WEEK 3 Eco-tourism clip 12 Pang Khon Village Part 2 Case Study Culture Based Ecotourism

No extra-charge to eat because it includes in the package we bought. Wild banana tree We will only inside of the banana tree Is that a banana stalk? Yes, it is. Wild banana stalk. This is for our meal. It will be delicious for sure. (Ethic group language) (Ethic group language) This can be cooked so many dishes. Fried or fresh one. Mixed with herbs. And this is rice. We wrap it with banana leaf to keep it warm. And it will also have an aroma of banana leaf. The taste is better than we use a food carrier or plastic. When we finish eating, we can leave it as fertilizer. Every container that we use with food comes from nature for all. banana blossom is also cooked for a meal, right? Leaf sheaf of banana tree can be a container for food. It is used to contain all chili sauce dishes. All containers are from nature. When we finish eating, we just throw it in the coffee farm to make it as fertilizer. Today menu includes banana blossom, fried vegetable, and chili sauce. There are 2 types of chili sauces. This is a tomato mixed with chili paste and soybean fermented chili paste. And this is the banana stalk. We use it to wrap pork or meat with curry paste then grill it. And this is the menu… our signature menu. Pork wrapped with coffee leaf. We use coffee leaflet to cook as our signature dish. Angelica Angelica, we eat it fresh or take it to dip with the chili source, or boil it as chicken soup with Angelica. It is a nourishment herb. We grow it. If we eat it fresh, it will be like this. We can eat its leaf or root. If you want it to be delicious, you have to dip it with soybean fermented chili paste Like this. Is that delicious? Yes, of course. Try it. Take the root The black root like this… Don’t be afraid. We wash it thoroughly. Herbal medicine substance is located in the peel. Dip like this, right? Yes. This is the soybean fermented chili paste. Delicious! It smells good. Delicious. Very good. Its leaf is also delicious. Depending on each person. Leaf or root is also good. It is also a tonic or stimulant. Delicious. It also has its own herbal scent. If we eat it, it will be sweet smell. Delicious. And don’t worry for the chemical substance. It is organic. We don’t use fertilizer. We don’t use insecticide. When I saw its black root, I thought that it is a mud. And what can not be missed is that… smoked pork. This is a product that we are going to promote as OTOP products of the village. Smoked pork, here, is smoked in the clay firepot or stove in our home kitchen because our way of life is to cook without using gas stove. We use clay stove. We will hang pork on top like this. Umm… minced pork. Pork mixed with leaf of Allium sp similar Chinese leek Or root of Allium sp. It is grown here in our community Or in a village of ethnic group like this. Normally, it is not available in town. If you want to eat, you have to buy. Let’s eat. Fresh or dip with chili sauce, depends on you. But this one, we cooked with pork. It is minced pork with Allium sp. We can cook like this. Sometimes we cook it by wrapping with coffee’s leaf. Or we can steam or grill it. There are two ways to cook it. To eat it like this. It is Allium sp’s root. Or wrapped in coffee’s leaf like this. This is Chayote leaves. Chayote leaves can be grown here. It is fried with clay stove. We don’t use gas stove to cook here. Yes. It is smell good. All vegetable that we eat here, we can find it in our garden. We grow it ourselves. No chemical substance or toxic substance. Don’t worry because we don’t even used fertilizer.

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