What NOT to do in New York- Worst Scams/Rip-Offs To Avoid For Tourists ! (Part 2)

100 thoughts on “What NOT to do in New York- Worst Scams/Rip-Offs To Avoid For Tourists ! (Part 2)

  1. Have you ever seen any of these scams/rip-offs in action in NYC or your city? Make sure to watch my playlist below for more NYC Tips and Tricks !
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  2. I guess this is not exactly an outright scam but just a business where every on believes westerners MUST BE rich. Shopping in China especially Beijing. Once I have "wandered" about a store I always send my Chinese wife who speaks perfect Beijingese in to sort out the prices. Once I know the true price & NOT the tourist price I can go in and buy with the wife standing behind me…Got YA!..Most people in China Restaurants, Taxis, shops think the Chinese lady with a perfect Beijing accent is my personal guide, that I am rich and she must be making good money because she speaks English so well. My wife NEVER says she is my wife but lets them think what they want. Even Restaurants say to her, have your westerner buy the most expensive food & we will give you commission. Same with Taxis who want to take me the "long" way round. Hotels try hard too. There are many hotels who are not allowed to accept westerners, must be at least 4star. But still those that can will always try to charge the highest possible prices. Easy, I send in the wife to do the bookings, get prices before she acknowledges the person with her is a husband & westerner.

  3. had a "monk" give me a bracelet in Vegas, I signed his book and walked away with it and he started bitching but I laughed at his old ass and said I aint got money. he just kept walking

  4. i'm really great at acting in public , i don't speak English and i'm going to New York i'm well aware of the scams nothing new

  5. 2:34 DO NOT shop at those electronic stores PERIOD. They are waaaay overpriced and your likely buying a clone or a knock off product. Go to Best Buy, B&H or Adorama.

  6. I'm from Naples, and if I see a scammer in NYC, I could take his socks off without touching his shoes !!! E' vero !!! 🙂

  7. can u do scams online for Air bnb eg how come one room is 49 a night. yet increases to 80 a night if u stay for more than a week. then they charge you 100 + for room share and 250 for cleaning.

  8. well nice story, but hard to realize ( understand, or how ever you like it ) to it would make more sense if you had manufactured exsample, how how atm is taking your money, or how thay are tampered with. Also I dont get the first on. Why is giving that card away, and how much money can thay be sold for. ? I dont get that

  9. My family went for a yearly visit to NYC and it had been my bf very first time going to a big city other than Detroit (we live in Michigan” and I warned my bf to just keep walking. A couple of ”Buddist monks” came up to my bf and I told him ”keep walk keep walking. Look straight its a scam” and he is bigger than me so I couldn't pull him. Bless his heart, he thought he was helping. They put a bracelet on him as if they were just giving it away, but as soon as we started walking away they demanded $20 for a wooden beaded bracelet. Now he knows.

  10. I was in NYC the other day while heading back to subway two guys said metro card machine was broken, but they can still get me in for $3 haha. I was a little drunk so I guess I believed. Thought they had a card with money and can just pay them for the ride but what they did was break open locked door using their metro card.

  11. I saw the monks in Washington DC i knew they wanted money but i had no idea they were actually fake ps I didn’t give them any money

  12. The street dancers are not scammers, they perform in the street than they ask for whatever you could give them it’s like you going to a show and paying for tickets to get in

  13. What about all those friendly woman out by Hunts point mrkt. They kept offering me a job. Giving me instructions how to go around the world and the like. Has to be the friendliest place on earth.Im a truck driver been to 45 states and that’s only happened in a few places.

  14. I had the 'Comedy Show' scam tried on me a couple weeks back in Times Square. He said everything you mentioned e.g. It's a Comedy Central gig, drink minimums.

    The guy was so desperate to get us to go he offered a discounted price of $15 for 3 of us, rather than the initial $20 per person. The fact he discounted the price so much made me so suspicious and I walked.

