WEEK 3 Eco-tourism clip 5 Type of Eco tourists and Their Behavior

This section is types of ecotourism and behavior. There are many classifications of the ecotourism types depending on, for example, the types of activity, types of tourist interest, and the demographics of the ecotourist. But according to Boyd and Butler, ecotourism may be divided into three different characteristics as follows: The first one, Eco Specialist; The second one, Intermediates; The third one, Eco Generalist. Or easily to see that we have hard-core ecotourists, soft-core ecotourists, and the one in the between. Number 1, Eco Specialist or other terms we call the hard-core ecotourists. They are people who prefer the simple development, like to travel alone and are in the most oriented and to the natural environment focusing on the exploring, viewing, and admiring the natural environments and the wild lives. They would like to stay in the area where there is no other tourists. They have the very little involvement with the local people. They are mostly interested in experiencing in the natural settings and they require very minimal of facility development. The second type is the intermediate. Intermediate is the one who stays in between the hard-core and the soft-core ecotourists. And then they are the one who accepts limited development in isolated destinations and prefers to travel with an organised tour set up by the specialist in catering for the ecotourism which provides guides to the tour accompany. And this group of people, they would like to experience the natural settings, but at the same time, they need some kinds of comfort; therefore, they prefer travelling in the group with the expert for example, the travel agency. And then the last one Eco Generalist, if you can imagine Eco Generalist is another one that we call soft-ecotourist. They accept more extensive development that suits their wider preference and enjoy attraction of the cultural environment equally within the natural environment. The visit with a general shorter duration, maybe, only weekends in an organised party, following a specific itinerary with accommodation provided, and a guide presents or offers in the interpretations. So, if you consider yourself as the Eco Generalist, that means you just want to have quick experience in the natural settings with everything organised. You need much more of comfort during the visit to the destinations. In terms of Ecotourism management, faced with the difficulty of the how to manage the different types of ecotourist; therefore, the types of ecotourist play a significant role and influence on the direction of the site management including the ecotourism activities. So, that it seems that it is not possible to set up the activities that can respond to the all types of the ecotourist because they require different things. Then, the difficult part of the ecotourism is that how to make all the ecotourists in all types are happy. Therefore, the question is how to manage ecotourism. So that, it would be satisfied all different groups of the ecotourism in a destination.

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