What we REALLY think of OAXACA, MEXICO

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  1. We're SUPER excited to experience the Day of the Dead festivities in Oaxaca this year! Last year we went to Aguascalientes for one of the biggest celebrations in the country but we hear that Oaxaca is one of the best places to be.

  2. AirBnB … has turned ME into a hotel maven/aficionado! After having a $500 rental become $800 due to a $300 "cleaning fee," then having a stay cancelled with two hours notice, I rediscovered "traditional" lodging.

  3. we are in mexico at the moment in mexico city just got back from Oaxaca and wow we love Oaxaca its amazing would love to do some videos with you 2 in mexico

  4. I live in Oaxaca. I’ve counted over 40 “atmospheric” BYOD Coffee places (bring your own Dog), Day Of The Dead with a view from a Balcony in a Mezcal tasting room on the walking street Macedonio Alcala is other Worldly, a simple street Taco lunch at “Tacos Del Carmen” makes a satisfying lunch …

    The Stamp Museum, the events and exhibits at the Biblioteca Henestrosa ate worthwhile, the many neighborhood tasting room “nooks” you stumble upon, the daily (especially seasonally) Parades with the outdoor Dance practice sites and Parade Schools to learn Folkloric dancing (Jordan inside a Giant Spinning Puppet?), aerial fireworks displays, Music festivals all night long, small film screening venues, the ancient cities of Mitra and Monte Alban, the exquisite weaving of Teotitlan and rent a “Bici” for the near nightly (9-9:30 PM) mass Bicycle rides through the streets of El Centro in front of Santa Domingo/Brujula ecorted by motorcycle Police and a towed Amp for music leading off the Grouo ride – ending off a a cool Colonial no host bar someplace, maybe an Art museum for kibitzing … ugh, too much!

    As an alternative to Air B&B try a Hotel for short or longer residence stay on the walking street “Alcala”, like Hotel Villa de Campo which has 14 garden apartments with, kitchen, Pool featuring daily housecleaning (sheets, towels, soap & shampoo) for about $400 monthly. A good A B&B alternative.

    The cool Mystic pine-y mountain town of San Jose Del Pacifico, perched above the Pacific Beaches, is 3 hrs by economical Collectivo Vans from Oaxaca Centro (ask a street Info kiosk for directions and a map). Famous for Temescal steam baths , Magic Mushrooms and awesome views. Puerto Escondido (Beaches!) are just below by 4 hr collective shuttle vans. Back/Forth from the Beach to/from Oaxaca (or Mexico City) from the Airports can be made in only 35 min via small 12-passenger Charter planes. Or short-haul regular passenger jets. Amazingly quick and easy.

    Daily rains are seasonal and not lasting all day – many months go by without a drop of rain or humidity. And here ~ we are “Mandarini’s” — Tang is an Astronaut Beverage.

    Come back soon!

  5. WOW!!!!!! That's one cool video. Awesome editing job all of your videos. They REALLY stand out from all the other people doing videos on youtube. The colors are so vibrant and clear but then Mexico is very colorful. I remember going to Cancun. The beaches were so clean and crystal clear. So if you had to pick just ONE city in Mexico to suggest to all your friends to visit, which one would it be????? Can't wait for your answer. Thanks for sharing guys. Keep up the good job. 🙂

  6. Thank you for this video, Oaxaca looks beautiful. it's now in my bucket list of places to visit when coming to Mexico. Greetings from Minneapolis

  7. Ha! TreeNA. I started my Mexican adventure two weeks ago in Puerto Vallarta. Thank y'all so much for the resources as well as laughs!

  8. I definitely have to hit up Oaxaca! Great video Tangerine Travels! Congrats on hitting over 100k Subs!! 🍾🎉🎈😄

  9. Hello I was born in México, and it was very nice to hear about your experience in Oaxaca, interesting perspective. It seemed to be an enriching experience. I also liked to read the comments bellow written by a non-mexican audience, it helps to shift my point of view. By the way, I have traveled to many other countries in different continents and I have to admit that one of the most magical experiences that I have had was in Oaxaca(Sierra Mazateca, Cd de Oaxaca, Mazunte, San José del Pacífico etc), altough I haven´t been there since 2006(1st visit 1995); it surely have had a huge change. You helped me to see the present Oaxaca, thank you.

  10. Hello, have followed your travels for a while.

    loved this vid as always both, thanks.

