What Are My Spouse’s Chances of Getting a Tourist Visa?

(upbeat music) – Is it true that there’s
a big chance of denial, for a foreign spouse who
applies for a tourist visa. Okay, well, that’s a great
question and common question. The answer is it depends on
the country you’re coming from. You know, from some countries,
the visa-waiver countries, there’s 30 or so of them,
Western Europe is a good example, most of those countries,
all those countries. You don’t need a visa
at all, so those people, no problem at all, even
if you’re a spouse, you can come here. Now, from other countries,
where visa is required, most of Asia and most of
Africa, South America. Yes, it does increase your likelihood in being denied a tourist visa if you have a spouse, fiance in the United States,
or you’ve already petitioned, and you’re waiting, and they generally, they will ask you those questions because it’s on the application. So yes, that does increase
the chance for denial because they’re afraid you’re
using the tourist visa to circumvent the process,
and get over here, and just stay, right? So yes, that does make it, now
you could still do it though, there’s nothing wrong with
doing it, just be honest. You absolutely can try. And some people are approved, you know, we’re often surprised, as somebody will apply for a tourist visa, even though they’ve got
a fiance visa pending, and we tell them, “well,
the odds are low,” and sure enough, they get approved. So, if you don’t mind spending the money, going to the embassy,
and doing the interview for tourist visa, if you don’t mind it, understanding that there is,
depending on the country, there could be a very high
chance of being denied. There’s no harm in doing it, like I said, just be honest, if they denied it, they denied it, it will have zero impact on your pending family visa of another type. So try it if you don’t
mind spending the money, my advice would just be, you know, don’t get you hopes up real high, because we do see most of those denied. But it never hurts to try. Again, if you want to spend a little money on the application fee, and your time and travel
money to get there, and so on, then give it a shot. – If you found this video useful, it would mean a lot to us if
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  1. I like black Americans and I am from Zimbabwe .can I go to USA on a tourist visa to look for a bride

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