Weaving Tourism into Communities

Weaving Tourism into Community: Four
Stories Over Time is a co -production of the
University of Minnesota Tourism Center and University of Minnesota Extension. For many communities, tourism is an important economic development
strategy. Tourism could provide many benefits to a community. It can create new jobs, an
entrepreneurial base, tax revenue, infrastructure improvements,
build community pride and protect your cultural and natural
resources. Successful community tourism development requires a long-term vision and a
commitment that makes that vision a reality. It starts with a set of core values. The University of Minnesota Tourism
Center first profiled the four communities you’ll hear from in 1991. Dahlonega, Georgia Sandpoint, Idaho San Luis, Colorado and the Villages of Van Buren, Iowa. These four communities, each with a
population under 10,000, successfully demonstrated these core
values in their tourism efforts. Over the years, their efforts have
evolved and each community has also faced
challenges in sustaining their tourism efforts. As you watch these case stories, think about four questions.
Who was involved? What was accomplished? How did they do it
and what challenges do they still face?

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