Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

Is that your parents’? No, my aunt’s. Oh, your aunt’s, where’s your aunt at? On her way [inaudible]
Oh, she’s coming back? Cool. Do me a favor: Take a deep breath and blow
into that, alright. Alright, do me a favor, try one more time,
deep breath, don’t go so far in. Is there a “starer” problem, mind your
business. What the f—, like… Alright, where’s your aunt at? Do you have her phone number? How old are you? I know that didn’t come up positive, I didn’t
take a drink of anything, so… Alright, take a deep breath and keep blowing. Yo guys … even if it is your aunt, and she is
of age [inaudible] Like 40? Go grab her real quick and we’re gonna have
them pour that all out. How are you going to let us go, we didn’t
even drink alcohol? So, where’s your aunt at? You’re allowed to carry alcohol. That’s interesting. Even if you’re underage.You are. You’re not allowed to drink it. Open display on the beach. It’s possession consumption. It’s not open. Open display, you can see it. Yes. OK, you can see it, and we’re not drinking it. 5043 we have an “LL Skellinger” on the beach. 502 you clear? [Inaudible] So what’s your name? [silence on the video] So how about that? You gonna lock me up for obstruction with my f___ing 18-month-old daughter over there? Yeah, you’re not cooperating. For obstruction? Yeah. I didn’t disrespect you, I didn’t do anything
to get written up, did I? Why are you causing a scene? Now you’re causing a scene. I’m not causing a scene. Alright, I’ll give you one more chance to
give me your last name. Just be cooperative. You’re not going to lock me up. OK. You can’t lock me up. I didn’t disrespect you.
OK. And you don’t need to write my name down either cause I didn’t disrespect you. I didn’t do anything to you. You’re mad because you thought we were drinking. You thought we were drinking. So now you’re mad because your Brethalyzer
came up negative. OK, first of all, you’re in possession.
[inaudible] Where’s your aunt at? She’s on her way. What’s your last name? You could wait here, just like you wasted
your time coming over here. You could wait here for her. OK. What’s your last name? You don’t need my last name. OK. That’s it. I’m done with you.
Do you have cuffs on you? No, Matt! Get over here. Don’t f—— talk to me.
Yo. Don’t touch me!
Alright, you’re about to get dropped. Yo, don’t f—— touch me! Matt! Don’t. Get over here. What are you doing? Don’t —
Don’t f—— touch me. … Matt! Oh my god what is wrong with you guys. You’re done. Get the f—-. You pulled my hair.
Get off me. What are you doing? 5043 send me another unit. [inaudible]
we have one resisting [inaudible]
No. [inaudible] Get off of me, what are you doing? Matt! Matthew, they’re choking me!
Matt, they’re choking me, Matt! I need another unit on the beach. Matt, I cannot breath. I’m not choking you. Yes the f—— you are, you f—— d— head! Get the f— off me, yo! Get the f- — I’m not resisting. That’s it. Woah, woah, woah, what are doing?! Back up! Back the f___ up! Back off! Back up! Get over here now.
[inaudible screams] Matt, Matt, he just [inaudible, cries] Matt! Matt! He just hit me. [inaudible] You’re not allowed to beat me like that! Stop! I’m a woman it doesn’t matter! Stop. Stop. Stop. Put your hands behind your back. It doesn’t matter. You’re not allowed to hit me like that and choke me! You’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that! They’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that! [Inaudible] cuff her. You’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that. Get off me, my daughter is right over there seeing this. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not one of these little f—— bitches that’s gonna let me treat [inaudible] You f—— dirtball. You white piece of f—— trash! Oh my god, I didn’t do anything wrong! I wasn’t drinking anything, just smell it! It wasn’t even open, bro. F—– choked me out, I can’t believe you did that. Get off of me! One in custody. Don’t stare unless you’re going to going to f—— help. You need to get the f— off of me you white piece of trash. F— you Oh yeah, now we’ve got these f—— young cops that don’t know how to f—— treat people. I’m wanna talk to your f—— captain
as if he will give a s— too. Good, I hope you do. Yeah, I f—— will, dirtball! Alright, relax.
No. Who are you? I’m going to be the one transferring you. Yeah, will you. I didn’t arrest you. [Inaudible] Back up. Back up. Yo, don’t touch my f—— [inaudible] That’s my daughter. That’s my daughter. Y’all Rent-a-cop. Back, up, before you get locked up too. Alright? Don’t be stupid. Tell me, [inaudible] why [inaudible] little girl? She didn’t even open the can. Listen to me. Listen to me. Nothing was open. No open containers. Now’s not the time to argue about this, okay. Number one, you have a baby in your hands. That’s my girlfriend. I should punch you in the f_ing face. Worry about her, not your girlfriend. You get that straightened out later. How old is she? These two dudes just punched her in the face though. Take a walk. Well, she tried kicking us, so. That’s it. Yeah, that’s fine. I go to stop her, For LL. For underage drinking. She says she’s twenty. She had twisted teas. She wouldn’t give me her last name. So I said, Hey if you’re not gonna give me your information, you’ll be locked up. She tried walking away from me. Put a struggle, walked away from me. I tried grabbing her. She tried kicking at us. So I slammed her on the ground. She kicked him. And then I just throw.. I hit her a couple times. And then I put her in cuffs. And locked her up. And I came over and backed everyone else. Why don’t you guys, uh. Take a walk! Why don’t you guys go inside now. ‘Cause she didn’t give him his last name, she started… he started [inaudible].

