What type of visa do I need to travel to the United States?

Hi I’m Matthew Barzun the US ambassador
here in the United Kingdom part of our video series answering the
questions we get a lot. As we travel all around the UK often I
get the question what kind of visa do I need? Now we have another video if your
question is – do I need a visa? So go check that one out but if you do
need a visa I’m here to tell you which one you need. Now it is a virtual
alphabet soup of options from A almost to Z. We’ll get started A is
for diplomats why we start with A and diplomats I don’t know, seems good to me. A is for diplomats B is for tourists C
is for transit those just going through the United States on the way somewhere
else D is for crew members on ships et cetera E is if you want to go work in the
United States. F is for students. Why we chose F for
students I’ll let you imagine, don’t get freaked
out. G is for other diplomats. Going to the United Nations and other
multilateral organizations H1B is a specific type of working visa. You’ve got I and L all the way up to V. Now I’m not gonna
take you through the rest to them but you can read all about them here
there’s a detailed an important website so go check it out find out what kinda
busy you need thank you for your interest in the
United States we love you come visit study work on the right visa so go here
and check it out and thanks again

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