We’re off -Start of our Overlanding VANLIFE Adventure drive around the world.

We are Marianne and Chris and we have
been traveling since May 2018 and for the past six months, we’ve been preparing ourselves and our van Trudy – a 15 year old Fiat Ducato, for our next epic adventure, which will see us drive around the World. Following a fantastic evening
with family and friends, followers old and new. We were able to raise a glass to
celebrate the beginning of this epic adventure. It is very Bright !! It is far too bright !! You have got to wake up !! – We are driving around the world !! What are you doing today ? I am driving to Gloucester Services ha ha ha !! Aaaahhhh It is here !! Leaving day !! It is very very Bright !! and very early !! It is 6:45 !! 6:45 !! I need coffee. Let’s put the kettle on !! Knock Knock !! Somebody is at the door!! GOOD MORNING !!! Good Morning Kelly!! That is Kelly, one of my friends from work, from the hospital, I used to work at before, and she’s one of my lovely colleagues, and she decided that she wanted to give me a gift ! So I said, well pop round and see us at the pub. But unfortunately she couldn’t come last
night, so she’s now come at seven o’clock in the morning! and she wants to get me
a pressie!! Good morning !! What bloody time is this ? !! When you are going to drive around the world, what do you get first thing in the morning? Our very first morning, we’re
actually leaving today and my friend Kelly turns up, with the vanilla cake !! and a present that says Thank you !! but I should be thanking you !! I always dress the products that I sell – I am going to see what pressie I have got !! In fact I have been blown away by how lovely all my friends and our friends are !! Just so lovely !! And last night we met so many new people who have taken the effort to come and visit us !! Oowww that is lovely !! perfume and odour eating hand gel / soap !! That is all you need !! – Thank you !! Oooow !! Good Morning !! after a very very very sleepless
night, I didn’t sleep at all I don’t think No !! What was fantastic is we had so many people come to say goodbye. It was really emotional … It was really really nice !! We met the best people !! and so many new friends !! And What was absolutely delightful, this morning we have already had 2 coffee visitors !! LOL Sharon, over there, my bestie from work – and now we’re going off for breakfast and I’m starving. It’s gonna be a busy day! After meeting up with everybody and having a wonderful English breakfast, We jumped into our
vehicles and headed off to Ironbridge Gorge So this is it !! We are off, we just
left the pub and we are all driving in convoy to Ironbridge Gorge. super lucky, the weather is dry and we have just had a beautiful breakfast, in the pub last English breakfast for a long time!! And yeah, we’re just going to try
and go to Ironbridge now, there’s about six or seven of us and we’re gonna try not to lose people, so yeah that’s the first challenge of the day!! I am just checking my rearview mirror, and it’s a beautiful morning this morning! And we are so excited !! Music We’ve just gone around the roundabout, just to try and let them catch up, because there was quite a few cars that I’ve just gone in between us all. so I’ve actually just jumped out of the
van and I’m just gonna make sure that they know which way to turn at the
bottom, so hopefully they should be a few more coming down the road behind me very soon, so we’ve arrived at the car park in
Ironbridge but we have lost one part of
the group! so we’re not exactly what sure where they are – so we’re just pinning them our location! I can see them coming down the road, they’ve done the big loop! So let’s see if we can wave them in. We found them! or they found us we’re
heading down to the bridge to meet the BBC and Shropshire Star newspaper. We cannot believe this day has finally arrived, after six months of hard work, planning drive around the world starts today from Ironbridge Gorge. Yes! this is
a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as we’re from Shropshire, we thought it
would just be the most appropriate place to start from. Absolutely, Welcome to Ironbridge Gorge !! It’s actually the first Ironbridge ever
built this is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. And we thought it was a very good spot for the birthplace of our around the world drive! and we have literally about an hour and a half until we set off and fingers crossed The BBC, radio and Shropshire Star should be here very shortly !! So we are super excited and
yeah! Finally it’s come !! We’re really excited to do this adventure, we’re not really sure how we feel …. I didn’t sleep at all last night my brain We went to bed at 12:00 and yeah I woke up at well I don’t even remember going to sleep! So yeah! We’re a bit tired today, but super excited. Yeah ! Absolutely it’s a little bit like being a kid at Christmas, you just want to open those presents !! Yeah absolutely! As planned, both the BBC and local
newspaper came to see us off, so after a quick photo shoot and interview, we started saying goodbye to family and friends. As we started saying goodbye, we
were overwhelmed by the number of people that turned up, Slowly the realisation of what we’re about to do, was becoming a reality, and after Marianne’s dad cut the
ribbon, our official start of the around the world Drive had begun. That’s it ! We’re off !!! The TREAD the Globe around the World Drive has officially STARTED !! We’re now heading South, down
through the UK to Marianne’s sisters Sue’s house, and we’ve already stuck on a
hairpin bend !! He is letting you go!! ha ha Hilarious !! Yeah, so we’re heading down south straight down through Kidderminster down to Hampshire, to Mariannes’ sisters Sue!!
and Yeah, it’s real it started and we’re super excited to be sharing this adventure with you – and I cried !! it it’s very emotional!! As we headed South we realised that this
beautiful British countryside was going to be just a memory until we come home
in 20 months. The next morning we woke up at the crack of dawn and made our way to meet our friend Annabel. So we were up bright and
early this morning 6 o’clock we left to Sue, Mariannes sister’s house at 6:30 and
we’ve driven down to Leatherhead, to pick up our friend Annie, who is actually going be joining us for the first leg of the trip. She’s coming with us till
Northern Italy – So we’re just filling up with diesel while the goings good and
it’s cheap compared to France, And yeah she should be here somewhere Morning Annabelle, i Its a cool T-Shirt – morning right she’s packed light!! So come along and join us on the next
episode, as we wave goodbye to the White Cliffs of Dover and head off to France. How do you turn this off ? it looks stupid !! Oh I don’t know !! Anyway, okay so Marianne and Chris asked me to meet them this morning at the Ugly Duckling, at 6:45, so I bought them breakfast and I bought Marianne and bottle of perfume to take with her so she smells beautiful xx So I knock on the door? Do I wake her up ? Are they snoring ? Are they up ? They are still in bed !! Good morning !! Come in !! So that is Kelly – why are you whispering ? There are people who are sleep!! You are going to be tired today – yes but i am going to pep myself up and make myself look glamorous !! Anyway Coffee !!

