Welcome to the 2015-2016 Academic Year

[A large empty hall filled with rows of chairs] [A man sweeps the pavement in front of the Monument de la Francophonie] [uOttawa hooded sweatshirts being hung on a sales rack] [uOttawa notebooks being stacked] [A female chef cleans a glass surface clean in a kitchen] [A man pushes a grand piano onto a dimly lit stage and then places a piano stool in front of it] [A male gardener prunes a plant in a garden in front of the Monument de la Francophonie] [The gardener then waters the garden with a hose] [The uOttawa mascot, GeeGee, pushes a cart of books down an aisle in the library] [A man pushes a dolly with boxes on it down a hallway]: text overlay: 4 000 students in residence [Two men carry a mattress together into a dorm room] [Lights turn on in a classroom with amphitheatre-style seating] [GeeGee walks up to and squeezes past a man in a library aisle] [People get off a bus at a bus stop]: text overlay: 35 600 students use the U-PASS [Female scientist sprays water on rows of potted plants arranged on a large table in a glass-ceilinged room] [Female scientist places test tubes into a rack] [A chef places little baking dishes onto a baking tray] [The chef carries the tray through the kitchen and places them in an oven]: text overlay: 271 unique food items each day [The chef removes the tray from the oven and sets it down on a counter] [A man in front of a computer works on the wiring of a small robot] [The man uses a remote control to guide the robot across the floor to join a small fleet of identical robots waiting in formation] [Gee-Gee karate chops at the automatic gate of the library entrance, which he is attempting to exit] [A man walks through the Monument de la Francophonie]: text overlay: 13 000 francophone students [Man organizes papers on a table] [Woman working at a computer] text overlay: 12 000 new students [A girl sitting for a photo in front of a camera] [The girl’s student card is delivered from the tray of a card printer] Our quiet summer has now become [Students wheel luggage carts into residence] a busy fall at the University of Ottawa. [Students dressed in yellow t-shirts marked “guide” walk down la Grande Allée.] [text overlay: 43 000 students] [Allan Rock appears on-screen] And we’re more than ready, in fact, we’re thrilled – because our campus has once again become – – full of life, full of energy, and most importantly- [Students dance in rows in front of UniCentre] filled with students. [Students smile, laugh and wave for the camera] [Gee-Gees men’s football team plays football in front of a cheering crowd] Everything we do to prepare for the new academic year has one objective: to ensure that students are supported, engaged… [Allan Rock talks with parents and students on the lawn] [Allan Rock continues to speak on-screen] and successful. We’re moving ahead with exciting projects that will deliver the best possible student experience from the construction of The Learning Centre [Architectural rendering of the Learning Centre] to the newly-renovated 24-7 Dining Hall [Dining Hall] [Allan Rock speaks on-screen] And so to all of our students, to our faculty and our administrative personnel, I say welcome to the University of Ottawa’s 2015-2016 academic year. [uOttawa logo]

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