Why Japanese Don’t Like Foreigners

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  1. It has to be tough living in a place with so many social rules. I mean, we do also have them in Spain, but they're common sense. You don't have to be thinking all the time: "Am I polite or not if I do this?"

  2. Most Japanese will always talk while having a load of food in their mouth! In most civilized countries this is extremely rude for obvious reasons. Having your off hand on your lap while eating is unreasonably considered bad manners. Japan is overrated when it comes to manners. Don’t feel inferior, the Japanese are conditioned to not think logically, they’re conditioned to not think. I’ve lived here for over 12 years, I enjoy living here, but! They’re way too up their own ass when it comes to etiquette.

  3. Finnish people are still well valued in Japan. (I can't understand why since nowadays Finns have absolutely no manners at all)
    But all the encounters i had in my trips to Japan, all people were very friendly to me. Took me to local onsens and sights. Even called me half Japanese. ^^
    My advice for anyone going to Japan, learn the basic culture and habits, don't be an ahole and do and don't what Japanese do and don't.

  4. Not sure how they are at home, butI learned that Japanese are very polite, this ends when they are on vacation and enter store or gift shop as at that point they grow 8 extra elbows and can be very aggressive in moving through a crowd.

  5. all of these sound like common manners for any civilized country… now idk the united states nor how people truly behave, but if people from the us dont do all of these things properly, then no wonder sometimes they hear how in other countries they dont like them.

  6. Totally disagree with #5. Japanese people who are picky/petty/anal enough to care where foreigners eat, would much prefer that foreigners didn't ruin the delicate atmosphere of their quaint little restaurants. "Can't they all eat at McDonalds and Kentucky???"

  7. thats funny, dont block traffic, like they do here in aussie, all of them do it, i think they can be one of the rudest people on earth,

  8. why would you bother visiting that country, they dont want to talk, load of shit, REALLY, everybody is on there phone , just like here,

  9. We are coming to Japan for the Rugby World Cup. Is it possible you could do a video for ‘Best bars for watching sports’?? Am so looking forward to the Ramen! Many thanks for your channel.

  10. Going to tourist trap restaurants doesn't belong in this video. It's just random advice for tourists, not related to how Japanese think about foreigners.

  11. Off hand under the table is suuuuper minor, and Japanese generall aren't that picky about table manners (except 1-2 things)

  12. It is because of such act that foreigners are hated by Japanese people.
    02:58 ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OnfI_phJJI&t=9s
    Please avoid watching this video if you are a very sensitive person.

  13. I was raised the opposite and that it was bad manners to have your hands/arms in the table while eating so the 6th Japanese etiquette rule would really trip me up! 😅

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  15. If you are Caucasian, whole different experience…..no point visiting these countries as a colored foreigner…I speak as one…..waste of time……why go to a place where they look down on you?

  16. Japan is threatening the world.


    Japan plans to release radioactive contaminated water

    into the Pacific Ocean.

    Some people say that

    Japan has been releasing radioactively contaminated water

    into the Pacific Ocean Since the Fukushima nuclear explosion,

    and the Japanese government,

    which can no longer hide this fact,

    say it's just a plan and

    has begun to publicly announce it.

    The release of radioactively contaminated water in Fukushima

    into the sea will be a global disaster.

    The world must work together

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    We have to work together!

  17. One thing I noticed in alot of the clips is, almost everyone is addicted to their phones, I bet if Internet would be down for a day 70% of the population would go insane and die cuz we as a society are just slaves to technology.

  18. Most of this is common courtesy, but it's amazing how many people seem unaware of these things.
    The "keeping both hands on top of the table" thing is new to me, however. In the U.S., it's the opposite, you should not rest your unused hand on the table, at least not in a cordial setting.

  19. What a load of SHIT……………you're not white……………….I am…………..they love me so much that they want to BREED with me.

  20. so mind your manners

    take off your shoes

    eat with both hands

    don't be late
    don't talk to strangers

    if you need to look at your phone step to the side

    don't sit on the stairs

    use your indoor voice

    make sure you bow

    little different than the states we will yell for you if we see you a street away. LOOK ITS WARRIOR, "give you the Hogan point" WARRIOR GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE GIVE ME A HUG. put my arm around you and walk down the street

  21. I find it funny how strict they are about their privacy but way back then they go to other countries and invade and kill people. kill children rape women. So that's kind of BS.

  22. If you don't respect me I'm not going to respect you. Japanese people need to learn this don't treat people like shit, don't judge them by their looks judge what's inside their hearts

  23. We will be there in October- can’t wait! All your videos have been super helpful, thanks much! We’re lucky to have our friend Yukari as our tour guide, but still we’ve been putting time into the Japanese phase book for travelers. Your first point is true wherever you go- when in Rome… also meeting people more than half way pays dividends.Thanks again!

