Why Did This Shark Roll Over? | Scuba Videography Tutorial | Sony Action Cam

I saw an amazing thing in one of my dive adventures a shark rolling over on the sea bed Was it trying to scratch an itch or get rid of an annoying remora? Dive instructor Stacy Chee shot that video and here she is to give us some tips on Scuba videography Stacy Chee:
How did I chase the shark? Baron:
There’s this one shot where Stacy finned so fast… I saw her there, then I looked around when I looked back and she’s gone! and she was actually after a shark Stacy:
If you noticed the video that you edited you can’t really hear my breathing sound I stretched my hand, stretched my body and I just fin and breathe slow and easy Baron:
You breathe slow and easy for another reason as well which is? Stacy:
To not scare the shark away or to make myself tired Just slow breathing. Controlled slow breathing Baron:
Controlled slow breathing That shot was taken by dive instructor Stacy Chee with a Sony Action Cam X1000 Video Accomplished!

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