When A Solo Indian Traveler Became a Part of South Indian Marriage

Let me introduce you to Akshay’s Family. She is Akshay’s Sister. Your Name? Guddi ! My aunt name is also “Guddi” So this is Auntie’s daughter And Grandmother? grandmother? No(Akshay) Elder Grandmother he is Chotu he is watching youtube channel. Hi! And he is Akshay’s small brother. You are Akshay’s Uncle And he lives in “Hydrabad” Akshay’s Grand Father Dadaji And in his old-time, he had a business of Fish and he is Akshay’s Another uncle. Local Leader? Politician? She is Akshay’s mother’s sister here you call “younger mom” Akshay’s younger brother. And uncle is just coming out after bathing uncle is coming out with fewer cloths 😀 after bath so I can’t show them on cam. Uncle, I am not recording you 😛 so here the marriage preparation is like this. so in this way marriage food is prepared. for the guests at home. so the rituals had been started and here home people are fed with food. and in the plate you might see 3 items one is like Dall the second one is paratha other are chips. chips are called “pakoda” Here and which is dall like is called “Sambhar” So which is just like “Paratha” that is actually a “Paratha” with a dall inside it. and this is a sweet paratha. which is fed with milk. and the most amazing thing was that Ghee was put in the milk differently afterward. so the sweet paratha was delicious when dipped in the Milk with Ghee. so these guys were telling me that. so friends She is Akshay’s Mom So guys please congratulate her because today is her Son’s Marriage. and He is Uncle (Akshay’s Father) I am meeting Uncle right Now. Thank You uncle Thank You Aunti Ji And Here after a few minutes bride’s relative will come and take the Groom they will take brother(Groom) then tomorrow we will go to take the bride. so in this way here the marriage happens here. so right now rituals had started. however, they had been started since morning but I am recording it right now till then you have it in your hand you will not get out? yes – No No I will get out with it only. this is another brother and he is financer. A big Financer Not a Small. These people are from the Bride’s house and they came here to take the Groom. So this is our Groom. who is ready for going and his dressing is just like Maharastra Style you can see the cap here here in North Karnataka the culture is like a little bit influenced by Maharastra So the DJ which you are seeing right now is organized by bride’s family and we together with groom in bride’s Marriage Procession attends it means here the marriage procession is organized by the Bride’s Family. So guys here “Tandoori Chai” is prepared and this brother is about to show me how a “Tandoori Chai” Is prepared. Arvind bro Extremely thankful to you for this “Tandoori” Chai. Is it Hot? Yes, it is hot. Put it down- Put it down I will take it on my own. Actually it might too much hot No, it is not too hot Can drink it? Tremendous It’s too thick it is not too hot. Even if you try to make it hot if it is thin then it is hot! thick is not too hot. If you will visit Karnataka then make sure to try “Tandoori Chai” And here the people continue their dance. After all this, we the people from the groom’s side came back to the apartment. and after that everyone started discussing that next we have to again after 12:30 have to go to a Marriage Hall. and have to continue further rituals. so in Karnataka first of all when the marriage ceremony occur the groom is takes by the bride’s people. in North Karnataka. Now after that, you had seen the DJ we attended the DJ and here the DJ is and the System is loaded on a Tractor. generally in north side of India People sing and here is the whole DJ with lights is operated. There also I ate a little bit of food. and there was “Rice” and “Sambhar” and together in Dessert, there was “kheer” which was yellow in color It was very thick and Tasty. so here is the garland ceremony. at that time it was 1 or 1:30 AM The next day this is official “Marriage Ceremony” in which here the garland ceremony had done already. so here the bride and groom come to the people and we were given rice which we had to throw on the Bride and Groom so this is the ritual. and here a lot of people had attended. so, guys, these are Akshay’s Friends with whom I spent my time on main Function. and he is our “Thakur” Bro His name is Thakur. and the second one is “Abhisekh” bro and the third bro is “Vishnu” and the last bro is “Raju” bro. So, guys, this is south Indian Food which is fed in Marriages. which chapati was that Brother? Jawahari Roti. And this is Chapti Here the chapaties are very big. and what was that? Mysore Pak and this is simple Laddoo And Papad besides that what is this? amadi Ki Bhaji. So Jawahari Roti is very hard just like Papad right now I am at a Hotel room. and the food was tremendous. and I went out with Akshay’s Friend. and those guys are partying up. and right now I am at their Lodge. its their room. I was feeling little bit sleepy. so I went there to sleep. because from 6PM dance will start again. so to attend that I need some little energy. The food here is a little bit spicy and the thing which is sweet the last object squared one was very very sweet. overall amazing experience. so finally in the evening at 7 PM Dj Function from the grom’s side had started. and the DJ was so thumping and pumping. and I danced a ton for the first time in Life. Generally, I don’t dance a lot publicly because I don’t know how to dance. For that I am thankful to Akshay and his Friends. who taught me a ton of dance steps. Altogether the Akshay’s uncle was also amazing. finally after the public function after DJ etc at home groom and bride play games like searching ring etc etc. As you had seen in TV and sadly I missed that recording. overall it was a tremendous experience. and at the end. I will wish Bhiya and Bhabhiji A very very Happy married Life. and also want that you also comment for their prosperity and happiness. Akshay and I are out for Bidar Roaming. Will meet again

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  1. And in the vlog little bit of correction Chips are not Pakodas Pardon me please as well as at the places where audio is unusable I had done a voice overlay 🙂 Thank You Akshay bro and Family 🙂 Congratulations Bride and groom on their marriage 😛
    Though this is now published in November. But I will always pray for your Happiness and Wellbeing 🙂
    Aap sabke sath spend kiya hua time mujhe lifetime yadd rahega. And guys please do share your good wishes to the new couple 🙂 Thank You!

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