WEEK 3 Eco-tourism clip 2 Emergence of Ecotourism

this section we’re going to study about
the emergence of ecotourism why ecotourism become a possible form of
tourism that lead to the sustainability over 40 case of tourism developments
there are various negative impact of tourism on environment on social or
culture and economics in general for example we have a lot of problems on
employment including the greenhouse effect climate change and archives or
pollution such as the air pollutions water pollution vision pollutions noise
pollution for example in terms of economic aspect we have also both the
economic leakage meaning that when tourists spend money to the community or
to the country the money had been leaked to the other countries for example when
the tourists come to Thailand they eat McDonald that is KFC so 80 percent of
the money would go back to the mother countries and therefore this important
that in terms of management issues that begin to discuss later in later section
how to decrease the economic leakage from the ecotourism operation is very
important since 1992 the concept of sustainable tourism was officially
introduced under the name of woodland report or a tender 2121 is focused on
how to balance the benefits of economics in the Romans and socio culture why
maintaining the integrity of Natural Resources and quality of life of the
local communities agenda 21 is a global action plan for
sustainable development into the 21st century and can be taken properiy
nationally and locally by organization of the united nations system governments
and major group in every area in which human impacts on the environment
recently attended 2030 as known as the sustainable development goal was a set
up goal decided upon the UN sustainable development summit in 2015 it takes all
of the goals are set by agenda 21 and reassert them as the basic for
sustainable development this agenda confirmed key issues in the Rio
declaration on element and development therefore a total of 17 goals have been
addressed involving people planet prosperity peace and hardship
thus ecotourism become a possible form of tourism that lead to sustainability
as you can see in the diagram here so form diagram you can see that there are
three boxes of the socio culture environment and economic platform
ecotourism aim to initiate tourism with the balance the benefits of the
economics socio culture and environment at the same time and then the key
importance of the management of the equal ISM is the how to involve the
stakeholders and local people into the development process and how to enhance
the awareness on the conservation issues therefore hopefully that when the local
people or the destination earn the money the conservation of the natural
resources and socio culture are also enhanced

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