Welcome to Ibiza! We’re here in April to
run the Ibiza marathon and 12K. We also check out one of the nearby islands
Formentera now let’s get ready for race day. So right now we’re going to pick up
our bib for the visa marathon the Reese Expo for the visa marathon and
12K. we just got our bibs and it says
California we’re representing you know representing! You’re driving that Smart
car? down Ibiza driving this golf cart baby! rockin in that car? woohoo! Ibiza Ibiza This is the Ibiza highway. This right here is our hotel
here is yes bursting at a hotel in Ibiza called Hotel PlayaSol Mare Nostrum and
our shower is talking… and then we have two beds here basically we had to go to
reception like ten times to get our key and they finally gave us another room. Then out here we have the view, we’re on the first floor so much of a view out here. Here’s the rest of our room and this was
seventy six euros per night. We picked up our bag for the 12K, a 12K is just over
six miles about seven miles and it goes along the coast the beautiful coast and
then in our pack we got our good number which it says California number two you
got Amstel this is so 1990s we got it like a techno CD we got Haribo gummies
muesli bar cheese now this is a little odd kind of like ramen but it’s with
beans and chia seeds so got some kind of magnesium packet and I will be using this – fifty-plus sunscreen.
The next morning we wake up early to catch the ferry to Formentera the
smallest of Spain’s balearic islands only six kilometers from Ibiza about to
take this Transmapi – Formentera one of the other Balearic Islands yeah this is the downtown in Formentera
well our logic goes we’re in Formentera just rented some
bikes and this is known that’s the church igelsia,
since Formentera is such a small island only 19 kilometres long we rented bikes
in order to get around Formentera let’s see it’s quite what I expected
very rocky sounds like whoohoo yeah we are in Formentera supposed to be the clearest waters in
the Balearic Islands. Biking past the beaches! Playa hermosa. This is all from my bike. That’s the view Going to a beach called Illetes. The sun just came out looking good we rented mountain bikes we’re on
the scary highway for a little bit but now we’re on this nice bike path so it’s
beautiful check out this beach Wow it’s like the ice bucket challenge these
water is like 50 degrees Formentera! now time to take a dip in the water for
matera beaches are laid-back and relaxed in the water it’s as clear as the
Caribbean now we head back to Ibiza to get ready
for the 12 K which starts at 4 p.m. the Ibiza marathon and 12 K was along a
scenic coastal course and drew an international crowd we finished in about
an hour the finish line we got pasta salad here just finished an International Marathon
our first International Marathon we’ve been wanting to do this for how many
years like years and years and years for this particular one at least three years
check it out one and done and we got our engraving oh
by the way by the way props to the Santa Eulalia City Hall City Council and
tourism office yes and props to the organization that put on the race you
guys even brought out pasta homemade pasta and homemade homemade and ensaymada.
This is why people love this this kind of hospitality maybe it’s
awesome now we get a post-race meal and head to
the after-party We are now going into this club called STK, we got a free wristband with our race so we are going to check it out. So this is STK Wearing all black so I can get in the club. This Ibiza outfit. Ibiza apparel [Ibiza DJ] and just like that our night in Ibiza
has come to an end the Ibiza half marathon and 12 K goes down in our books
as one of our favorite races we’ve ever done if you liked this video hit the
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Ibiza old town

3 thoughts on “WELCOME to IBIZA – DAY TRIP to FORMENTERA – vlog

  1. Looked like a really great marathon! Plus you were able to hang out at the beach and see some great views! Also congrats!

  2. Congratulations on completing your first international marathon and 12K! 🙂 It is beautiful in Ibiza!

  3. We hope you enjoyed this video of Ibiza! Thank you to Ibiza Marathon for this amazing experience! Have you done any races abroad? Comment below and tell us which ones we should do next!

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