57 thoughts on “We’re off -Start of our Overlanding VANLIFE Adventure drive around the world.

  1. All the best guy's safe travels take care stay healthy enjoy the trip of a lifetime πŸ˜€πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  2. Great send off and your guaranteed many more people on your welcome home gathering. As you were boarding the Ferry I announced the completion of EDD's conversion on my FB page. 18 months of graft but gratified and proud of the finished build. Same Ferry booked Dover to Dunkirk for us 1st June cannot wait. T&S

  3. Well great VLOG and good send off on your journey, shame we didn't get to see you off but look forward to seeing your VLOGs

  4. Been watching since the Guatemala part of the Central American series. I wish u the best on this trip and I will be watching the whole thing. Hopefully u comeback to my family’s country again and hope u enjoy my country (the us) when u get there. Good luck to both of u πŸ₯³

  5. Hello!!!! Thank you! For The 1st Video…. Good Luck. Send me message when you Arrive to the U.S.A ❀❀

  6. I am so excited and happy for you both. It's something I have dreamed of doing for a long time but life gets in the way. I was all choked up thinking about what an adventure you have in front of you. All the very best on your journey.

  7. Actually got a bit tearful watching that… such an epic adventure your embarking on. Wish you all the luck in the world both, truly fantastic!! We wild ha e loved to have joined you for your send off but sadly away in Spain at the time. All the best Michelle and Andy 🚐🚐🚐 xxx

  8. The very best for you both…no doubt at all you will succed in this journey…i envy all these warm people ..because they got the privilege to say goodbye and good journey personally….we all will go with you virtually…and will pray for you both….regards…and may you got a good road….

  9. Omg!!! I got a bit emosh watching your send off……just think of all the memories you’re both going to make!! I will be coming along with you in my virtual armchair van xx

  10. I love it, the day has finally arrived for you guys to travel around the world, let the adventures begin. Please keep safe!

  11. So excited for you both to set off on your adventure! Me and my fiancee are currently renovating a 1965 Clark Cortez RV to travel around the States, hopefully we''ll see you on the road one day! I'm originally from Sheffield but live in Virigina now. Andy&L

  12. Wish I’d been at the send off but someone had to wait for you on the other side of the world! What a send off! Following on polarsteps.

  13. Stay safe. Look forward to your future blogs β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  14. I have seen some of your Vlogs regarding Central America and found them very informative and likable. Most vlogs are made by very young people, I prefer to see content that is produced by you who are a bit more my age. It is a different view on things, I believe.
    I wish you the most of luck and fun for your journey!

  15. Hi You two well done could you please tell me how many miles your van has covered before the start of this trip.thanks

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  17. Hi Maryann And Chriss. Thank you! For Taking your Time in Replying to my message. Best Vives from Las Vegas US. Love you Both. Safe Trip. I want to buy one of your Shirts are they still Available?

  18. What a good time to find your channel, looking forward to watching this. Fairly local to you, I am from Birmingham. Good luck, safe travels. And I'll be watching

  19. Safe travels guys, wish you the best time of your lives and thank you for bringing us along, looking forward to keep following you in this amazing adventure …

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