Whats On My Android May 2017!

Hey guys it’s me JoshyTek and It about that
time when spring starts and it’s time for a new what’s on my android video for the beginning
of May 2017. So getting straight into the video my phone
I’m using is the Motorola x Play with Nova launcher as my home screen. My grid size is a 5 by 5 and my icon size
is at 125% The icon pack I’m using is called Cornie Icon Pack. On my desktop I have two pages. The first page upon unlocking my device has
two widgets on the top of the home screen. The very first widget at the top is from Flat
Material Zooper and the search widget below is from a widget pack called Pixup. On the dock I have removed all of the folders
that I used to have on my old setup from last month. Instead I have one folder in the middle of
the dock called quick access where I will be able to launch my favourite apps and next
to my quick access folder, I have my other apps that I will always use. But I have done a secret change to these icons,
What I have done is that I have enabled a secret feature in Nova launcher. If you look at my camera icon, if I tap on
it, it’s obviously going to launch the phone’s camera, but if I swipe up on the icon, a hidden
folder will open. I have my camera icon set to open up my Google
Folder and of course I have other folders that will open up when I swipe up on my other
apps that are in my dock. If you are wondering what wallpaper I’m currently
using, this photograph was taken by me as I currently do photography as a hobby. If you are interested by my photographs and
want to see more, you can check my Instagram which will be down in the description below. I then have a second page on my desktop which
will show me my extra apps that I would not use as much from my first screen. I have apps like plane finder to locate planes,
Tag Music to edit the Metadata on my music files, Photoscan By Google which is used If
i wanted to get a clean photo of a document, google trips is used to plan a holiday trip,
Meteor, which I totally recommend if you want to test your download and upload speeds from
your Wifi router, Get APK is an application if I wanted to download
an APK file that might not be featured on the playstore,
QR Barcode scanner is used if I wanted to scan a barcode, localcast, if I wanted to
stream some content to my Xbox or Smart TV, summery scanner is used if I wanted to summarise
documents that have a lot of information on them,
Screener, if I wanted to make a cool homescreen screenshots of my setup, Castro is used to
monitor my devices health, SoundCloud is used to listen to music, clock is used whenever
I need it, calculator, showbox, to watch videos, Mr Phone which I totally recommend if you
want to get the specifications of any mobile phone, sygic which is an offline maps application,
tide is used to relax me by listening to calming sounds, contacts and night owl which is used
to protect my eyes at night by giving out red light instead of blue light. And apart from that, that’s all I have to
really say about my home screen setup. I have the typical swipe to open from the
Google pixel phone and basically that’s it, all of the links to the apps that I mentioned
will be down in the description below and if you liked this video then please be sure
to like and share as it would really help a lot, but I will see you in next week’s video
and um yeah goodbye.

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