  15. I’ve heard one tourist ask a street vendor for a pretzel without seeds. One kept telling his daughter to take a picture of the Empire State Bldg. problem was, he was pointing at the Chrysler Bldg. My best advice I tell people coming to NYC…….don’t act like a tourist. Don’t pull out a wad of cash. Don’t ask a stranger to take a picture of you with your cell phone ( or camera ). Don’t eat the street food, you haven’t built up a tolerance to it.

  16. This happened in the 90's,but it could still happen. A guy I worked with came in one day with a VCR box under his arm, and he was talking about how he got a great price on this brand new VCR.
    When he opened the box, it was filled with a couple of bricks and newspapers!! He bought from a guy that was had a handtruck by the subway exit. The sucker was so embarrassed. Of course, the scam artist was never there again.
    Never ever buy anything from anyone on the street. If it sounds too good to be true…..

  17. there seems to be so much stuff to see in that city i would have loved to grown there but it also looks like mayhem eveywhere. Does it get hard to live there ? like is the noise annoying?

  18. – gunshots explosions screams –
    NYPD officer:I sleep
    Random broke teenager hops the MTA bus/train

  19. WTF dude? how could you NOT list a fucking price there on a fucking cart? fuck off, man! I will fucking kick your ugly ass! you won't get a damn dime out of me! get the fuck out!

  20. I worked as a security officer in Central London mainly dealing with tourists and local "hustlers" (usually people just down on their luck) most of this advice is valid in most large cities. I also worked in Amsterdam as a doorman through my early 20s and I learned to use common sense and how to look after myself but apart from that usually you don't have a lot of problems in large cities.

  21. EXCELLENT! I was born in NYC in 1963 and these scams have not changed in my over Half-Century here…how about The Coin Scam…the only one I ever fell for! 😫 The Movie Ticket Scam and The Paint The Bridge Scam! 😳

  22. I see 99% of all Halal carts dont put prices. They should get big fees in the hundreds for first time offenses and thousands for multiple offenses from the city.

  23. Anytime someone tries to hand you something on the streets or talk to you. Ignore them and continue walking. Never tip or take anything from anyone. If someone ask you for help, ignore them or tell them to call 911/311. Another scam you see is they will try to give you a free cd and sign it for you, than ask for you to give them a tip.

  24. Dude I was a NYC Police Officer. Do you really think I had the time to get involved with these tourist issues? Hell no I didn’t. Just use your head. The cops aren’t going to get involved in the scams. Just use your head. NY is a very safe place. Just use your head and don’t be bullied into uncomfortable situations. It’s really quite simple. Stop scaring people.

  25. I don't know why anybody would go to one of those little electronics stores in NY. They've been ripping off tourists since the 1980's.

  26. the street performers aren't just i ny, they are in crowded places, (mostly in the summer, because that's when kids are off and they go on vacation) Like nice, paris, italy, ect.

  27. You left out the millions of "Rats" that come out after dark; i once saw people gathered around the glass front of this fast food (Burger) place inside were hundred's of rats scattered over tables and on the floor. Manhattan has always had a very bad problem with rats, and bed bug infestations. Nice place to visit..bad place to stay.

  28. FYI; great videos, i used them to prove to friends and relatives on what I thought about NYC, I've been saying it since the 90s

  29. So I know this won't be an NYC scam, but when my family went to San Fran last summer, we went to a Chinese Restaurant in China Town. Food wasn't bad or anything, but when my dad got the check, it was a check for $1100 and not $110 (We're a family of five, we planned this trip out carefully for expenses) like we thought.

    When the waiter asked us for a tip, my dad looked at him and said: "Do you really think I'm going to give you a damn tip with it being $1100?" With that, the waiter left and adjusted it to the correct levels.

    Point being, we almost got ripped off if we hadn't looked at the check carefully. Thank god we did.

  30. Thanks for the tips!! Just got back from NYC and witnessed some of these….and I was able to just walk away from them!!

  31. Sorry Dude but you put 5 Ads on 10:51 and are making a video about scams. I know YouTube isn’t paying this well and you put a lot of effort into this but seriously? An advertisement on 2 minutes average?

  32. some good comments,,, dont act like a tourist, take a train, need help ask a cop or just shoot out. report anything that's wrong… look stuff up online people its 2019.. sit and watch,, enjoy the city

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