  24. #7, That's more of a "I was raised with discipline/respect" thing. I personally always try to clean & tidy up any area I eat at after I'm done but I have friends & extended family who don't since they just don't care to do it. I imagine living in Japan would be a dream life for me because they also tend to keep things clean from what I've heard & if so then I'd fit in perfectly.

  25. The #6 one is interesting. In Norway it's bad manners to have your hand on the table when eating. Especially if you're leaning on your elbows. Opposite in Japan. Weird. The #7 is the same. You clean up after yourself, at least a little bit. It's not something everyone does, but it's good manners. The #8 is good manners especially in Northern Europe. You have to be punctual. Not everyone is, but you're supposed to be.

  26. 3:28 moment when you show people on their phones, I am 99% sure they're japanese playing pokemon go, I don't know how those it look in Tokyo, I love in Osaka, here most of blocking way people are japanese and asian tourists travelinig in groups. I will keep watching the video…

  27. The problem with our western culture is that when we live in a free country, some people think that means free to be an obnoxious discourteous piece of shit.
    Japan basically implements and enforces common courtesy. If you are an obnoxious bad mannered, loud mouthed, entitled piece of shit, don't go there.

  28. I don’t think you touched on making people wait at restaurants, as in get in, eat your food and get out of there, more people are waiting! Also, I don’t think japan hates foreigners in general, but definitely visitors from some countries rather than others, probably because they’re just rude, but I understand you can’t finger point specific people 😉

  29. 3:27 Wow that looks weird and creepy. Is that also a common occurence in Japan or are they just standing in line for something, or trying to get the wi-fi?

  30. The Japanese are idiots. They distort history, and they do not reflect on their mistakes. This may sound irrelevant to me, but it's a very serious issue in Korea. Please listen to this and write your thoughts on Japan. I beg you.

  31. This does not depend on whether you are a foreigner or not, and the reaction of a person depends on whether you are handsome or beautiful.

    Humans feel that the behavior of beautiful or handsome people is correct, otherwise they feel wrong.

  32. A woman feels masculine if a handsome person is squatting.

    If a beautiful woman is blocking the way, the man will feel that her back is beautiful.

  33. lol where are those multicultural folks who are plaguing other countries? definitely not in japan because common sense is quite common in japan. look at the prosperity of their tiny island nation, u dont get there by acting foolish.

  34. I lived for 15 years in Japan. First two and a half in Tokyo and then 13 in Kyoto. From the very first, many Japanese people told me that when THEY go to a foreign country, they can act any way they wish. There is even a common Japanese saying about this. Too bad that those Japanese people who believe this might be upset when foreigners do the same in Japan. I will never recommend Japan to anyone as a travel destination. Your videos only reinforce my bad impression.

  35. Your view after 15 years is so wrong and disturbing. Japan is what your saying it’s not.
    It’s just small and compact (a little smaller then the state of California ) therefore you run in to the same situations and end up paying attention to what you think it is.
    If you want to be specific Japanese are close minded and it’s called tradition. You 15 years just Japan from the outside.

  36. The thing about tidying up the table when you finish your meal isn't unique to Japan. You can observe this habit among older generation white people in the US or among more traditional subcultures in the US like the Amish (where they still stick to the old ways, including manners).

    It's uncouth to not clean up after yourself, like not leaving a tip.

  37. I'm getting the impression that the Japanese are polite racists. I was told once that the older population in Japan have respect for the Scots as Thomas Blake Glover was responsible for the industrialization of there hole nation building the first slip ways, boat yards, cannals all using scottish steel and technoligy.

  38. Are you sure the answer to them "not liking foreigners" has nothing to do with them "siding with the Nazis and refusing to ever apologize"?

  39. Many of these are also common to a lot of traditional Asian families. Another thing I notice these days is eating while walking. I always thought that was not okay.

  40. 1 minute in and I'm calling bullshit. I can't even count how many planes, trains and buses I've been on where some oyagi is sneezing or hacking up a lung. No mask and not covering their mouths. Fucking gross.

  41. hey i am from japan
    i didn’t know foreigners will get hurt when we say your face is small or your tall
    it is kind of a good praise and being honest to them

  42. I understand the culture, I think its fantastic to be polite, well mannered, curtious, respectful, and so forth. We can learn a lot from the culture and apply in our lives things that will better ourselves, but isn't it in Japan where it has a high suicide rate due to reasons to be that they feel alone, depressed, ect, ect. Anywho, rules and regulations are fine and dandy but its ok to break out of the shell once in a blue, AT LEAST IN MY OPINION!!

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