton today already a shovel keep you out of trouble alright
I just ate one of my I just ate the other half of that sausage sandwich that
I made and had it in my pocket all morning and it didn’t really warm it up
but I would say it kind of thaws it out a little bit and the other thing I
really like that I’m wearing and I talk about him every winter they’re called
these Mont Bell thermal wrap pants and they got a synthetic insulation in them
they’re really slippery but man they zip all the way up and this morning when I
was laying in there I grabbed him out of my pack I leaned over put him inside
with me up underneath my top quilt and everything warmed him up slipped them on
before I got up and underneath I just have on that thin pair of polar fleece
tights I always wear and then just a regular pair of sort of mid weight nope
I have a pair of heavyweight insulated underwear like a merino wool
underneath that and that’s kind of what I got on my legs right now and I’ve been
just totally warm all morning and mukluks man if your feet are cold out in
this kind of situation it ruins your trip and having these mukluks
you know I hiked out here in them you can see that they’re kind of covered in
in frost all the time and that’s that’s because that’s that moisture coming out
from your foot getting to the outside and that’s why your foot stays so warmer
right now I just have one big old pair of rag wool socks they even got a hole
in the heel and everything I slept in them last night and they come up to my
knee so they don’t get sucked down into my buck lock during the day when I’m
walking around set we’re buddy and out in this cold I’m keeping my
camera in this little bag I made velcro’s up hands a little I made a
little flappy part and what’s in there yeah you can get it open I have a keep a
little hand warmer in there that’ll stake kind of in the pouch and then when
I slip the camera in there and put it in my pocket it’s got something kind of
keeping it warm there what I’m using for my camera is my older sony DSC HX 80 of
course I lost my new one and this one kept turning on and off but the problem
was the little battery hatch in the bottom so I just rip the little door off
and stuck some Gorilla Tape on there cuz me know I kind of just kind of hillbilly
in half sort of it’s working perfectly I just have to keep it warm and then I
keep extra batteries in my insulated underwear shirt that has a Napoleon
pocket man I had to work hard to get that fire
going laid down a bunch of cold stuff that was you know so uh cuz that fire
pit was just full of ice and snow and built a fire on top and it was all
really cold and really glad I got my pocket bellows my blow tube out here one
thing you gotta remember a winter sometimes all the saliva going through
that little thin end will freeze up and you got to be careful when you put this
to your lips so it doesn’t stick it will get a fire going but I blew on this fire for a 30 minute
straight man it I almost didn’t get it going and it didn’t want to go and I
just kept hitting the spots and you can hear when it hits the sweet spot it
makes that sound but really I wanted to get my got a big
old piece of ham I cooked with some brown sugar on it and some sourdough
bread and some hot mustard Duke’s mayonnaise
I want to temper that off a little bit you need add for my first dinner have an
early dinner all right and dodge the snow bombs the wind is definitely
picking up out here oh I got a mountain house beef stroganoff that I’ve had in
my kit for a while and I’ll make that tonight and I’m gonna crawl in and
hunker down cuz it’s gonna be windy and cold you got a nice big ol thick piece
of ham in there yeah it is windy I’m in my happy spot now it’s about 6:00
in the morning as I sit here and I watch the pop-tart sit on top of the well I
got to say this isn’t hillbilly pot this is my titanium pot because I had to put
my cook kit inside my backpack and I’m gonna do that sometimes hillbilly pot
gets bent up and I didn’t want to bend him too much so I went titanium weed
without water to boil get the comfortable glow of the Luci light that
lucid light was really kind of glad I brought that of course I slept warm
again last night and I slept long and I slept many many hours probably twelve on
and off I have a weird dreams good dreams dreamed about I dreamt about cake
a lot and some of the most fantastic cakes I ever saw in my life it was a
pleasant pleasant dream good film I feel my digits starting to get just a little
little chilly now so always happens when you first wake up until I get that cup
of Medaglia d’Oro instant espresso inside I mean a glia door oh boy I can’t
wait I either way I say it it’s wonderful
the glorious woman has arrived and I’m having my straight up peanut butter PAP
– no chocolate on it yep I crawled into the sack early last night early and
mainly because it was so dang windy all those clumps of snow hung up in the
trees and the wind blows them and they drop on you and then the wind is blowing
so hard it’s like a like getting a little blizzard of snow crystals for a
while and that wind hitting you man that’s a pretty strong win for for the
most part once I got here under the tarp had my walls built up man I got not a
