What can we do about Australian visa processing delays

What can we do about Australian visa processing
delays? Villard Chan. Villard, he’s a client of ours already. Hi Jeff, hope and your family had a good Christmas. My wife had a previous visit visa granted
in 2015. Now we are going through with the visit visa
then onshore application route. The last visa was unconditional, she did not
overstay or had any violations. By Jan it would have been 30 days and no outcome
yet. I know there was a holiday shutdown but still
taking longer than we expected. Should we be slightly worried? Well just a little point [inaudible 0:00:53.8]
very shortly after that anyway. Just as a general rule, processing times,
they can be quick they can be slow. Depends on workload, depends on what they
have to do with that particular application. Sometimes they will randomly do basically
like a fine tooth combed checkup an application. So it can take longer. Do not panic about it as long as the application
is prepared properly and it’s a good application, I mean we won’t lodged unless they are really
good application. If it’s a good application to start with,
don’t worry, sit back and wait, that’s all you can do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wbDlIhV8-c

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  1. hi jeff , i married a filipino in may 2016 , im bringing her here to australia this year on tourist visa , can i apply spousal visa while she's here in australia on a 6 month visa , or does she have to apply when she returns to philippines , thankyou gary

  2. I married a Filipino over seven years ago. She applied for citizenship about eight months ago . Due to her age, 78, she doesn’t have to take a test she only needs authorisation. She is still waiting.

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