What’s the Longest Drivable Distance on Earth?

This premiere episode of Half as Interesting
was made possible by Skillshare. The first 200 people to sign up with the link
in the description can learn for free for two months. So here’s the question: what’s the single
longest drivable distance between two points on earth, but before you tell me to go drive
around a roundabout infinite times, let me place this caveat: this route has to be the
shortest one between two points on earth. Ok, so there are basically four distinct major
road systems on earth the biggest one being this one, the Eur… EurAf… Eurafrasian one? The one spanning Europe, Asia, and Africa. These three continents are all connected by
land so it makes sense that they’re all connected by road, right? Wrong, because I lied. It’s impossible to cross from Africa to
Asia fully on land because of this—the Suez canal. This is the canal that makes the trip from
Europe to Asia by boat this instead of this. The only physical connection between the two
continents is therefore the three bridges spanning the canal, but the road system is
still contiguous so it still counts as one big road system. Speaking of big things, the 6th largest country
in the world and 1st smallest continent, Australia, has its own major road system but there’s
not much to say about it other than if you go a little bit this way you get to America—both
of them. Much like Africa and Asia, the Americas technically
are not connected because of a man-made canal—the Panama canal. But that’s not a problem because there are
multiple bridges spanning the narrow waterway. The problem is this—the Darien gap. Not a single road crosses this desolate swampland
spanning over the Panama-Columbia border. The area is overrun with para-military forces
and drug-lords. There’s just not enough demand to make braving
the marshy and dangerous area to build a road worth it. So that’s why North America and South America
have two completely separate, unconnected road systems. So, where could our longest route start? Basically, here, here, here, here, or here. The North American road system goes as far
north as Prudhoe Bay in Canada’s Canada, Alaska, and as far south as Yaviza in Panama
but this only clocks in 7,500 miles. That is six straight days of driving, but
it’s not even close to the longest route. In fact, quite understandably, North America,
South America, and Australia all don’t have any of the longest routes. Now, common logic would suggest that the longest
continuous route would go between somewhere in Southern Africa to somewhere else is eastern
Russia, but common logic is wrong. There are a few issues. First, almost every direct route heading up
the African continent routes via the west side of the continent which brings a traveller
to here: Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Just across the river from Kinshasa is Brazzaville
in the Republic of the Congo but no bridge spans between the two country capitals. The fastest routes between Southern Africa
and Asia also almost always route through Western Europe rather than the Middle East
since the highways are better developed and faster, but this means that a traveller has
to cross the Mediterranean by ferry which disqualifies this route. So we have to originate in Europe. In Europe, the most extreme point on the contiguous
road network is Sagres, Portugal and then you can drive as far east as the banks of
the Aldan River in Russia. That’s 8,437 total miles, but that’s still
not quite the farthest you can drive. It’s a even longer distance to drive here—Khasan,
Russia. Khasan is the only Russian town to border
North Korea and it is also the most extreme point of their road system. With no ferries and only two customs checkpoints
thanks to the European Union, you can therefore drive continuously for 8,726 miles in 6 days
and 19 hours from Sagres, Portugal to Khasan, Russia, and that is the longest continuous,
direct driving route in the world. If you do decide to drive this route, I suggest
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100 thoughts on “What’s the Longest Drivable Distance on Earth?

  1. It's reeeeally interesting how gringos can not just learn that CENTRAL AMERICA EXISTS and is not south neither north america.

  2. it actually depends on the time of year and the weather…..at certain times its theoretically possible to drive to Europe from Alaska…..theoretically

  3. Do a video about a road trip to every european capital. Do the shortest time it takes to drive to each one, including Iceland. Also, ferries are allowed.

  4. Thats pretty much the same distance as my JFK to HKG flight on Cathay Pacific last February that lasted 16 hours, no way in the world that I'd want to drive that far in a week.

  5. Imagine being a tiny canal, that separates the two biggest continents in the world. And your best friend separates the next biggest two.

  6. A mistake! The final point of the longest way is not Kazan but Vladivostok! Dear Author, study geography before making such videos.

  7. You got the number of days wrong no matter what a computer says. I have driven truck for years and the best you can hope for on a long trip is a 50 miles an hour average.

  8. Hm, and what about the Kolyma road from Yakutsk to Magadan? It is +2000km. Are you sure that the road to Khasan is bigger than to Magadan?

  9. Stuff like this fascinates me so much lol
    I once sat in a bus in Istanbul and there was a sign “welcome to Asia”
    Crossing Asia via Europe is so amazing

  10. Just found out via google maps that if you went from Figueira Da Foz in Portugal to Cafe "Laryukovaya" in Russia it is exactly 7 days 4 hours drive (or 115 days walk) 14,423kms.
    By the way it's 7 days and 12 hours from Tarifa, Spain to Magadan, Russia. Distance? 15,047kms!

  11. Cape Town, up the eastern side of Africa, across one of the Suez Canal bridges, then across the Middle East up into Europe, then over to Russia, then across China and Southeast Asia, and end up in Singapore.

  12. google.com/G¹.cohttps://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95617IMEI: 352811101184004

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    Phone Number: 17066697532

    ICCID: 89014102272045002422

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    Mac Address: D4:4D:A4:00:F6:[email protected]

  13. You haven't done your homework well, if you play a bit with the route in Google Maps, you find out that you can avoid any boat from Cape Town, SAR to Khasan, Russia via Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mobo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mundri West, South Sudan and Ejlat, Israel. This way you don't ever embark a boat and drive all the way on roads. The full 28 445 km / 16 days of continuous driving of it. Prove me wrong.

  14. To be honest there is no roads in Russia. Those which we have more like frikkin Mars shaped asphalt lines of death. Thats just simple true. And to be honest secondly, roads aren't the biggest problem. As we usually say "There's two problems in Russia. Morons 'n' roads". Lulxde

  15. That's nothing. In Texas they drive 8726 miles just to get to work and the roads are so wide air travel is used just to cross them.

  16. Point of collection.
    It's possible to drive from Cape town ( South Africa) through East Africa to Egypt and then Asian and Europe. The journey will start in Cape town South Africa through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, south Sudan, Republic of Sudan, Egypt. In Egypt you will have to use a bridge on Suez canal and then through Israel………
    But if you just google it sometimes it's hard to understand it.

  17. This video cheats, because it goes east, but for the final last bit, it heads south/southwest. I know he said you could use a roundabout to drive indefinitely but he also said said you could use continuous tarmac… So you could then go 100,000 miles going east, north, east, south, west, south, east, north etc zig zagging across the whole African/Asian or the Euro/Asian countries.

  18. there are two endless roads around many cities one going clockwise and one unclockwise. there is even more fun if you replace the 'way out' signs by 'no way' ones.

  19. No way in hell could you drive 8,726 in six days and 19 hours. Due to the fact, there would be slow mountain passes and other obstacles. Don't know where the maker of the video got his stats.

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