We took $50 to LAS VEGAS and This is What Happened

100 thoughts on “We took $50 to LAS VEGAS and This is What Happened

  1. Thank you for sharing all the great tips. I plan to try the tip to waive the resort fees for my next trip. I heard MGM is planning to raise their resort fees to $45. Ouch!

  2. El crimen organizado es el que invierte en la ciudad de Las Vegas .
    Lavadero de dinero pero ni el FBI ni el departamento de estado lo saben , jajaja.

  3. Y’all are so cool, I’m happy to see there is another cheap but fun couple out there like my husband and I, we love those discounts and freebies, this video made me book my 4th Vegas vacation this year!!! I’m a moth attracted to those flashy lights.

  4. Problem is not the plastics, problem is irresponsible people disposing of plastics in a irresponsible manner. In terms of food handling plastic is actually cheapest most safest material to use. The problem with stuff like reusable straws, or containers is making sure they are clean, use to be dishwasher know what I'm talking about(lot of places emphasizes speed over thoroughness ). If y'all ever watched the intro to "so I married an axe murderer" y'all know what I'm talking about, that cup picked up by the waitress was barely washed before it was reused.
    For next video may I suggest 50 dollars a day for the first time visitor or those who don't frequent Vegas that much.

  5. I appreciate the Vegas tips. Can you share how you obtained the free stay(s) at the LINQ? Was there an app used to get the free stays at the Caesars properties similar to MyVegas or Wynn Slots?

  6. Hey! Loving your videos. Been looking at the status matching from credit cards to Wyndham to Caesars but Wyndham says you need to stay for 7 days within 90 days to keep the status. Is that the same for the Caesars match or do you just keep that?

  7. The great energy of both of you is the best of this video… Amost 100k subsribers, one week from the moment of writing? Go for it 🙂

  8. Aria buffet is disappointing…. Aria is a Persian name that is owned by a Persian guy. I'm am Persian, myself, and I am saying there are better buffets for cheaper.

  9. Here is a good reason to live in Mexico.


  10. I try to spend $50 every hour while we are there because our players cards are crap in Vegas. Indian casinos give better comps.

  11. Thanks guys didn't know you could status match Hilton gold to Wyndham diamond to then caesars diamond – this will save me $$$$$$$ – thanks again

  12. FYI…you can take the bus from the airport to the strip it's $2 one way you just walk a block or 2 to the strip no need for cab or uber..
    You can take it back across from New York New York by Tropicana

  13. Well done. I just signed up for Ebates/Rakuten. I use myVEGAS but the other loyalty programs you mentioned my be a push for most so I'm thinking the shows and other comp tickets you used could be discounted from like Tix4Tonight.

  14. You both have such wonderful chemistry together during your banter back and forth during your videos and that makes them extra special.

  15. Big fan of your channel and your videos!!! Question for you guys, I notice you guys always mention My Vegas but how many LP points do you need to get free rooms? I have a ton of points but never see "free" rooms. Just things like 2 for 1 drinks or those kinda things. Hope you guys can help…..

  16. Just got back from Vegas and the 2019 EVO tournament at the Mandalay Bay…… wish I watched this while there. I went broke….. but STILL had a blast !! Love Las Vegas 🔥🔥🔥💯

  17. I’m planning on going in a few days with my hubby and our 4 kids 3 of them in their teens for 2 days . Our budget is $500 . We are staying at one of the Cesar’s property. Your video was so helpful

  18. Love watching you guys videos. Went to Vegas in April. Used My Vegas rewards to visit the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. Would love to see videos where you can gamble and get good free drinks.

  19. @Tangerine Travels, coming SOON video: 100.000 subscribers celebration (in Vegas?). The milestone is getting closer. Congrats on the growing community. 🙂

  20. Hey where are you two? I’ve arrived the Yucatán! Headed To Puerto tonight. Are you still based in PM? Going to Tulum next week the going to look for more permanent digs in Merida.

  21. Even the cheapest room I could find at $22 a night is not cheap when you add the resort fee ripoff and the Las Vegas room tax. Added another $50 to what should be a cheap room.

  22. Wish I would've seen this video before, just got back on Sunday and I actually stayed at the Flamingo. One great tip is to do a time share presentation, you get free show tix or other great stuff (if you're willing to spend at least 3 hrs getting convinced you need one) got tix to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and it was great. Also tix to the Mentalist & Marc Savard at Planet Hollywood, you can't beat it if you're willing to sacrifice some time. Got comped rooms with our Player's card but then again husband gambles quite a bit 🙄, so there's no winning there. Might get a CC to get those benefits. Great tips, thanks for the video!

  23. We've had some people ask us for clarification on how to get $10 high roller tickets. To get them, you have to book your room through the Caesars website. When you do that, immediately after booking, there’s a box that shows up where you can request room upgrades. One of those “upgrades” is 2 high roller tickets for $20. We’ve done this about 30 times and the offer of 2 for $20 shows up every time. Also, if you use the credit card status matching hack from this video, with Caesars Diamond status you can get 50% off high roller tickets at any time.

  24. Hi there, just wanted to say I love your video blogs, you two are quite the professionals. My wife and I cannot wait to go to Vegas. I just feel like before we’ve even gone to vegas we need to come back the following year cos there’s that much to do. Keep up the good work.

  25. Good video on doing cheap trip on Vegas but Vegas there is no way I can do $50 a day ..I need to do it like $1K a day .

  26. what is the place you went to after the Flamingo with quick drinks? I couldn't hear it, we are going to Vegas tomorrow, thanks for the great video!

  27. Just checking the numbers at @4:30 and was like ok… this is going fine… 5 seconds later i'm like… ok guys, you have my attention for the whole video now lol

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  29. You absolutely do NOT have to spend 100s a day in Vegas. If there are some that do, either they can afford and don't much care or they're simply just doing it wrong. You guys have the best information!

  30. Sign up for Ebates/Rakuten and get a $10 CASH BONUS. Plus earn cash back when shopping online, booking your flight, or booking your Vegas hotel: https://www.rakuten.com/r/OURTAN3?eeid=28187

  31. I’ve been watching your channel for a few weeks now and I don’t subscribe easily to YouTube channels but you two are the best! I admire you for your courage to try something new like moving to Mexico and to learn the culture respectfully. I admit to being afraid of traveling there but not anymore! I’m Mexican from Los Angeles and don’t speak Spanish but I’m inspired by you two. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life.

  32. that means cheap people visiting Vegas-cheap and no tipping as well. that's sad.
    People,Vegas is a tipping city ! Keep that in mind!

  33. I honestly avoid the strip at all costs. To crowded for me, I go to Fremont or Henderson and you can definitely do this it’s not hard. My chandelier bar days at the Cosmopolitan are gone for good 😂

  34. Just spent 6 days in vegas and many of your ideas and tips were 100 percent right on… please pass on that several my vegas rewards are mon-fri on buffets and another tip : use /redeem prior to entering las vegas. It seems the app will use your location against you and hide some Rewards. You two are the best in the game

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