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Since I started blogging about being a nudist, there seems to be nudist coming out of the woodwork. There are a lot of people who contacted me through my blog, through social media. and I appreciate it very much. But if makes me wonder: where have all these nudists been before? I think maybe we need to be more visible as nudists. I’ve been a practicing nudist for years going to nudist beaches, nudist resorts, and other places. But I had no idea there were so many nudist in the world until I started blogging and became more integrated into the community. I think this is something that as nudists we need to think about. I recently blogged about being a mentor for people who are taking those first steps into becoming a practitioner of public nudity. Well what if those same people had a full community? Well, the community is here. The problem is that we’re not very visible, so they may not know about us. Of course getting nude shouldn’t be political. Most of us do it for deeply personal reasons.
It’s about being comfortable with our own bodies and inside our own skin. And just enjoying the comfort and the feel of not wearing clothes.
It is not about politics. But maybe we need to become a bit more political, a bit more active. Take a note for other movements. like the Civil Rights movements in the United States or the gay rights movement internationally. Only then are we ever going to create the acceptance that we seek from the general society. Which will lead to more places where we can be nude. And where we can practice our lifestyle freely. Again, I want to thank you all for supporting me, for watching the videos, Reading the website, following on social media And for all the comments and messages you have sent. It really does mean a lot. I want that same feeling for all those who are approaching the lifestyle for the first time. We need to be there for each other. And again, to do that we have to make sure that they know where to find us.

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  1. The world leaders don't want free spirit people. Leading countries offers their population some freedom. The rest need to be kept in retarded mode.

  2. Andy Graham made a video of me asking him about nude beaches. You can check it out and see how average American think and what is the world situation.

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