100 thoughts on “Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

  1. Funny how it stops when he speaks to "the Chef" . Some say "Chief". I know. I like Chef. "The Chef of Police". He'll fix something real good. Reason that vid ends, is the cooking begins. That was the very tactics of Highwaymen of Old. It's an old term.
    It's was also Rape.
    The Bully with the Body Cam got off on putting her down, like 'he told her' he was gonna do. Then, sat across her ass, with his forearm across her throat, binding her hands behind her back, while his Gang of Thugs keeps everybody else out of it. The fear she felt. The Public Humiliation. I'd have fought, too. We should be PROUD of HER!
    I've had some really crazy XXs that fought like bloody MMA champs. I didn't have to tackle, mount, and embarrass them like he did her. Some chicks you got to use your head with. I learned that the the real hard way.
    Seriously though, We as Jurors MUST STUDY NULLIFICATION. We can Nullifiy the officers right to strike fear into the minds of people, for a change, by pushing a Twelve Member Decision to press charges against this officer. Recommend about 5 years to the Judge on the grounds of that's what would happen to any of us "civilians". Come on Jurors, this is our opportunity to take back our country one county court case at a time. Our forefathers set up the documents in our courts to allow us the Right to Stand Against Tyrannical State and Federal Establishments. If we keep allowing "their" bullshit it becomes Our Own Fault.
    That man has issues, and set out that day, to do that to some cute girl, that would never touch his dumb ass with an 11' pole.
    FIVE YEARS IS WHAT A POOR MAN WOULD GET FOR THAT SAME CRIME. His badge Does Not Grant Him Special Criminal Privilege! His fancy four wheeler and the weapon he was "issued"… They're OURS!
    We Paid For Them! Those aren't "Magic Suits". They are Uniforms. Same as a Mechanic or Locksmith, a Nurse, or Janitor. The same.
    JURORS HEAR ME! Please…
    Not just this one case! There are many to come!.
    Let's Stand Up ! Not Down !
    I'm sure this one will get buried deep in the algos.

  2. An honnest question: What is she being arrested for originally? Is it not allowed to drink while NOT driving?

  3. What a soiled little, entitled brat. She got a solid dose of reality that day. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  4. Officer was doing his job. She acted like a victim and being crappy with them from the beginning. Feel sorry for that kid of hers tho.

  5. Oh man spitting, brute force, choking and an average angry white bitchy american girl arguing about they cant do to her yet she gets on the ground anyways… this would be amazing for a porno :D, but man this bitch would be useless too bitchy even for my standards LOL

  6. everyone there at the beach had no intention but to have fun and relax. except for the police, always looking to make a problem out of nothing. and if we really want to get lawful why was a female officer not called on scene? if it were any other situation where a group of men were to harass and question a girl against her will… well , i guess since they got a badge it makes it ok to treat us citezens that pay taxes for a false promise to protect and serve. theres 100s of these videos that prove there actual motto is to incriminate and imprison.

  7. this video is proof the officers themselves weren't fallowing protocol. why are the police at the beach roughing up a girl? shouldnt they be out catching murderers and things like that?

