Which Visa Do I Apply For to Attend a Conference or Convention?

(upbeat music) – I am a student in North Cyprus, and I want to come to the
States for a conference. What are my chances and documents needed? So, basically you’re gonna
be filing for what is called a B-1/B-2 tourist visa. It’s a visitor’s visa, and you would file an
online form called DS-160. As far as your chances go, it really depends on your
ties to your country. When you’re applying for a
tourist visa or a visitor’s visa, the consular officer wants to see that you have strong ties to your country and that you’re not going to
stay in the United States. And then we also have an odds calculator on our website at rapidvisa.com. You can go through that, answer a few questions, and it’ll actually provide you the odds, so it’s a good way to start. Keep in mind, though,
with the odds calculator, if you have low chances
of getting approved, sometimes you can overcome those, and you can give us a call and we might be able
to help you with that. We also provide tourist visa,
B-1/B-2 tourist visa service. It’s $99, take a look at that. We provide you with a detailed checklist of supporting documents you’ll need. To prove that you have
strong ties to your country, you’re gonna need to show that you have maybe a
good job or a business, you have family ties, children,
spouses, things like that. They’re also gonna want to see
that you can afford the trip, so they may ask you
about your bank account, how much money you have in there, to see that you’ll be able to not only get to the
States for the conference, but be able to return,
which is more important. That’s really what they want to see. (bright music) If you found this video useful, it would mean a lot to us if
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