    I am going to Oaxaca to try living, nervous and excited. I wish to open a kung fu school there 🙂

  11. I just came back was there from 09-09 to 09-12 and I visited most of the same places it was amazing, Casa Taviche def a must go to place

  12. Almost everyone who visits Oaxaca falls in love with it. You pretty much covered it all. Great walking, some of the best food in Mexico. And yes, Mexicans come out and enjoy life after the gringos go to bed. It's a country of night people.

  13. "GONG THAT BELL!!!" you guys are funny. Not that I only watch your videos to see you gonging the bell, they are very informative and colourful. Good for your guys.

  14. Hi from FNQ Australia.

    I was in Oaxaca about 3 years ago and loved it. As you say the culture and food are very unique to that part of Mexico and it was there that I realized Mexico has such a vast array of cultures, foods, traditions, peoples, arts ect than I'd ever expected.

    One thing that really did stick out about Oaxaca and that was the NOISE. Apparently nothing special was happening, just normal Oaxaca, but there was some serious noise in that city. Even at the time however I did find it hugely funny. Like being woken up by a brass band walking down the street playing at 5am! Or the relentless fireworks day and night from Iglesia Jalatlaco across the street. Or the milk venders with their cow horns. The list is endless – Loud City.
    I'm not complaining about the noise, it was just very memorable.

    – Like the vibrant Colours and beautiful Ventanas of Puebla – an urban photographers paradise.
    – The endless history and life of Mexico City – could spend months and not see it all.
    – The clear, calm, warm turquois waters of Playa de Carmen & Mujeures.
    – The noises and tastes of Oaxaca
    – The coolness of San Cristobal de las Casas
    – The humid jungles of Chiapas with their hidden ruins, leaf cutting ants and tropical insect noises.

    So many memorable places in Mexico, such an amazing country.

    Love watching your videos guys as it brings so many good memories back.

  15. I wonder if Americans are discriminated against in Mexico the same way most Mexicans are discriminated against in the Untied States…

  16. My husband and  I are going to be traveling in Mexico for an extended period of time (longer than 6 months) and need some direction in WHERE DO WE BEGIN with our process????  Do we begin at the local Mexican Consulate? We are near Tucson, can you recommend an attorney to help with our process of entrance to Mexico? So many question, so little time. We are looking at possibly 6 – 9 months before we want to head south. Love your videos!!!

  17. I hope you read this comment – Just be careful, people can be offended if they know their Mexican typical clothes creations are for your dog Laska, I mean, I get it, you love your dog, but the artesian clothes are for people (minute 3:06)

  18. Can you please give advice about finding an affordable apartment I’m going to be there soon and I cant find anything!!!

  19. I like how people of another country loves Oaxaca 🙂 the food, the places, the history, the local people, everything is outstanding.

  20. Somebody else commented on you guys returning to Oaxaca during Las Muertadas on Dìa de los Muertos season, and I couldn't agree more, and you have to visit Hierve el Agua petrified falls and the Archeological sites, specially Monte Alban and Mitla.
    There you have it, or do you need more reasons to go back?
    Keep on the fine work.

  21. You can say that you have big trees in California. Well your California belonged to Mexico. Half of your United States one time belong to Mexico and somehow now belong to United States. Amazing, ha….

  22. Nice wrap up on Oaxaca. A long conversation of good and bad and highlights and comparisons to other parts of the country. Seems even more thorough than usual. ty

  23. Becomes more educational than ever when you speak in español and have subtitles like your Mexico City videos. Plus I had to look up ardilla and abuelita. Your channel teaches me about Mexico, the culture and the language. And I thank you for that…

  24. Awsome video next time you come to oaxaca come and see bahias de huatulco I would be more then happy to show your around. Here is my link

  25. Mexico where's my husband's first choice for retirement back in 2000 and I said NO… We ended up arriving in Costa Rica in early 2014 after he went through two more options that I vetoed. Your videos have me wanting to visit!
    I do have one question, in Costa Rica we immediately had good friends/family in the Tcos. Have you made friends with a Mexican family? Can you do a video showing the generous and kindness of being involved in a Mexican cultural holiday with a Mexican family?
    for us we knew we made the right decision when we are immediately members of Costa Rican families. The overwhelming kindness was something we never experienced in the US.

