WEEK 3 Eco-tourism clip 7 Ban Saew Village Part 1 Case Study Ecotourism Management

Hello everyone. Today we’re going to have a section on the ecotourism management. We’re going to have an interview, talking to the stakeholder who involves in ecotourism management at a case study destination. This is Ban Saeo village where there are varieties of ecotourism products that are already organised by the local people. And we’re going to interview the head of the local community and a member who also involves in ecotourism management. Hello Hello Today, I would like to ask you about the management of ecotourism in Ban Saeo Village What is your management concept of ecotourism here? Well, the concept is Actually, we want to conserve our environment, our the natural resources for the future. There must be process, and management tools. We can’t just go and inform the villagers to help to conserve the environment, help to grow trees, help to maintain the natural resources. It’s impossible. We need to use tourism as the tool to manage on ecosystem, Tourism does not only focus on ecosystem, but it is also a cultural revival and also create a good quality of life. Tourism is a development tool for all related systems that leads to develop the better quality of life. The management principle is to raise an awareness, which we discuss whether it is good or not. Let’s assume that the forest or environment is abundance, no pollution that harms community; then what we should do. We have to help each other. The procedures are to give knowledge first, let people have the basic understanding first. Actually, in our daily life, it is not difficult to improve, to manage the process of ecosystem but we just need a little help from each other. We start from ourselves first Then everything as a holistic aspect will be better. Actually, there are a lot of benefits the community will gain, but the community must understand first that the conservation of environment and natural resources should first start from themselves. They are one who can help create a community which is beautiful and livable, and also has a better quality of life. At the same time, other people also want to visit their community. When people come, there will be an income to the community. Then the community will be developed in many aspects such as income, culture, tradition good food or good eating, and also the abundance of water resources which will always provide water for a better agriculture. It effects many things like domino. If we think of the level of success, it’s still not much because we still need time. It has to take time in changing mind, changing attitude of people. But we can’t stop, we have to continue Now, we have been working on for 11 years. The community which develops, keep doing, will be get used to it. It will be natural and become their habit in doing so. But we can’t do only one part of all, because it is a holistic picture. We need to expand by connecting with other nearby villages such as Ban Huay Gwuan, Ban Mae Ab, Ban Huay Gan and Ban Bang Sang, as examples. It will be as a holistic picture. We can say that it’s just around 15-20 percent. So that it is still less. In ecotourism management, we apply the sufficiency economy of King Rama IX as the principle in management. There are 3 loops, 2 conditions, and 4 dimensions. In particular 4 dimensions refer to social dimensions, culture, environment artifacts or other constructions. The positive impact is there is cultural revival which helps to bring the lost back and also bring the group of people or members back to work together. In the past, people have their own way of life Now we collaboratively work together. They are happier and they don’t have depression. They enjoy working. They have good interaction to others. So, that makes them feel happy to welcome visitors which is the basic of tourism. In the environment issue, we didn’t realize that throwing trash is bad thing because it is its nature. But when we work here, it makes us feel like ‘no, we can’t do like that’. It looks not good, not smart. So, we have to help each other by starting from ourselves, not just hope that the leader of the village will do it or others will do it. No, we can’t think like that. Should we start from ourselves? or 2-3 people first? We had started like this. So, the positive impact are that it gives a better quality of life in the economy, socio-culture and environment. But the negative impacts are when we do it, it is involved with income which is to balance and thoroughly distribute the income and fair to all. But someone wasn’t satisfied when one was not satisfied, one will leave. It makes me feel unhappy. But it’s okay, when someone is out for a while, He/she will understand that actually in working together, it must be collaboration. In our Huay Kwan village is a Mian tribe village. Our management is to gather all members and choose who is the group leader and group members. We provide duty to each of them. So each of them will have his/her own duty. When we have group activity, like having a tour come, we will collaborate in doing so. Well, is there any problem in management? The problem is misunderstanding, conflicts within the group. Then how do you solve the problem? We will always have a meeting. That focuses on creating understandings among us. Yes, we will emphasize that tourism will bring the development to our community. As I am a wife of the leader of the community, we can… the leader of the community can easily explain, easily reach the community. The main problem is people It’s the problem of understanding If everyone understands and has the same concept, it is possible to move on. But what we can’t control is about the basic attitude of each person. Our idea is to talk about public mind; so it can continue working. The heart to work together and also the sacrifice which is the big issue that lead us to success. But the level of cooperation will be different. If we can raise the level of cooperation, more cooperation or teamwork, the work will be better and better. And finally like this it’s already been 10 years. The level of cooperation must be very high. Very high. No need to inform anything. Everyone has his/her own duty and manage their own work by him/herself. Like this, it can work well. Everybody joins hands to work together bit by bit. It’s not only one person but everybody helps each other. The management will be easier.

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