WEEK 3 Eco-tourism clip 8 Ban Saew Village Part 2 Case Study Ecotourism Products or Activities

There still have a lot inside. Mr. Somboon Saelee We did it and brought to sell here. It’s beautiful. very beautiful This is another piece, right? If he does it alone, he is awesome because this piece will take at least 2 months At the latest will be 3 months or more to get this one. And he sells more than ten thousand baht. First hole is here. Then pull to this way, right? Pull to that way and then next hole until completed all and get them together Like this? The traditional one is to use the hand-made pump to increase the level of heat. Do you want to try? Like this? You have to put it under. You want to try to pound it.
(the process of making brown rice by pounding) I get used to it. I won’t get hurt by this. (Winnowing rice after pounding) It has sense like a kind of leaf or is it turmeric? There is nothing. But the way of doing this is to boil it first then grill As you can see, it will help to wrap all ingredients without having sauce leakage. Hmm it also has sense. Oh, I can do it now. It has its own way. (Then take it to grill) (When it cooked, it will be like this) Hmm..

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