(crowd cheering) – [Deep, Robotic Voice] The following is a Try Guys mega announcement. (bell) (crowd cheering) – Hello Triceratops nation,
are you ready for the most exciting announcement in
Try Guys history? (echoing) – How about four announcements? (crowd cheering) (heavy rock music) (crowd cheering) – Let’s rock! – One, two. One, two, three, four. (band playing rock music) ♪ Save me, I want to break free ♪ ♪ Kiss me, until the end ♪ – After a year of striking out on our own, starting a brand new company
and literally making a baby, – We are proud to reveal some surprising, face-melting projects that
we’ve been working on for you, the greatest fans in the universe. – Some of the biggest
things we’ve ever done, that are totally gonna rock your world. – You wanna see what’s inside
my big fat mystery box? – Dude, that’s gross. – Oh sorry, sorry. Are you ready to see what’s
in our big fat mystery boxes? – Hell, yeah. – Then hold on to your butt butts baby, ’cause 2019 is the
Summer of Try. (echoing) – Wow, I like the group
jazz hands, that was nice. ♪ Oh no, let’s go ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ – You already know what’s
in my big blue box, ’cause it was simply too
hot to hide from this world. First up, it’s our book, The Hidden Power of F*cking
Up, available on June 18th. Oh, there’s a naughty word in the title so you know it’s gonna get crazy. – Reading is cool. – [Keith] It’s also
available as an audiobook but you already knew that because it’s just so friggen’
magnificent to behold, like me. – Keith is so hot. – But that’s just the
tip of the Summer of Try. (rock band playing) ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ – [Ned] Are you ready to
see what’s in my big, fat, pink (laughs) alright guys, I don’t think I can do this. – C’mon Ned, say it. – My kid’s gonna see this someday. – Show us what’s in your big pink box. (Zach laughs) – It’s something that will
literally blow your mind. – (Keith gasps) I hate fried chicken? – No. – I have a secret girlfriend? – We already did that. – Am I not Asian? – No. (suspensful music) That’s- No. We’re finally going to give
the people what they want. – Ooh! (rumbling) The Try Guys are going on tour, baby! – Try Guys tour time! – [Ned] This summer, the
Try Guys are embarking on a nation-wide live tour. It’s- The Try Guys Legends of the Internet Tour. – Tour, tour, tour. – Fuck yeah! – [Zach] A spectacular evening of comedy, music, and most important
of all, friendship. – Everything you love about
the Try Guys brought to life on stage in an unprecedented
theatrical experience. – [Eugene] Through June
and July we’ll be hitting 20 cities for 20 shows. With each city experiencing a unique, interactive, epic performance, unlike anything they’ve
ever witnessed before. – This isn’t just a YouTuber show, this is a rock and roll
comedy extravaganza. – You’ll also get the
chance to meet us in person, up close and personal. – Oh, we’ll breathe the same air. (sniffs) Maybe we’ll even touch hands. – [Eugene] With two different
exclusive VIP packages, with merch and fun goodies in store. – [Ned] Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 10th at 12PM Eastern, 9AM Pacific and a day early
for people on Patreon. So set a reminder, mark your
calendars, tell your neighbor, text your friend, shave
a message into your cat. (cat meows) Because you’re not
gonna want to miss this, tickets gonna sell out fast. – And I’m gonna get to say something I’ve always wanted to say. (clears throat) Hello, Cleveland! – We actually are going to Cleveland. – Oh, we are. – Hi, Cleveland. – Think we can’t top that? Well just you wait
because the Summer of Try is about to get even more legendary. – Legendary. ♪ You and me in the band again ♪ ♪ Can’t you see ♪ ♪ That we’re here again ♪ – With everything going
on, we are gonna have stories to tell and we wanna
get more intimate with you. Because even if, for some reason, you can’t make it out to see us live, you definitely can get your hands on what’s inside my big green box. (suspenseful music) – Ahhh. – [Zach] Check it out. – [Ned] Wait, we’re giving
them film equipment? – Come on, don’t you get it? – Why are we offering people a tripod? – Mm-mm, not a tripod, The Trypod. – Our scintillating, brand-new, official Try Guys podcast – Listening is awesome. – Heck yeah, it is. The Trypod is our chance to catch up with you guys once a week and share the best stories
from our insane lives, things that don’t make it on camera. – [Keith] Our takes on
pop-culture, current events, and the things that shape us as people and as best friends. Plus, a ton of totally
random, stupid stories, ahhh. – [Ned] Fresh, funny, fabulous, weekly conversations you
can’t get anywhere else. – [Eugene] We wanted to continue to make you laugh outside
of the screen and stage so The Trypod is totally free and available anywhere
podcasts are listened to. – So be sure to subscribe
and give us five stars so we can climb to the top of the charts. – You’ll also be able to
watch the video version on our brand new Trypod YouTube channel to see how beautiful I look when I talk. – And the greatest thing of all, – The first episode is out right now. – But wait, we’ve saved
the biggest, baddest, and best Summer of Try surprise for last (faint ticking sound) Do you want to read our new book? – Hell, yeah. – And do you want to see us live on our nation-wide tour? – Hell, yeah! – And do you want to listen
to our brand new podcast? – Hell, yeah! – Well, all of that pales in comparison to the most jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, Earth-shattering revelation yet. Are you ready to see what’s inside my big, purple box? – Hell, yeah! – I said, are you ready (audience cheering) – Show us, show us, show us! (music swelling) (faint ticking sound) – No, no – Ha ha, bees are coming! (orchestra music rises dramatically) (Eugene laughing) – [Eugene] You get a
bee and you get a bee. You all get bees, ha ha ha. (orchestra music continues) (screaming and buzzing) – Welcome, triceratops
nation, to the Summer of Try. (music cuts out) – (in a normal voice) You guys okay? – I need an EpiPen.


  1. You guys should have me in your band. I'll look even more ridiculous than all you guys being all overweight and middle aged. I can play the bass. And I look absolutely disgusting in a fishnet shirt. Imagine white pizza dough being pressed through a net.

  2. Wow, if only I had binged every Try Guys video in one week about 3 months ago. I could have gone… THEY WENT TO SAN JOSE AHH THREE DAYS AFTER MY BIRTHDAY
    (omg it was the day I went to see GOT7. Maybe it's a good thing because I would have had to make the hardest decision of my life)

  3. Before you read If you watch tomska you will get this

    Meanwhile in a parallel universe where the question to every question is bees

    Eugene: do you want to see what’s inside my BIG fat mystery box

    The rest of the try guys: yeah

    Eugene: BEES

  4. So, am I the only one who’s getting this FRANK N. FURTER* vibe from The Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe off Keith? 🥴💙 Oof, I’m hurt that majority of the comment says he’s HIM from PPG. 😭 Hellooo, Rocky Horror Picture Show is an iconic movie!

  5. Someone:So how Brilliant,Funny and Extra do you want this to be?
    The Try Guys:YES
    Someone:Well you heard em guys

  6. everyone in the studio: we have 3 things and 4 boxs, what we are going to put in the 4. one???
    Eugene: BEES!

  7. eugeane is happy when he wears makeup,dresses like a girl; and when he's on stage and im happy when he's happy so haters suck it im right your wrong shutup

  8. I love your guys enthusiasm for everything and how you expressive personalities!!!! Keith is the best in this video

  9. Oh my gosh, I always have a crush on the weirdest people. Keith will be my 2020 celeb crush. He's so weird and weirdly hot. Wth.

  10. Whoever disliked this video has terrible vision because I think they thought they hit the like button but instead they hit the dislike

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