breeze or no spindrift anything came in here last night I could hear the wind
blowing all over the place but it was still us to be in here
and for that I say cheers and I’m thankful it was worth doing a little
work to build those walls and yeah nary a puff nothing stole my heat and you
know I just wanted to mention that for a minute a youtube subscriber had asked me
about if I have a tarp and I have my doors closed and a burn a candle lantern
in here with that add any heat Oh oh no no it won’t at all it adds a a
warmth of light but if you’re gonna be a tarp camper in the winter you’re not
going to get any heat but what you do get is you get the wind off of you and
if you can set it up so that the wind is not hitting you then you don’t lose heat
you don’t lose the heat that you built up and that’s kind of what I got to say
about that because you know winter camp is just camping it’s just a whole hopper
work there’s just a lot more work everything just there’s a lot more work
to do getting dressed getting undressed a lot more work walking around a lot
more work setting up your tarp and pitching everything a lot more work
running your stoves and getting everything ready at trying to keep your
hands warm a lot more work but it’s worth it for the for the bragging rights
of saying you lived really the pap tatters and the cup of Medallia dotto
Institute’s Podesta when a cold winter morning it dude this she’ll get so good if I haven’t said it lately thanks for
the support everybody thank you for gift and support right the woods are looking
pretty right now man and that morning light let you see what I’m seeing
rocking back and forth looks good you know I’m on my second cup
of coffee now and I’m just sitting here rocking back and forth and I don’t want
to get out of the hammock yet and that may be one problem with hammock camping
is you just don’t want to get out of it what you gonna do yeah I’ll tell you
what you do you have yourself a sip you lay back
just a little bit you’re talking to a camera cuz you’re out by yourself and
you wonder do you have any friends they ever want to go with you then you think
maybe I didn’t ask them cuz I wanted to go alone cuz it’s easier to film cuz
then I don’t have to film them and I can just film me
oh I am so sassy yay the pole mod it just holds your tarp up
when the snow is packing down on it and really helps keep it open and I nice
take mine in right there as you can see I can pull them up or let them down but
it truly does on my angle I – it really does help shed snow that way your tarp
doesn’t collapse in and if you use your pull outs like right here and you got
your tarp pulled out that way with some line from the outside it just creates a
flat spot up at the top and it just catches snow and weighs your tarp down
now excuse my flashlight I’m not trying to be a know-it-all or anything this is
just from experience there’s some people that use two or three pole mods inside
one tarp I’m that probably even works better but I find the one very very
effective that’s a little something from Lee to you just to consider if you’re
gonna go tarp camping and why tarp camp in the winter well I think most winter
campers like to be in a tent some even have a hot tent but I’m just too lazy to
mess with that stove all night but I like waking up and taking out my one
door that’s open and seeing that straightaway you may
price using the tarp in the winter but I guess I’m willing to take that risk I
just pack up and go home what I do there’s where I slept well I’m gonna
tell you what it do like I do like this war bonnet hood man my head has never
been warm or sleeping nor have I ever looked more like a superhero Megaman
Megaman whoo you got to be a little bit careful when you’re pulling these cinch
locks with the shot cord because if you’re not they kind of fly up and you
can hit yourself in the face so if you get something like this really hold on
to that shot cord and pull it in and it’s really cool it’s a good design see
in the back you got the shot cord going right here and that’s the one that comes
down up under your neck so you can get this thing to come down around your face
like that and then cinch these right here to really cover your face up a
little bit better like that but I’m gonna trim these a little bit because I
keep swatting at them with good features it’s got this little end here so you
take it down in your jacket and for sleeping that was real nice and then
there’s one in the back to cut down the back and get that back one down in your
jacket and it really really helps keep the wind from getting in there and but
super comfortable for sleeping I really like that for that but this one it’ll
turn with your head once you cinch down those lower ones and it’s just really
muffled roar or word for doors cut off or balaclava and I’ve got on my beanie
under her all in all had a great trip the wind
really was something else I got a lot of good winter reminders on this and watch
out for that win because it makes things a lot colder but I got a beautiful walk
out and not too far so here I go and I hope my car starts all secured in Sector
seven whoo

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