  8. Cops don't like to get bruised egos. In his mind she defied him and made him feel like he did in HS when every girl rejected so he "had enough". I hope he gets fired but the sad truth is he wont

  9. Remember women

    This is for all the times you called the police on a guy

    It's not nice when the police is breathing down your neck

  10. so…all she got was a face full of sand and a little embarrassment. whoopty doo. she hit a cop, shes lucky to be alive.

  11. Why do they need to POLICE the beach? So someone wants to have a fikking BEER at the beach…? Is that a WILDWOOD CRIME?
    These cops should have been approached by bystanders for beating up a LITTLE GIRL who does not have to give out her name! Vids like this make my blood boil because WE THE PEOPLE have RIGHTS under our CONSTITUTION which the chief of police in NJ and each municipality BLOW OFF. This is an act of treason in my book .

  12. Sorry, woman in the wrong, and the struggle shows she was looking to not cooperate and kick a cop. Sorry, she deserved it.

  13. You’re about to get dropped? I would like to find this prick. I would like to press his eyeballs into the back of his head with my thumbs. Then dislodge his larynx with a solid grip.
    While he’s recovering in the hospital I would pay to have his soul taken from him and I’d watch as his body turned into a zombie.

  14. These cops need to get their ass whooped. They've got to have something better to do than this. Arbitrary as hell

  15. Why is she being arrested for underage drinking, when she is 20 years old, ffs? I would have hit the cop hard and told him to f off and mind his own business, if I was her.

  16. Everything was protocol until the P.O. began hitting her in the head. I don’t blame her for yelling at him. Police brutality on a woman is unexceptionable.

  17. ya she was being belligerent and put her hands on the cop first but honestly the cop was power tripping because his big ego was bruised. This is what americans have to pay taxes for… not actual crimes that matter. Meanwhile they are "short staffed" to be able to stop a guy from being killed on the street or drugs being sold to a 10 year old because you need 5-7 cops to handle a spoiled woman. I really think majority of cops become cops so they can power trip because as kids they couldn't power trip on anyone.

  18. i will tell you of those rent a cops take avantage or have done what he did to that girl the father should have beat the shit out of a rent a cop with no training if that was my daughter i wood have himtakencare

  19. I really feel sorry for you, poor Americans. Your cops are shit. Putting a breathalyzer on the beach for someone who is not driving their car, who is not disturbing the public is already a very intrusive attitude. If I understood correctly, the test was negative twice. So, bye bye the cops. Why want to humiliate this woman? Why hit her on the ground? These cops are despicable. and the people who justify them are despicable cowards.

  20. i was think in america legal to drink alcohol in public..when i see that video i confused.it's like my country alcohol not elagal in public ..probabley we are muslim country it's normal

  21. Let me ask all you psychos here saying: “This girl deserved getting thrown down, handcuffed & kidnapped” because she was “supposedly” breaking a Law ( Opinion of a Scumbag Politician) because there was a beer can ( Not opened) near here. Let me ask you, “Where is the Victim of the Crime of having a beer can by here”? Who was she harming, When the consume wearing Political enforcers came up to her, Violated her 4 Amendment Rights by *illegally Searching” by shoving the breathalyzer in her face. The Cops here are the ones who are going around causing disorder & disturbances. Those Cops are out there writing tickets & kidnapping people & extorting people, To *GENERATE REVENUE*. to pay for new cop cars, Armored Vehicles, New Guns & more equipment to use in more of their extortion rackets.

  22. Do I have to say it? Okay fine… If she had any brains, she woulda thrown sand in their eyes. They're at the fkn' beach for christ sakes. Sand is the public's stun gun!

  23. She probably shouldn’t have had that attitude. My aunt was in a situation like that at the beach when I was 10, she was drinking (a little because it’s a small party and I was happily dancing away with orange juice in a glass lol. A cop asked her to breathe into the thing and she did and it was negative, and the cops were telling her to not resist. She’s a very laid back person so she did as the cops said, and they ended up letting her off with just a warning and a ticket, that’s it.

  24. The drinking age should be 18. This is just wrong. Talk about disturbing the peace. Anywhere in Europe this would be unthinkable. What a pitiful waste of tax dollars. All around just downright unnecessary.

  25. I'm speechless, just give the fckn pig your name, dumbo. Acting all high and mighty. Cops are cunts play the game and stay calm. Good distarction though, the other girl got away with the evidence.

  26. Being polite would just go a different outcome. This girl is out of control. Good !!! Maybe she'll make some changes on her behavior. On life

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