We’ve Now Spent $77 MILLION On Trump’s Golf Trips

The taxpayers of the United States have now
spent a grand total of 77 million dollars for Donald Trump, the President of the United
States, to play golf. Most of that money was spent right here in
the United States at Donald Trump’s own golf courses. Some of that was spent overseas at Donald
Trump’s own golf courses. 77 million. 300 thousand of that 77 million was just for
golf cart rental here at Trump properties in the United States. 300 thousand dollars because the clubs that
this man owns are charging the Secret Service to rent his golf carts. Now, I’ve never purchased a golf cart, but
I could imagine that it would probably have just been cheaper for the Secret Service to
buy their own golf carts and drive those around to protect the president, but that’s not the
issue here. The biggest issue is the fact that Donald
Trump is charging his own government for him to play golf at his own resorts and then he
gets to keep the profits off of that because he still owns those companies. Brought up a point, and I’m going to bring
it up again, and I will continue bringing it up because it’s very important: They made
Jimmy Carter sell his peanut farm because they didn’t want him making any money off
the fact that he was president but still owned a business. Meanwhile, Donald Trump goes in spending our
tax dollars at his own golf courses and pocketing the profits off of that. 77 million dollars, and he gets the profits
off of it. At the same time, Fox News is dead silent
about this issue. Yet, every time, once a month, Barack Obama
went to play golf, they would run segments on it for a week talking about how lazy and
incompetent he was. Donald Trump has spent one-third of his presidency
at a Trump-branded property. He’s spent one-fourth of his presidency on
a Trump-owned golf course. There is no comparison. He’s spent more on vacations already than
Barack Obama did in eight years, and we’re the ones who pay for that. We’re paying for it at a time when this administration,
the Republicans in D.C., tell us we’ve got to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,
after-school programs, teacher pay, infrastructure spending. We have to cut all that because there’s no
more money to go around. But this incompetent buffoon we’ve got in
the White House, yeah, we can find 77 million dollars to protect him while he plays golf. If you don’t think that’s a problem, then
you, personally, are part of the problem. Government wastes money. Yeah, they do. We’re wasting a ton of money with this increased
military budget on things we don’t need just to keep defense contractors fat and happy;
but there is no logical or reasonable explanation why we need to be spending 77 million dollars
over the span of 19 months for the President of the United States to play golf, let alone
the fact that he gets to keep those profits. Something is wrong here, and this is the kind
of thing that should, years ago, would’ve easily been the kind of thing that would have
derailed a presidency; but today, Republicans just think it’s Donald Trump doing what he
does best and taking time off after making America great again. He is scamming you. He is scamming every single person that pays
taxes in the United States. If you don’t care about that, then I’m afraid
there’s no hope for you whatsoever.

100 thoughts on “We’ve Now Spent $77 MILLION On Trump’s Golf Trips

  1. you stupid communist fuck!!! how much did he save on the whole deal in israel he saved 999,500,000 on that one deal so go fuck yourself you stupid piece of shit you babyraper supporter you like those baby murderers trump is taking down dont you this is the real story he has made 15 trillion in wealth you slimy piece of shit! you probably must be a baby raping murderer yourself arent you!!!!


  3. $77,000,000 while he plays golf…..poorly. And more likely than not, cheats. And goes on to claim he holds the course record

  4. Frump does what he knows how to do best: follow orders from Vladimir putin. Play golf poorly. Squeeze his daughter ‘s ass. Con middle class Americans out of what little assets they have. Criticize. Humiliate. Deride less fortunate countries.
    That’s about it! Good job!

  5. I'm not an 🇺🇸I figure the reason you're spending that kind of money sorry to say is you got a lot of dumb 🇺🇸(Republicans) that couldn't happen in any other country in the world besides a Communist dictatorship a four-year term could cost you 200 million dollars so a fat man can play golf sounds like a deal how many veterans, hungry and homeless🇺🇸 could have been fed for two hundred million dollars

  6. What a joke he's getting rich playing a game he's sub par at that 77 million would go along way helping just the elderly and he's pocketing the money what a scam

  7. Waaaaa, get your crying towell….MAGA President Trump, and he never gave $140 billion to Iran. Also don't forget about Michelle's family vacations.

  8. I was talking about this the other day with a Trump supporter claiming that Obama’s golf playing was ridiculous and to also note that Trump wasn’t getting paid .
    You’ve just proved my point . He also is costing the American tax payer thousands in air fares because every weekend he flies out to these golf courses he owns .

