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The word Pride implies the basis for human
dignity. When I think about Pride, I think a celebration. It’s honouring every single aspect of who we are. In my mind, when I see the streets awashed with people and they’re smiling and they’re happy and they’re from every background and every socioeconomic status,
it does make me think about where the movement started, and the people before us. Like, Gilbert
Baker, Cleve Jones, and of course Edie Windsor, that contributed a lot to the advancement
of the cause. Thea had been given six months to live, and her dying wish was to get married in Toronto. Toronto has had a very special place in history in providing a safe place for people to be able to live their dream. Canada recognized same-sex marriages thirteen years before the rest of North America, so when they invited us to get married there,
it was like, not a surprise for them. They were like, “Yeah come get married in our country. We love you!” It’s a pretty important time to reflect on where we’ve come from. To celebrate, you know, the victories that we have achieved. But where the struggles still are as well. In
Iran, or in Kenya, Uganda, and Russia, there are still some places where there are lives often being in danger simply for being who we are. We need to be able to move the equality agenda into those countries, cause it’s our fight too. I think it’s important that WorldPride
is in Toronto because Toronto’s a fantastic city. It’s one of the most accepting places
that I have ever been. You can just kind of be whomever you want to be. But don’t be fooled – there is a sassy side to Toronto too. I will see you at WorldPride in Toronto this
year. It’s going to be an amazing fun celebration, and it’s only going to happen for the first
time once. You oughtta be here to see it yourself. Come and join us. Come to be proud. Toronto – a city that has a museum about shoes. Go! Do you need more? I don’t think so.

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  1. Nice message. Kind of undercut by your mayor. Hard to take you seriously with that fat fuck saying the opposite.

  2. Just wanted to say that this video was an ad and I actually watched the whole thing, loved it! I wish I could be there this year but I'm already booked for London, will definitely go to a Toronto Pride in the future though! For me, pride is loving who you are and embracing what makes you unique. Toronto should be proud of themselves for putting out such a great message, good on you!


    that was my song from me to you esteo costemeeyete!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. sigh I can't stand Queens…and this is from a very proud gay man you turn me off …so much

  5. This made me cry. It's beautiful that there are actually places where people can openly be themselves. Genderfluid, panromantic demisexual here. It's hard to be proud of being me living in the deep south of the USA, and when even a lot of GSRM don't recognize that my gender identity and sexuality exist. Dying to go.

  6. Love from Oklahoma! I hope one day we'll be like Toronto, letting LGBT families and individuals love and live in dignity.

  7. If I wasn't already going to NYC, and then working hard to fundraise back here at home at San Francisco Pride, I would go to Toronto. I have been Toronto Pride once, and it is an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! So glad that WorldPride is going to be held there this year!!! SO AMAZING! Canada is AMAZING!

  8. I love that there are places in the world that can accept us for who we are. Here in Texas many frown upon being gay, bisexual, etc. I wish I could go to Toronto and be accepted just like everyone else.

  9. You go Canada! #lgbtsupporter Respect others even if you disagree with their choices. Understand them and look in their perspective. If you can't respect one another, how can you respect yourself? Think about that!ย ย LOVE IS LOVE! Be proud of who you are, stand up for the silent because no one can bring you down!

  10. The more I see and hear about this movement the more I oppose it. This is just ridiculous i don't want to have to see this anymore.

  11. What WorldPride means to me is being able to show who you really are, and not hiding. But when i told my parents i was not able to show my pride they denied who i was and i am not able to show who i am. Me being part of the LGBT community means a lot and this is my fight as well and i will fight for LGBT rights.

  12. I'm not even gay but this is beautiful. I would just wanna go to this just so I can dance around and feel all the love thats being spread there. Lol

  13. NO BODY FUCKING CARES THAT YOUR GAY! stop with this gay pride bullshit. its every where and its really getting annoying.

  14. Doing the right thing isn't always the easiest, but, giving in to urges and trying to change society to accept things against nature is clearly wrong

  15. god didn't made gay the devil did and like were is are world pride because if your trying to turn every body like ya's then i will say that the world pride i want is the world pride god made and the truth is the truth and even if the world as pride of this then i have pride to about not being gay and evening if you guys have pride the world don't need to here it so i think we will stay with the world we are ready have and love we don't need some bay's coming in and saying what they feel when when you want too like if you want to have sens then have some cowmen because even if i was born gay i think i would change and the truth is that YOU GAY'S JUST MAKE ME SICK FROM THE TOP OF MY TROUT YOU CAN BE MAD ALL YOU WANT BUT THIS IS MY WORLD PRIDE ………………

  16. I really want to move to Toronto, Canada. They're so accepting. This video is so cute too, love is love and it'll find its way. I have a bisexual friend, a friend who's a lesbian, I like a guy who's pansexual, and I know a lot of gay people. I'm friends with a transgender too. I'm also friends with a black girl and an Asian and people from all over the place. Acceptance is the best thing ever in this world.

