Why I contribute (Maps)

I really like Maps as a product and when I see things
that I think can be better I like to share them. So, that’s why I got into the TC program. We get a lot of feedback in the forums so I try to take that
and channel it to Google. We had a recent big change in Maps. In fact,
they completely redesigned the program. So, there was
a lot of hand-holding that we had to do. I think the most important attribute for a TC
is to have empathy and feeling for people and respect for them. There’s a lot of feedback wanting
Maps to be a better planning tool for trips. People using Maps on a desktop to plan trips
and then wanting to use their mobile device when they’re on the trip. We help a lot of people
that have created My Maps. People have done research
and put a lot of data into a map and then accidentally deleted it. So, they get really happy
when we can get the stuff back. When you get a thank you
from somebody who’s been really struggling somebody who had felt like giving up on it I think that’s a connection
that I make with the TC program. I never stop learning because
I’m helping other people learn new things. I just love doing this stuff.

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