  9. Trump a fuckin sleeze grand wizard living in White House time give him his flag take down American flag that chickenshit Vietnam draft dodger didn't fight for put up confederate flag for the trailer trash in the White House a whole lot of them.

  10. You're full of it, GolfDigest did a study.
    Trump played 57 rounds in 2 years.
    Obama played 306 rounds while in office, not 333, which averages out to a little more than 38 rounds a year.
    Trump has played 57 rounds in 2 years averaging 28.5 a year.

    People, stop regurgitating what you're told to think, start thinking for yourself.


  12. Who works for free? President Trump. Would you? So you begrudge his golfing when he is on call 24/7. No your are the bafoon. Go play with Obama you are part of the problem jerk and no hope for you whatsoever.

  13. And meanwhile camp David is empty just secret service hanging around . Trump is there to fleece America only his bumboys and fools will let this continue . He will go live on a island with gold and diamonds . The happy part is the sea rises and he gets washed away

  14. Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall
    Trumpty Dumpty soon to fall
    All his devotees and Putin His friend Are watching him make Russia great again

  15. Well there are no rules for this kind of conflict of interest, so he can do what he wants.
    It's really not the grand total of $77 millions that's questionable, it's how much of that went into his businesses, golf cart rentals, room rentals, etc.
    Obama also went on vacation at his own properties, but I am pretty sure he didn't set up coke vending machines in his house for the secret service to pay for…

    There should be some kind of decency rules like how many days off the White House on vacations, or up to how much money should be spent on this per year, or, if you want to keep your business (if it's even authorized), the President should personally pay for any business cost incurred for his stay there and his staff's stay, etc.

    There are no rules (because nobody ever imagined there would be a need for such an ethical misconduct), so everything is for grab. It has been pretty obvious from the start that Trump's Presidency was here to boost up both his ego and his bank account. No surprise there but it's good to continue reporting on this nevertheless since the government does not do anything to fix this ethical problem. Trump people probably think that "ethical" is spelled "etickal", and so they behave like ticks, pumping the blood and money off other Americans.

  16. Because one golfing vacation requires secret service protection, jet fuel for AF1, etc, to protect him against all of the liberal nutbags that want him dead.

  17. #45 does not care as long as we pay for him to play with his balls. WAKE UP AMERICA! If this isn't wasted $$$$$ send your money to me……..I will pay my Mortgage,buy groceries, get good health care, and share it with others who live on a Senior Citizens FIXED Income.


  19. quite emotional speech! its making an American business earn money. If you have a problem you can always reach out to your congressman/woman and your senator to investigate his behavior and stop fueling hate.

  20. Maybe people are looking at this wrong. It might actually be a bargain. If $77m for 1/3rd of his time AWAY from the white house for a whole year (and a bit) means that's time he's NOT there making dumbass decisions? Things might be a lot worse…

  21. Yet his crooked administration has cut Government financial assistance to the much needed, Meals On Wheels! The man is a repugnant being.

  22. The military spends millions on using the camouflage pattern for their uniforms designed by someone who got the same military to sign a contract they cannot design their own pattern but have to use his…
    To name one

  23. And what did you expect from this man. You owe him because he's the POTUS and he said so in so many ways. He's rich very rich and he said so. Yet with all these issues coming to light he continues on like nothing has happened. He's done everything the opposite of what he complained about. So if he's off to a rally, or golf or maybe even and out of town quickie (wonder what that would cost now that his shroom has been called out) the taxpayer is on the hook for the bill. I think a POTUS should have golf time or a run in the morning and a vacation, but this is unbelievable. Just found out he had Air force One updated; when he complained about AF 1s cost to operate. Wow $ 200,000.00 per hour. And He's doing campaigning rallys. So who is running the country? Can't figure that out if you fly all over the place and tweet all night long.

  24. Hey losers….. Worried Trump's golfing might cut into your food stamps????? Laughing my ass off.. LOL!
    You jackass's probably think that money should go to ILLEGAL ALIENS.. F OFF.
    TRUMP 2020!

  25. I agree with what you said (well sort of…), but why the "there's no hope for you"? Most people don't need a guilt trip to despise Trump. I guess the issue is $77 million just isn't that much money to Uncle Sam. Yes the fact that Trump essentially gets paid to play golf is an absurdity, but lets face it most of us didn't vote for him, and will certainly not vote for his re-election.

  26. So you want him to sell businesses that have taken decades to build up to do a job for 4 years? what dick do you want him to pay another golf course to play golf in? why omg you are such a dick.

