WHO expert team may visit Wuhan: WHO chief

the World Health Organization says that
steam of international experts in China could visit the city of Wuhan where the
Kovach 19 outbreak initially began the head of the WTO added that the team was
in the region last month and their next possible visit could be very productive
our eastern jeff reports a group of experts from the w-h-o is currently in
Beijing and plans to also visit South China’s Guangdong province and southwest
China’s Sichuan Province in order to study the country’s prevention and
control work on kovat 19 local media reports indicate that despite those
visits there are no plans to visit the Cova 19 epicenter of Wuhan in Hubei
Province however dwh OHS director-general Tetris
adenomas braces shut down the report saying the experts could be sent to
Wuhan adding that all options are on the table according to the w-h-o chief the
experts visited the city last month and he says another visit could be helpful
in trying to contain the outbreak meanwhile the head of the WHL also
answered questions about the severity of local transmissions outside of China
saying there’s not enough data at the moment at the moment we don’t have
enough data on cases outside China to make a meaningful comparison on the
severity of disease or the case fatality rate we’re following up with countries
to get more information about what happens about each case and the outcome
however we have not yet seen the sustained local transmission except in
specific circumstances like the Diamond Princess cruise ship despite no huge
slowdown in the spread of the Cobra 19 outbreak the w-h-o stopped emergencies
expert Michael Ryan says China has had success with putting out the fire first
in Hubei as he argued for despite what many believe to be China’s heavy-handed
response isn’t a Arirang news

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