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by no means am I judging or am I saying
that this is 100% true this is just off my eyes of what I can see it’s just kind
of very shocking to me to believe that the people don’t feel safe in their own
country so after settling in and dropping off
our luggage and our apartment we decided to go out and just spend the night
exploring going to a couple different locations that we have written down that
we really want to see and kind of just trying to make the most out of it’s like
six seven days we have it’s $15 so we’ll be in Hong Kong for seven days
and let’s see if you can guess where we’re going next we have mentioned it
previous videos so if you can guess let us know in the description or in the
comments below I am honestly in complete awe of Hong Kong right now like we’re at
the like the sunset time like the light soft light is hitting all the buildings
but you have such a huge mix of like very new modern development and
buildings with like very old buildings that have been here for a really long
time like it’s a really good interesting mixture plus like the street vendors
aren’t normal like they’re selling iPhones the iPhone 11s like those just
came out like a week ago and the street vendors on the streets are selling those
now I’m not sure if they’re knockoffs or not but that’s quite interesting it looks like a movie theater with all
these different like old-school New York style it’s the first time taking the
subway and I think we picked the absolute worst time to try taking the
subway in a new country it’s clock so here before we can go
anywhere you need to have the Octopus card I really want to know what it was
but like it’s so easy to remember you need after this card you have to deposit
58 I think it’s 50 you Hong Kong dollar
right for the card but you can get it back when you actually leave the country
you can go to any translation that is a machine that you can get a deposit money
back so we use the card we bought it at the airport we take this card out to
Tommy Shaw charming show some support so you can basically use this card on all
buses Subway’s main transportation throughout the city there’s no map the
only thing they have here is here guys one good thing is so you can use Google
Maps to help you so let’s uh let’s get out the phone timing and we’ll just do
that I love Google fly one rate so we’re gonna go down and find line one we want
to know what the night markets just happened to break my sandals so I need
new sandals all right I may speak before I should
but it’s not so crowded in here right now so let’s hope it stays that way for
at least a couple stations it’s similar to something in Hong Kong
is not quite complicated they are mainly airport line Disneyland line the East
line line line and then six different color next station is principal and
chewy it’s Monday and that was actually very
easy very quick and really not that crowded so we might just be really lucky
and not on a super popular line but I’m not sure it’s the subway always not so
crowded like do a lot of people not ride the subway in Hong Kong let us know
below exit after about three stops on the subway
one about 4.6 Hong Kong dollars so I don’t think you’re gonna beat that very
affordable tonight in subway and the bus I mean the bus all the way from the
airport to our apartment was only 33 so it’s like three dollars two and a half
dollars really cheap the city seems like it never slows down like it’s just so
busy you know what I love about this market one thing is that every store
they put the price tag on it so you know exactly what you are going to pay I know
you are local Oh either you are tourists you pay the same
price 20 Hong Kong dollars 30 Hong Kong dollar $65 $1 for our boxers you want that life
dude I need boxers oh they got don’t up to through their
silkiness it seem to be very comfortable bit chain 20 oh my god guys 30 Hong Kong
dollar for glasses we had my kid guys so big market around some was I called
Tommy Chong Xue Shan Shan cool mattress some some straight-pull chun chiu whole
metro station exit deep to not be one know if you walk out exit d2 you can
literally just walk right into this market and it is the whole street lined
with different shops and cars this is like a Southeast Asian style night
market I like it yeah I’d like you to I like it a lot and it’s it’s way less
mentioned when people talk about food Wall Street but basically sham Shui PO
is the subway station is well known for shopping so people come here mainly for
shopping either it be Street Market like this or electronic stuff and we’re in
Hong Kong and I just bought the pants and she goes Cheech here which is thank
you in Mandarin but that’s like kind of a little disrespectful at the point in
time where Hong Kong is and China is the don spacious ya know they speak a
completely different dialect of Mandarin yeah even though like Hong Kong
basically it’s like one country true system so technically Hong Kong is part
of China but they have totally different way of govern government government and
