Why you should use a Registered Migration Agent Down Under Visa

So you have found the lady of your dreams
in the Philippines. And would like to bring her to Australia. The next step is to apply for a visa. The question is should you do it yourself. Or use the services of a Registered Australian
Migration Agent. The main reasons why you might consider doing
it yourself are: You have a lot of free time. You want to save money. And you don’t mind the paper work. But does doing it yourself really save money? Are you really sure you undersand all the
requirements? Are you truly confident you can submit a completed
application, that will be accepted by Australian Immigration. You are probably aware thatAustralia has some
of thestrictest immigration laws in the world So getting your application right is critical. What most people do not realise is that the
requirements found on the immigration website… are ONLY the basic requirements. In different locations around the world, there
can be additional requirements. These additional requirements are not published
because they are discretionary. These are things, that Australian Immigration
will ask for if they have any concerns. This is certainly the case in the Philippines,
Because of the high volume or fraudulent applications they receive. A registered migration agent can look at an
application, and anticipate any additional requirements. This is because they have extensive experience, and understand what the Australian Immigration
Department is looking for. Self-submitted applications often have ambiguous
or confusing information. This can create a
concern for the Australian Immigration officer looking at the application. Often it is something
very innocent, that can easily be explained. BUT once Australian Immigration feel the need
to query something… You have potentially added a few more months
to the processing time. A registered migration agent can look at an
application, and identify anything that might cause
concern to the Australian Immigration Department. They can make sure that any potential
concerns are addressed in the application… before its submitted! Many applications are
rejected for providing erroneous or false information. Which the sponsor was probably not even aware
of when they submited the application. Often
its something silly that the applicant, or applicants family want to hide. So they tell a little white lie about it. Or there is paper work they don’t have. So to save time and money they use a fixer
believing the fake document will not be discovered. This results in the application being REJECTED. which is very costly, and will delay the visa by another year or
more! A registered migration agent woud have picked
up on this before the application is submitted. When considering if you try to do it yourself,
or use a registered Australian migration agent. Its not a question of how much free time you
might have, but how long you want to wait for the
visa approval. In almost every case a registered Australian
Migration Agent is going to get a visa approval faster. Any money you think you can save on doing
it yourself can quickly disappear if their is a
concern, And additional information is requested. Even more frustrating is that can happen
multiple times. Because they stop the processing each time
they encounter a concern. A registered Australian migration agent will
identify all the potential concerns before the
application submitted. Do you still think doing it yourself will
really save money and won’t take longer? If you want your lady out in the shortest
possible time, and avoid the stress and anguish of trying
to do it yourself. Leave it to professionals like Down Under
Visa. Down Under Visa are the largest registered
Australian migration agent in the Philippines. They
have more successful visa grants than any other agent in the Philippines. Visit down under visa
and get a free assessment today.

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