  26. I like your videos, i enjoy your talks but you show just i litle bit of Oaxaca. You only visit rhe part for tourist . See you soon

  27. Wow! I visited the "Arbol del Tule" about 20 years ago and the whole area looks better than before. Would love to go back…if just for the people and the food…and Mezcal!

  28. well John Lennon putting this way. Imagine that there is no countries……
    I realy think everything exist in our hearts. Just pure imagination.

  29. Mexican kids are ahead of the curve, with so many American couples choosing not to have kids and the trend in gay marriage those people will still want refrigerator art, ROFLMAO!!!

  30. Enjoyed your observations on Oaxaca. I haven't been there in about 30 years so seeing the sights and scenes brings back great memories. Where's your beautiful dog?

  31. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! KEEP TRAVELING! Much love from Nashville, Tennessee!! Editing is prime. Orating is natural and friendly, YALL ARE SO CUTE! Great Spanish is spoken, which is so rare. Thank you so much for doing this!!

  32. Unless you're on medication for GERD, eat as little carbs and tomatoes as possible. I'm a sufferer and abide by this rule. I also cheat alot but I'm on meds. Good luck….Curt

  33. hi you guys, love the videos. i decided to buy rocket languages. was almost at check out when i realized if i do it somehow through you guys it’s good for you. how do i do that?

  34. Better late than never viewing this COOL Vid Maddie and Jordan! The Tule tree, wow estimating its age at 1,500 years places that seed that germinated, grew first into a small, tender sapling, 1,002 years later and the Spanish arrive in Cem Anáhuac(The One World), I'm glad its still alive, kinda like a giant Norfolk Pine here in Querétaro, during the 60s and 70s the municipal authorities would always decorate the huge pine with christmas lights, but either late 70s or early80s the city fathers were concerned it was dying(very few leaves)so analyzing the possible problems turns out the heat from the lights was drying the tree up, fortunately the tree is no longer decorated and its revived itself. Although compared to Grandfather Tule, the Norfolk Pine is a baby! The interior of Santo Domingo is so beautiful, no wonder it took 200 years to finish the church and yeah, the glimpse of the food ya guys got looked so good! As for the tangerine colored t-shirts, like the one Laska was modeling, YES, make some the 3 T's, really AWESOME! 😀

  35. I've never had problems using taxis in Oaxaca – just be sure to agree on the cost of the trip before you get in the cab.

  36. You guys are great! Are you in Oaxaca? How long will you be there? We're shooting to be there in a few weeks. (We're in northern MX now.) Let's meet up, if you're up for it! 🙂

  37. Good to see video! In Oaxaca the indigenous people there are artisans, pottery, etc. Some USA & Worldwide businesses import these handicrafts. Consequently the merchandise buyers do sometimes travel there, & tourists will visit there! So parts of Oaxaca are touristy, at certain times, or always?

  38. I live close to el tule and you guys still have a lot to know from the central valleys of Oaxaca
    Hope more tourists come with your videos

  39. Thank you for all your great videos. Oaxaca is at the top of my list. I did come across an article talking about the negatives of Oaxaca and would like to get your opinion on what the author says. Thanks http://www.nunomad.com/featured/10-best-and-10-worst-things-about-living-in-oaxaca-mexico/

  40. You really need, need check-in and visit Zipolite, Mazunte, Puerto Escondido, Hierve el agua, and many places of Oaxaca. It's really beautiful my state!!!

  41. Quick tip for cabs in Mexico in general, before you even get in, ask the driver how much it costs to get where you’re doing. That was he’s committed to it and can’t charge more at the end.

  42. Im going to oaxaca for three days and I'm pondering between if I should use the 1st day to explore and the other two days for full day tours or 1st day to explore and split the second day between a tour and exploration and the last day full day tour. How big is the city? Do I need more than half a day to see everything?

  43. You have to visit Huatulco, Oaxaca. 😍😍😍 I went with my family last year and it was simply magical. Stayed at the Dreams resort but all the activities and sites and foods are amazing.

  44. I was watching your video before going to bed and my stomach was growling the whole time! Oaxaca's food looks delicious! thank you for sharing! 👀

  45. I think that Jordan used to hate Mole because in many towns in Mexico restaurants and people cook with industrial Mole with a lot of conservatives (that you can find in any supermarket). In Oaxaca nobody cooks with that, all Moles (because we have seven) are made by hand. This difference influences the taste of the dish and this is why Moles from Oaxaca are considered the best in Mexico.

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