language yeah so it’s called one country to system but you can’t just like thing
and assume that they are per se because she said when I said she she just
started laughing she got like serious and then started laughing so like they
understand that you might mix it up and confuse it and mess it up a little bit
but just instantly Thai was like oh I’m so sorry so sorry so sorry she’s like no
no it’s okay it’s okay so like one of the main costs and staying
Hong Kong is real estate and like apartment rental once you get past that
so far it seems quite affordable quick stuff
it’s supposed to be Quicksilver it’s really interesting because like
everything we’re running into is like 20 Hong Kong dollars like everything so so
because uh my sandals just broke while we’re in Korea I needed to get a new
pair coz we’re going somewhere tropical next well not next but coming up and so
I picked up a pair for 28 but I got this money like change it’s crazy
look at that that’s so colorful it kind of looks like the Canadian money because
it’s like plastic where you can’t really rip it but it’s so interesting in colors
and the coin and then the coin is like super thick and it has writing down the
middle of it that’s so interesting this is a heavy coin like a flower plague oh
yeah look like a flower shape I may have spoken a little too soon about that not
packed subway thing because it’s way back this time one of the more interesting things that
I’ve actually recently read is Hong Kong is now getting rid of their neon signs
so as time goes on more and more signs disappear and you can actually look up
on these buildings because we’re at temple night market temple street night
market you can actually actually look up on these buildings and you can see where
the neon signs used to be I don’t know it is quiet because of what’s going on
in Hong Kong nowadays but it’s really really quiet right now it’s Monday and
right now is what time is it that like I think about 7 7 p.m. maybe it’s gonna
get like way crowded way my fear as Tom plus 5 right now 7 p.m.
very quiet nobody I mean even the plane on the way here when we got on the plane
like every other person had their own row on the plane because there was
nobody on the plane on the way to Hong Kong and it’s really sad because of
everything that’s going on but unfortunately I think it’s drastically
influencing and affecting their tourism let’s see street food yet mainly is like
the one that we’re in India in Papua which is like a lot of clothes but this
one I feel like it’s more knockoff this is one of the most popular night markets
in Hong Kong so it’s really really well known for the vibrant lights and the
temple gates at the beginning of the market but I still can’t buy street food yet
the first night is always the hardest the first day in any country is always
the hardest because you can never find how to get anywhere most the time you
struggle to get a SIM card thank God we got at the airport so if you are coming
to Hong Kong make sure you pick up a SIM card six days five or six days is like
eight dollars see us so it’s 72 or 75 Hong Kong dollars and
it’s three gigs of data really easy they don’t even put the price when I say that
they don’t have the price that I know I order beef pie rice basic but firewall
is not the same anywhere you know a window is a simple flea it’s a fire eyes
in Thailand can be different from sirens in China can be different from
high-rises in Korea can be different from fire rise in America so I’m gonna
try fire rice in how come I see how it’s like I can’t see beef I don’t mean to
complain about a food I want you guys to think that I’m here to review and tell
you what you can expect from the restaurant here because one thing that
gets my attention is because I see a lot of people eat here but all foreigners
after walking around for the last three hours or so from two different markets
we were really only to be able to find like two street food stands
and it really wasn’t much of street food and it’s just the only place that we
could find that actually has like a sit-down place in this market so we just
kind of went with it temperature is not that bad here it’s
not human at all it’s but it’s not a minute ago in there
we have to see me double there permanently but this darling is pretty
good yeah I think that portion is the sign for two for two people at least
yeah it’s not there’s no way that I can eat all this maybe the train station isn’t open
just like the train stopped and the doors wouldn’t open I’ll get back to that station that we’re
just that so I guess it’s a common thing that like the train stations all don’t
open at the same time this local is actually in the same situation or in she
says it’s because of the protests that the government is actually shutting down
that new that metro station so they’re supposed to all be open but because of
the protest that protest is supposed to be near Prince Edward so there they’re shutting the station by no means am i judging or am i saying
