WEEK 3 Eco-tourism clip 9 Ban Saew Village Part 3 Case Study Ecotourism Products or Activities

Ban Tha Khan Thong Village is an ISAAN ethnic community located on the bank of Mekong river. The border Line River between Thailand and Laos PDR Tourists can enjoy the attraction of Mekong riverside lifestyle And ISAAN local experience And they can stay in the Riverside Home Stay along Mekong River Ban Tha Khan Thong Home-stay receive variety of tourism award including the Kinnaree Award form Tourism Authority of Thailand
(Tourism Awards (Kinnaree Award) of the TAT) It is also the winner of the sufficiency economic village; therefore, there are variety of professional groups travel agency and organization from the countries come to study the best practice of tourism operation here. In 2017, Ban Tha Khan Thong was the winner of the village explorer from the Tourism Authority of Thailand that made it label as village tourism of Thailand with the theme of Harmonious Mekong and its success has expanded to other villages nearby to generate the benefit from tourism development initiative. Today, this village is not just a tourist attraction, but the people here are living in harmony with the leaders, with the residents and other stakeholders. It becomes a learning community for the younger generation how to live in harmony with the natural environment while maintaining the socio-culture of the community. (Salutation to the Triple Gem) Thai-Isaan blessing ceremony (Khan Thok dinner: a local tradition for dinner) (Forn yae khai mod daeng: Hunting for red ant eggs dance)

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