Will the next ′Avengers′ movie help boost tourism to Korea? 어벤져스2 개봉 임박…관광 효

The sequel to the highly successful ″Avengers″
movie hits local theaters next week. Will it live up to the hype?
Not just in terms of entertainment value but the benefits it could bring to Korea.
Some scenes were shot in and around Seoul, prompting government officials to speculate
it could boost tourism to the country. Our Kim Ji-yeon reports.
Captain America dodges cars near the Hangang River,… while Scarlett Johansson speeds
through the busy streets of Seoul. These are scenes from ″Avengers: Age of
Ultron,″ the sequel to the hit superhero film… opening in Korea next Thursday.
The movie is expected to be a great success here, as the first ″Avengers″ movie
attracted 7-million local viewers back in 2012. ″I really like the fact that some of the
scenes are from Korea. I can′t wait to see the next ′Avengers′ movie.″
The movie is not only expected to lift ticket sales at box offices, the government believes
it will also boost the number of foreign tourists. The Korean Film Council estimates 620-thousand
tourists will visit the country because of the movie,… generating a projected 80-point-4-million
U.S. dollars for the local economy. ″Korea doesn′t have as many tourist attractions
as China,… but I hope the movie will bring a lot of foreign tourists to Korea.″
However, one local expert warns that the hype surrounding the benefits to Korea may
be too much. The scenes don′t exactly show Korea in its
best light,… what with buildings crashing down and the ″Avengers″ team taking a
blow. ″The scene where Scarlett Johansson speeds
through Seoul is not real. The scene was put together later. That′s why I′m beginning
to question whether the movie will boost tourism to the locations in the film.″
Only time will tell if the ″Avengers″ sequel will bring tourists to the country.
But one thing′s for sure local fans can′t seem to wait.
The Korean Film Council says 220-thousand tickets have already been sold an uncommonly
high number just a week before the Korea premiere. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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