that this is 100% true this is just off my eyes of what I can see and not what I
can read because I clearly can’t read the language here but we got off the
subway at Diamond Hill and the first thing we saw was a giant wall full of
posters blasted about the cops killing the people and them not feeling safe and
the locals are scared and that’s what I got from seeing the pictures and it kind
of gives you an uneasy feeling and then as you’re walking up the street it says
like free Hong Kong and like they’re writing in Chinese along the ground it’s
just kind of very shocking to me to believe that the people don’t feel safe
in their own now again don’t quote me and don’t think
that that’s what it means but you can see yourself from the footage right here it’s such an amazing thing to be in like
this huge industrial city but yet here the birds chirping in the morning and
watching the Sun rise over the back of a huge mountain it’s really really
beautiful to see the Sun coming up on my mountain you hear the birds chirping it
makes you feel like you’re in this like jungle paradise but you’re in this
industrial city for any one thing I realize about Hong Kong in general
anywhere we walk – we walk a lot actually here we either use subway and
walk we don’t really use taxi yet and I don’t think that we’re gonna use taxi at
all compared to – how she is the bus and subway but anyway I don’t see any people
gathering outside at all no so this is one thing really make me feel safe a
little bit it’s really really quiet so that’s why we don’t know is because of
what’s going on in Hong Kong right now that’s why we don’t see any people
gathering this is the cutest old Hong Kong man in
the world he’s like guiding us to the basketball
courts thank you so friendly we follow him is it no no no not over there over
here over here ah thank you all right guys so we are
here at joyful instead and as you can see is all paint in color and it
actually was built in 1964 at that time it was like people are struggling in
finding place these days that’s why government started building up this
aesthetic and they proposed is to actually make the affordable housing for
the citizens of Hong Kong so they paint all this color because they want to make
it look cheerful and encouraging for people to live here my home in Cantonese which is the
language to speak in Hong Kong it actually also men means rainbow as well
now the reason why I become pretty early in the morning is because what I have
done research and from what we have heard is that actually this well it’s
very crowded late afternoon so basically that would be the time that a lot of
poker would play basketball actually use the court so it would not be nice to
come here and want to get picked up we don’t want to bother any locals who are
like using this feel for any activity like playing basketball or doing the so this is chi lin nunnery it was
founded in 1934 as a retreat for Buddhist nuns so most of the time you
see just temples for monks and things like that but this is specifically for
nuns and it’s right in Kowloon in this middle of the city it’s really beautiful this is such like a peace and quiet
place for being right in the middle of the city in Hong Kong I’m so surprised
that it’s so quiet here like you can’t hear any of the traffic all you really
hear is praying and the fountains going with the water but it’s really nice for
Tod because she hasn’t been on a Buddhist monk in a walk or a Buddhist
temple in a while so it’s really nice to be back and she can pray and enjoy the
actual culture that she came from so I quickly just learned from the security
guard as if he’s waving me not to take a picture of the Buddhist statue so you
can’t do that Buddha Buddhist that you that you can’t do that they don’t mind
you taking pictures of the architecture and videos and stuff from the
architecture but when it comes to the actual statues they they frown upon it
and they they don’t really want you to do that just out of respect I’m guessing
do you know the reason honey because in Thailand you can the security guys are
like literally following me around because I have a camera on me and they
just starts so scared I’m gonna film inside I saw after
getting yelled at for filming in the temple we decided to compress the sri
cuz there’s a mall and cool off it is extremely hot but it’s the same I would
say it’s around the same as Taiwan like it’s like very humid midday the mornings
and evenings perfect clothes but I’ll come people get inside
leave no seats in McDonald’s so everybody comes and takes it like
literally McDonald’s is overflowing so much there’s literally so many people in
McDonald’s that they’re meeting external thankfully the people are very nice and
they’re actually it’s like do you know Chinese you have to be careful stay with
me so we’re walking this way because they’re actually marching towards us
right now so we don’t want to be near the cops it’s not a good idea are you
going to wait long to

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