Why Travelers Love Staying in Hostels

My name is James Coffee and I am from Melbourne, Australia. My name is Elena and I’m from Russia . I’m Izzy and I’m from Tunbridge Wells in England. My name is Marie, and I come from France. I love staying in hostels. It’s one of my favorite ways to travel because you meet so many people. I always travel by myself so if I feel social then I can meet people. If I feel like I don’t want to see anybody, I want to stare at the building for half an hour because it’s beautiful, then I can do that. So I do it for flexibility. You never know where it’s going to take you. Sometimes I’ve meet people at a hostel and ended up just dropping all my plans and going traveling with them it opens up a lot of opportunities especially if you’re a solo traveler. Share with the other guests, and talk, and not feeling alone. Nice vibe, clean and tidy, and just the people I think make it a better place, a better hostel. It inspires you. You see so many places, see some new people you’re like, “Oh wow! I definitely want to know this thing.” I want to kind of learn. You understand the gap between what you have and what you could have in your life as a person or as a citizen. Meeting some lifelong friends or, you know, seeing some stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen. It’s all about experience, I guess. Try it, because it’s a good adventure!

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