  27. As always, the dollar amount may be off, but, trump openly flaunts the fact that he charges the American taxpayers for the extravagant, unnecessary travel that he and his family take. trumps base is fine with it. They still ridicule Obama. I remember when the Secret Service said that they didn't have a budget for all the security they were forced to provide. I also remember the Palm Beach police saying that taxes were going to have to be increased because of the security they were being forced to provide. When will this hypocrisy end? trump needs to go. I don't forget or forgive. How are we doing reuniting the children you and sessions kidnapped at the border? I will never forget this atrocity. It does remind me of Hitler. Hitler's base thought he was wonderful too.

  28. Make him pay it back what the fuck is wrong with you people for gods sake wake up he's robbing you America blind and your letting do it

  29. and he deserves it all……….MAGA……build the wall…..put Hillary in jail……
    drain the swamp…….this is all very hard work considering the criminal deep state intelligence
    community is an organized mob attacking the president of the USA…..
    Just disgusting…….Trump is a hero…..we will reelect him in 2020…..we will help
    him drain the swamp……politics/Washington/intelligence community……will never
    be the same again……many of their leaders will be in jail…..
    Go ahead keep f'ing with Trump…….how has it worked out for you so far…..?
    Where is piece of scheit Comey…..?…..and all his friends…..lets ask him if he
    is looking forward to going to jail……
    There is going to be a red wave in the mid term elections…..and this will be the
    end of the criminal democrats…..
    It is what the People of the USA want…….lets see the fake news spin that….!

  30. 45 comes from a history of double dipping….. we maybe even paying for his cosmetic surgery why did he go for it with orange…

  31. While you're accounting, please tell us how much the people have paid for Trump to campaign for Republicans. There should be a law against this charge to the American people.

  32. For the people on here who are not awaken to what’s really goin on trump does not take any salary since he became president unlike any president before him this is fact but the fake news won’t report this,and this ain’t me saying this it’s fact so realistically that 70 odd million counts for nothing if you take into consideration him not earning any money for becoming president he didn’t become president for money or fame or ego,he did it to give back to his country he was 70 years old becoming president worth billions he could of retired and relaxed and lived like a king but instead chose to run for president to fix and literally make America great he’s so misunderstood all the charity donations he gives without boasting about it he just gives and not to make him look good,the country is booming since he stepped up but the wicked left will never swallow ther pride and admit this,think about it if your a 70 year old billionaire would u want to take on the biggest job in the world??can people not wake up and see he’s doin this to make the country even more powerful and a better place to live and make more jobs and make people make more money to live better lives I know if I was American I would love to have trump as president wake up and don’t believe everything the media leads u to believe think about it

  33. Who is this guy?? Where does he get his information from?? This is What Divides our country ! With guy's like this Spreading FAKE NEWS! WHERE did he hear this shit?? Please show us! . They would not be silent if this was a fact . So sad some dummies would believe this

  34. The former President Jimmy Carter was president from Jan 20, 1977 to Jan 20 1981. He sold his family peanut business in March of 1981 for $1.5 million, which was after his 4 year term of presidency. Since the guy in the above video will LIE about Pres Carter, then there's no telling how many more lies he's telling gullible people in his video. My guess is, every word that came out of his mouth is a LIE. All anyone has to do is search google, the truth is there about Jimmy Carter. Here's a March 1981 archived article of when he sold his peanut business. Not everyone is as dimwitted as the guy in the video above thinks we are. He's needs to get a life!! https://www.upi.com/Archives/1981/03/05/Reports-Carter-sells-peanut-business/3451352616400/

  35. This idiot does realize he gives all his checks for being president to charity every single month. But this idiot dosnt say that. Or how Obama and every other president used way more money doing bullshit they liked as well. I never cared for trump but its idiots like this fool that makes millions of people tired of hearing hypocracy. I want to see proof u fool not just shit coming out your mouth. Like hate him all you want but your a fool to not see he has built economy he has helped keep borders safe. People like u need be off air

  36. 45 should be put on the hook for this thievery.

    The Emoluments Clause needs to be upheld on this thug!!!

    No money for Infrastructure, Veterans aid, Homeless, etc but we can pay 45 to golf on the taxpayers dime and all paid to 45?

    Greed like we have never seen before.

    They want to cut Medicare, SS, and other programs and this sort of thing goes on in plain sight?

    Where are the ALL those Republicans?

    Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are sitting in the corner with their heads in their palms and blinders on.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤡🤡🤡 Party over country again, have WE not seen enough already?

  37. How much longer is this going to go on? When will those gutless cowardly Republicans say we have had enough? What has happened to our country? Trump has destroyed the Republican party and it will never be the same after this insanity.

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