Why China Is Obsessed With Promoting Potatoes (HBO)

100 thoughts on “Why China Is Obsessed With Promoting Potatoes (HBO)

  1. In a country famous for its rice consumption, however, convincing people to love the spud requires some persuasion — a task that a loyal Communist party member known as “Sister Potato” has taken upon herself.
    Watch more Isobel Yeung on VICE – http://bit.ly/2yp3Rk2

  2. Potatoes is good way to help China fix the food problem. And many Chinese like to eat rice and meat, which cause fat problem, potato is a better choice

  3. 0:55 WTF! That song sucks. Imagine being forced to listen to that!? "Fine, I'll eat the damned potatoes! Just make her stop!!!

  4. Maybe china could stop expanding so fast they can't feed themselves. They try and produce for entire world and yet say they can't feed there own? They destroyed there land to mine coal and polluted everything.

  5. Potatoes are considered poor people food and Chinese are known for their materialistic. Good luck convincing them switch from rice to potatoes.

  6. If nothing else, they're good at banging out babies. Maybe consider lacing the soil with birth control… for men: saltpeter.

  7. Potatoes were not eagerly embraced in Europe at first either. The plant itself looks poisonous. They look at a potato and have no idea what its for or how to turn it into food.

  8. "Surely if anyone can succeed it will be the Chinese Communists party" THIS IS PROPAGANDA. CCP propaganda on an American news outlet.

  9. Potato cures cancer 🙂
    The potato lady is not that slim 🙂
    Black rice or red rice is much more healthy !

    Just because it cheaper to produce, it does not mean it's good for health.

  10. Really there's no difference between them, both are bland starches, and A potato not only provides the same filling feeling as rice, but like rice it's also basically worthless as a source of nutrition. There should be no problem 🙂

  11. China's Cheeeeeee is facing disaster. Northern food growing areas are not yielding any crops due to solar minimum. The South East is going to shut down shortly
    EVERY solar minimum = one Chinese dyNASTY fail
    It is doubtful whether Cheeeeee and his comfink clowns can stay in power over the coming mini ice age
    But it is trying its best by cheating other Asian and African countries and grabbing their farm lands

  12. The World has too many people now, Famine is coming to the World dthere so many Humans they are out striping resources!

  13. Reduce meat consumption (and then dairy). There's your solution. It's obvious. And drop the snobbery around "this food is for poor people" etc

  14. Potatoes are so easy to sell massive amounts of. Grow it cheap and sell it cheaper than rice. The poor masses will buy it up fast and people will realize just how good it is. It is how all the nations that now have potatoes got it.

  15. Haha…eating chips while watching the video here in OZ.
    The Irish wouldn't be her if it wasn't for Spuds during the famine in 1849….
    Chinese don't know what their missing out on .

  16. Would it not be a good idea to start cleaning the contaminated crop land and start cleaning and protecting the contaminated water supply

  17. Depending on the U.S for food supply is a dangerous thing. A country that is known for sanctions, Chinese cant be that dumb.

  18. I don't get it. China is 4 times the size of the US but produces almost 5 times as much potatoes. Seems to me, they consume more potatoes than Americans, or more than anyone else on the planet per capita, except for Russians and Ukrainians.

  19. Potatoes are good, but you can't force it down the throats of a billion people over night and expect it to be a staple in their daily diet moving forward

  20. They are biologically changing the way the potatoes taste I think they are making them out of plastic some how. I have been living in China for a year now and I’ve noticed that to cook one single potato in water it will take six hours. When trying to mash the potatoes it will be like quick sand. If I cook it for less time it won’t cook. Something very different disturbing They are Poisoning us

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