What is a B-2 Visitor Visa to the USA B2 Faq#01

This is Fred Wahl, THE Visa Coach Todays topic is: What is a B2 Visitor Visa? Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal Hi. My name is Fred Wahl – I am the Visa Coach,
known in the field of fiance and spouse immigration for the fast and easy approval, and personal
one-on-one attention, my clients enjoy and for crafting their winning “front loaded”
petitions that ease approval, while avoiding hi fees, delays
or denial Todays topic is: What is a B2 Visitor Visa? US goverment restricts who is allowed entry
to the USA, both for temporary visits as well as for permanent residency. A B2 Visitor visa (sometimes called a Tourist
Visa) is designed to give a foreign visitor permission to
enter the USA for pleasure, siteseeing, to visit friends or family. The applicant for a visitor visa applies online,
pays a $160 fee, then attends a screening interview at the nearest US Embassy
or consulate. If approved, the applicant’s passport is returned
to him or her with the visa embossed onto a page inside. B-2 visitor visas can be valid for up to 10
years, and can allow a maximum stay of 6 months. During the trip to USA the visitor may not
work, nor study, nor apply for permanent residency. While visiting, the visitor CAN even marry.
However even if married to an American citizen does not have permission to apply for permanent residency during the visit. Instead must depart the USA, on time, married
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