  17. A video that announces an event like this is a double edged sword.. There will be a lot of supporters of course. There will also be a lot of people against this maybe in attempt to vandalize and cause harm.. I wish the best though.

  18. This made me start tearing up. Forget the past and hate filled prejudiced and move on to a world that accepts everyone. No matter who they are, what they believe in, or what they look like. All people are beautiful. Hate is such a strong disease. It not only rots away at the host but it corrupts them. It causes otherwise rational people to do things so out of character and sometimes, forces that to be their character. I say this to one and all, Leave hate behind. Leave it in the dust. We don't need it. It just causes hardship and pain. To everyone. To YouTube, I say, thank you for broadcasting such a beautiful message to all of YouTube. If I could give it more then one like, I would, and If I could be there, I would.

  19. Godlessness and hypocrisy, that's what it is. Accepting gay lifestyles is a sin. And saying you're for marriage equality is a lie, because I never hear the Pride movement condoning polygamy or other illegal sexual gratifications.

  20. I don't believe in gay rights because the Bible says it is wrong. Straight marriage is the model of Christ and the Church. Anything else falls short.

  21. these are lies of the devil!! God created man for woman, deep down we KNOW this to be true! a man and a woman standing at the altar saying their vows is a beautiful thing, you can't deny there is something unnatural about two same-sex people attempting to duplicate it! Jesus said that in the last days, homosexual practices will be extremely common! We are approaching the end times, all the prophecies have been fulfilled, don't listen to people like oprah or joel osteen who preach false doctrine dedicated to sating personal desires!ย 

  22. people are people and people diserve to be treated freely im not gay but I no that these people have a hard time dealing with people like u guys who frown apon these things.

  23. Celebration of an illusion, that is what Pride is. Celebration of slavery to body and feelings- grown up people (in age only) celebrating their childish self-self that seeks attention and is governed by the feelings of the body-not something that grown ups rely on. I was gay and I was never properly developed under the oppression of homosexuality. It leaves you in that state of being a mindless kid, looking for love and acceptance. So this parading may give that temporary feeling of belonging and like "Oh I am loved!" which is true and good, however the underlying issues within people are not getting solved.
    But, everyone should be free to express themselves and I am glad that we all can go well along!

  24. Toronto has always and will always welcome the world. Let this amazing city teach the world love. Proud to be a gay Canadian and excited to be surrounded by love next weekend at WorldPride. All the homophobic comments can disappear in cyberspace because the power of human love is everlasting.

  25. I vote no for gay marriage. How can something so unnatural be okay? Call me ignorant and closed minded, but I don't care. I believe in fair treatment of all races and gender, but hell no.

  26. This is what pride means! LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING

    Holding Hantz Scene 3- 'Have a Little Pride in the Family '

  27. I believe GLBT's deserve equal human rights, there is nothing wrong with being such. Now, A MESSAGE TO THE GLBTTQ/ALLY{of which I am one, an "ally"} "COMMUNITY"/MOVEMENT(Particularly Gay Men}, said as an "ally": It is disgusting and frustrating to see "Pride" rallies, protests, events, where supposedly mature, responsible adult gay guys{and some others} show up on the crowd{or floats,etc} half-naked, not even that, but wearing nothing but tight, tiny underwear, at family/public events, right in front of children/kids, and all those allies and other GLBTQers who condone and support this. It is no wonder when homophobes stereotype gays as a bunch of sexually promiscuos perverts! Do you think that this is acceptable when you do this? That it helps the Glbtq "community" and rights movement? It is hurting the cause. It is counter-productive. I mean, use your heads people! You don't prance around in public, in front of children in nothing but skimpy, tight underwear! What are you thinking? Really, use your brains, or are you completely dense? Or are the homophobes right in their stereotypes? Glbtq and allies and event organizers should not be allowing this to be done at these events. Nor should the local govt's and police,etc; why? Because they would'nt allow this in general from anyone for any reason, why should gay men be given the special privelage to act like perverted promicuous fools in public- in front of kids when no one else can in any other context. You don't want to be stereotyped as "sexually promicuous perverts or as harmful to kids, well…then don't like that stereotype, if you do, you have no right to complain when you get stereotyped and judged as such! Grow up and use your heads! Again, I say this an an 'ally" of the movement.

  28. On June 20th, my school (grade 7/8 for end of the year trip) we went to Toronto, and I REALLY wanted to see the Pride Parade, but we never got to see it… My friends knew I wanted to see it, but they don't know how disappointed and sad I was that we didn't get to go…

  29. Hi,
    Please check out my time-lapse of the 2014 World Pride Parade in our hometown, Toronto Canada. I promise you wont be disappointed!

  30. This comment section is the most hypocritical thing in the world, gay rights supporters saying that people who don't think it's right are stupid. Are you not doing the exact same thing that you believe we are doing by judging someone based on opinion? It's disgusting

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