Why I Invested in Solar Ship

[Upbeat Music] º Sally Horsfall Eaton: We have a sign over our fireplace that says, “Flying is the second greatest joy known to man. Landing is the first”. And so you are always alert to what could happen. The interesting thing looking at the Solar Ship was the aeronautical challenges and they still amaze us that they’re being overcome as effectively as they are. This new Wolverine will be fascinating and I can’t wait to see it in the air but they’re huge challenges so obviously our knowledge of that whole aeronautical community appealed to us a bit. Scott Griffin: I came to a certain point in business where I either had to go back into business having sold my position in the company and I decided, no I’d like to do something completely different so I went to all the normal NGOs and they said well what are your qualifications and I said well I’m a business man and they said well that doesn’t help us at all. We need electricians, doctors, nurses, whatever. But I finally found an organization that ran the “Flying Doctors” and that I related to immediately and they were having a lot of problems with the “Flying Doctors” so I said ah okay I’ll take it on as a project and try to turn it around and we did turn it around and it became the most profitable entity of AMREF. Sally Horsfall Eaton: You have to accept the fact that there’s certain things that are risky and certainly getting involved in Solar Ship at the initial stages was very risky and we knew that but there was this social overlay to it as an investment that had an appeal for us. Scott Griffin: I could understand and relate immediately to how this airship could have ah great applications both in Africa but also in Northern Canada. I met Jay, who’s the CEO and he was a real force of nature and I recognized from my experience that he is determined and he has a lot of the qualities that go to make an entrepreneur and he’s attractive and I thought okay, I’ll back this guy. I’ll probably lose my money but I’ll-I’ll back him. Sally Horsfall Eaton: The word entrepreneur interests me because in fact I think a lot of people are claiming to be entrepreneurs who really aren’t, they just happen to change jobs or, you know, start something new. But a real entrepreneur, to me, is someone who really has that vision, who forces that vision, who can’t be sent off course because of that vision and it’s a passion and I think Jay has that. He really truly is a real entrepreneur. Scott Griffin: It takes a certain kind of individual who believes in this dream and believes that he can pull it off. He seems to know where the finish line is. He has determination to get there and those are pretty powerful qualities to have in somebody who’s starting up a business.

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